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Soil Testing Kits

Testing the soil in your garden is important as it will help you to buy and grow the plants which suit the type of soil you have - whether it's acid, alkaline or neutral. Knowing the ph of your soil will also help you to keep your plants healthy. Soil Testing Kits are available in a range of sizes but all are based on the same simple method: First take a sample of soil from your garden Mix this sample with a chemical provided and water in a soil test tube supplied with the kit. Compare the colour of the sample in the test tube to determine the ph of your soil.

Mini Soil Testing Kit
This Soil Testing Kit is designed to let you test your soil for pH, phosphorus, nitrogen and potash. The kit includes sufficient chemicals for you to carry out approximately 50 tests and includes a unique filtering device for quick results.
Propagation & Soil Thermometer
For checking compost or soil temperatures in or out of the greenhouse try this handy little Propagation & Soil Thermometer.
This thermometer is especially useful for use in propagation situations being small enough to sit in a covered seed tray as used in our range of Propagators allowing you to accurately monitor your propagators internal temperature.

Soil pH Testing Tubes
Test the pH balance of your soil with these single-use testing tubes. These Soil pH Testing Tubes are the quick, easy and cheap way of testing your soil so that you will know what type of soil you have and, depending on what you are growing, whether you need to add anything to the soil to make it more suitable.
Soil pH Test Kit
Ensuring your soil has the correct pH for what you are growing is essential to ensure you get healthy growth. This Soil pH Testing Kit lets you easily and accurately test your soil and also provides you with a pH preference list and advice on altering soil pH. Each testing kit includes sufficient chemicals to carry out approximately 15 tests.
pH Meter
A must for any gardener, this pH Meter instantly tells you how acid or alkaline your soil is and even comes with a plant care listing which includes the correct pH levels for 400 plants! This pH Meter is one of the easiest to use on the market, is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, has the testing needle attached by a flexible wire letting you reach into tight spaces and has a large display face for easy reading.
Light And Moisture Meter
This Light And Moisture Meter instantly shows you if your plants need watering, whilst the dual light meter indicates the light conditions. Also included with the meter is a guide showing the light and watering needs of over 150 plants helping you to provide the correct conditions for healthy plant growth.
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