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Soil Testing

Soil Testing is important as it will help you to identify the type of plants which will thrive in your existing soil type. Testing your soil will also make it possible for you to improve your soil so that it becomes more acid or alkaline to suit what you want to grow. Soil testing kits have been developed to make it quick and easy for you to test your soil and enables you to test for soil pH as well as the major plant nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Soil Testing Kits
Testing the soil in your garden is important as it will help you to buy and grow the plants which suit the type of soil you have - whether it's acid, alkaline or neutral. Knowing the ph of your soil will also help you to keep your plants healthy. Soil Testing Kits are available in a range of sizes but all are based on the same simple method: First take a sample of soil from your garden Mix this sample with a chemical provided and water in a soil test tube supplied with the kit. Compare the colour of the sample in the test tube to determine the ph of your soil.
Soil Treatment
Gardeners often sterilise their soil as using sterilised soil promotes healthy plant growth by the eradication of soil-borne pests, diseases and weed seeds. Soil can be sterilised without harming the beneficial bacteria within the soil by using a Soil Treatment or Steriliser. Our Soil Sterilisers have been designed to make it simple and safe for anyone to sterilise soil. The Soil Steriliser is able to obtain a uniform temperature of 86.6?C(180?F), at this temperature soil is sterilized. We stock a range of Soil Sterilisers - simply choose the size to match the amount of soil you wish to sterilize - together with accessories.
Soil Protection
You can protect the soil in your garden or greenhouse by using weed control fabric. Weed control fabrics - also known as ground cover, weed block, weed control membrane, landscape fabric, weed cloth, weed barrier fabric or weed suppressant fabric - provide soil protection and have been developed to suppress the growth of weeds without using chemicals, whilst still allowing air, water and nutrients through to your plants. Weed control fabrics effectively suppress weed growth as they block out the sun so reducing photosynthesis and ultimately stopping weed growth.

The added benefit of using a weed control fabric is that it helps to keep the ground moist helping to reduce the need for watering your plants whilst encouraging root growth and protects from extreme temperatures.

Easy to use, weed control fabrics can be cut using scissors and held in place using Ground Pegs or Fabric Staples. Our Weed Mulch is designed to be used below bark mulch, play bark, wood chips or gravel. Where there is likely to be heavy traffic - such as along a pathway - we recommend using the more heavy duty Ground Cover below mulch or gravel. This heavy duty material can also be used in greenhouses and polytunnels without having to be covered with mulch or gravel.

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