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Tiered Shelves

Tiered Shelves allow you to store, grow or display the largest number of plants etc within your greenhouse, making them ideal for use within compact greenhouses. Tiered Shelves provide you with a large number of surfaces onto which your plants can be placed. When you have a glass to ground greenhouse, enough light will penetrate to the lower tiers of the shelving to allow them to be used to grow crops (such as salad crops) or to raise seedlings etc. In half glazed greenhouses use tiered shelves for forcing crops, storing dormant plants during the winter months etc.

Stepped Display Staging
Specially designed to allow you to create spectacular displays with your plants whilst allowing easy access for watering & plant care, our Stepped Display Plant Staging is available in a wide range of sizes & is ideal for use in conservatories, greenhouses or even outdoors.

Seedling And Plant Shelving
For use in home, porch, conservatory or greenhouse this versatile Seedling and Plant Shelving is designed for year round use.
Ideal for overwintering tender garden plants, the germination and growing on of seedlings, hardening off etc.
It occupies very little space, is watertight, very light and easy to move.

Adjustable Storage Drawers
These new Adjustable Storage Drawers have been designed by Two Wests and Elliot Ltd here in Chesterfield, have been found to be as equally useful in your greenhouse, as they would be in your porch, shed or garage.
This strong, multi-purpose storage unit is made from rot free aluminium and has aluminium trays top and bottom, with strong, deep plastic drawers in-between.

Deluxe Modular Staging
Money Saving Packs Available
A superior range of strong, aluminium greenhouse staging our Deluxe Modular Staging has a smart, hardwearing green powder coated finish making it ideal for use in up-market greenhouses or conservatories. Not only improving the appearance of the staging the powder coating also produces a smooth, wipe clean surface enabling you to easily keep the staging in pristine condition.

Its unique design allows a multitude of various configurations tailorable to your exact situation.
(see the learn more tab for details)

SPECIAL OFFER - Discounted Packs Available -
4' Pack - Save £6.90.
6' Pack - Save £13.85.
8' Pack - Save £22.80.

Hercules Timber Staging
A heavy duty wooden greenhouse staging, this range of Hercules Timber Staging has been selected for its superior strength. It will provide you with a really strong wooden working or growing area in your greenhouse. Its' robust construction ensures you can enjoy using this timber staging in your greenhouse over a very long time without any maintenance.

SPECIAL OFFER - Combination Rack
This Combination Rack made from lightweight but extremely strong aluminium extrusions, is a rack for all seasons.
Coming complete with three different surfaces that will fit on any level of your choosing, you can reconfigure this rack to suit your immediate and future needs, with ease. One surface is supplied as aluminium slats ideal for accomodating plants that need good air ciculation, another is supplied as a self watering tray capable of providing up to two weeks of water to your pot plants or seedlings and the third level is supplied as a sturdy aluminium gravel tray and mat either for extra plant storage or creating a useful work surface.
All this in a compact space ideal for any situation.

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