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Staging & Benching

Greenhouse Staging - also known as Greenhouse Benching - has been manufactured here in our Derbyshire warehouse for over 37 years. We have designed our greenhouse staging to make it easy for you to turn your greenhouse into a well equipped area for growth and display. All our greenhouse staging and benches are made from aluminium, making them long-lasting, maintenance free and being rust and rot proof the staging is ideal for use in humid greenhouse conditions. Our greenhouse stagings and benches are available in a huge range of sizes - lengths and widths - but if one of our standard sizes doesn't suit your exact requirements, we can make our aluminium benches and staging to the dimensions you specify. Our aluminium benches are made to be 30" high - this waist height makes it comfortable for you to work at - however it can be made to any height you require.
Our aluminium staging is available with either aluminium trays or aluminium slats forming the surface of the staging. The slatted surface allows better air circulation around the roots of your plants, discouraging 'damping off' and disease as well as encouraging strong, healthy root growth. The aluminium trays provide you with versatility - use as a flat surface or as a tray, filling the tray with water matting, sand or gravel to help create a humid atmosphere ideal for plant propagation.

Aluminium Bench
Manufacturing and supplying aluminium benching for over 36 years our extensive range of aluminium greenhouse benching will allow you to efficiently use all the space in your greenhouse or polytunnel for healthy plant growth. Aluminium benches are long lasting, maintenance free and won't rust so are ideal for use in the damp atmospheres of a greenhouse. Available in a huge range of sizes for all sizes of greenhouse, if one of our standard sizes doesn't suit your exact requirements we can manufacture our aluminium staging to the dimensions you specify.
Wooden Bench
Wooden Benches are often chosen buy those gardeners who have a wooden greenhouse. Benches, down one or both sides of your greenhouse, help you to keep your greenhouse free of clutter, helping to create a healthier environment for plant growth. All of our wooden staging & benching is supplied with slatted wooden surfaces - slats allow the air to circulate around the benching helping to reduce the risk of damp, mould and plant disease.
When choosing benching to fit within your greenhouse remember that it should be about waist height - this makes it comfortable to work at. When selecting the width only choose benching up to 3ft wide (unless it's going to be placed in the centre of your greenhouse and accessed from both sides when it can be wider) - this makes it easy to reach all your plants. Make best use of vertical space within your greenhouse by selecting benching with more than one level, so giving you more space for plant growth or storage. However, single tier wooden benching is good if you have large items to store below it.
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