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Shelf Brackets

Shelf Brackets designed to fit to the wall or roof of your greenhouse to enable you to easily create your own shelves for extra growing or storage. Our Shelf Brackets are made from long lasting, rust and rot proof aluminium and are supplied complete with cropped headed bolts for fixing in aluminium greenhouses - the bolts simply twist and lock in the channels within the glazing bars of most makes of aluminium greenhouse, making the Shelf Brackets quick and easy to fit. These Shelf Brackets can also be fitted in wooden greenhouse by replacing the cropped head bolts with wood screws (not supplied).
Use our aluminium Shelf Brackets to create your own shelves, using lengths of aluminium or timber to form the surface of the shelves. Or for complete shelves purchase our Wall Mounted or Hanging Shelves which use these aluminium Brackets together with aluminium trays to create sturdy greenhouse shelves.

Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets
Strong, durable, high quality aluminium Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets designed to easily fit onto greenhouse walls to enable you to fit your own shelf.

Hanging Shelf Brackets
These Hanging Shelf Brackets are designed to fit easily into the roof glazing channels of your greenhouse, you can adjust them to suit the pitch of the roof - making them suitable for lots of different makes of greenhouse!

Pair of Modular Shelf Brackets
Wall mounting shelf brackets as used in our Wall Mounted Modular Shelf packs.
Strong aluminium brackets, sold in pairs, designed to be bolted direct to greenhouse glazing channels using the special cropped bolts and nuts provided.
These brackets can also be fitted to timber and brick using normal screws (not provided) if required and allow you to fit your own shelf surface so you have complete flexibilty.

Wall Mounted Modular Shelves
These Wall Mounted Modular Shelves have been designed, by us, so that you can make best use of all the available space within your greenhouse.
Each shelf is made to fit within one 2ft section of a standard greenhouse, meaning these shelves can be fitted end to end to completely fill the length or width of your greenhouse.
Alternatively, you can set them one above the other at any height you like, in fact they are so versatile you can put them in almost any configuration you desire.
With a choice of either timber slatted surface, great for good air circulation and light transmission, or aluminium tray surface ideal for seed trays and pots to be placed on, coupled with water matting to aid watering.

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