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Garden Supplies Sale

These monthly deals on specially selected seasonal products offer you the chance to purchase them at special offer sale prices, saving you £'s on standard catalogue prices.
Most of these products on sale are priced to clear and are only available whilst stocks last.

This area also includes many of our Money Saving Packs which you would find featured throughout our mailorder catalogue.

Tool Clamps
Just £1.15 for the Small Tool Clamp, normal RRP is £3.05
Just £1.15 for the Large Tool Clamp, normal RRP is £3.25
Store your garden tools safely and neatly against a wall, in a cupboard or shed etc. with these easy to fit robust Tool Storage Clamps.

Swell Gel
Just £3.83 for this Swell Gel, normal RRP is £8.60
Swell Gel offers the gardener the ultimate help in plant watering.
Its unique water holding properties ensures plants remain watered and healthy with the added benefit of being able to have longer periods between watering.
Willow Planters
Just £10.99 for the Herb Planter, normal RRP is £19.25
Just £13.20 for the Potato Planter, normal RRP is £27.45
These Willow Planters let you instantly create a natural and stylish place to raise herbs, salad crops, vegetables or create a decorative display. Available in natural willow in two sizes. Supplied fully assembled, folded flat, it takes just minutes for you to have a planter ready to fill with compost and start growing.
Telescopic Car Shovel
Just £5.44 for this Telescopic Car Shovel, normal RRP is £10.99
This Telescopic Car Shovel has been designed to take up little space in your car boot - but still be big enough to easily and quickly shovel away any snow. It's simply a winter essential for any car driver!
Tilt Drawer Interlocking Cabinet
Just £6.00 for any size of the Tilt Drawers, normal RRP is £11.49
Get organised with this range of Tilt Drawer Interlocking Cabinets. Made from durable plastic they are ideal for use in your home, garage or garden shed. The built in tilting drawers make them perfect for storing all sorts of odds and ends - like screws, bolts, nails, labels etc as well as being ideal for storing craft materials. We've chosen this selection of cabinets as they have been designed to be interlocking, so you can create one sturdy unit from a combination of cabinets providing a range of different sized drawers.
Dual Solution Shelf Unit
Just £27.04 for this Dual Solution Shelf Unit, normal RRP is £49.50
Ideal for use in the garage, shed or home, this Dual Solution Shelf Unit provides you with maximum versatility when it comes to storage. Build as a single 5 Shelf Unit standing 6ft high or make two shelf units each 3'2" high, one with two shelves and one with three shelves. So, if your storage needs alter throughout the year, you can alter the configuration of the shelves to suit.
Mini Micro Irrigation System
Just £6.12 for this Irrigation System, normal RRP is £10.95
Irrigate from one to five pots or hanging baskets from a single outlet with this Darlac Mini Micro Kit.
The sprinkler heads can be adjusted to suit the various requirements of different plants and have long spikes at their base for secure anchorage into the ground.
Solar Colour Changing Crystal Lights twin pack
Just £9.00 for these Colour Changing Crystal Lights, normal RRP is £15.40
These Solar Colour Changing Crystal lights with their bubble effect stems will produce a beautiful spectrum of coloured light in borders, paths, patios and driveways.

Parasol Light
Just £5.99 for this Parasol Light, normal RRP is £9.99
Add atmospheric lighting to your outdoor event with this Battery operated LED Parasol Light. This robust, black plastic light unit fits around a parasol pole to provide your party with clear white light provided by the 15 LED lights. Being battery powered makes it quick and easy to fit in place - and as mains power is not required, this light can be used in any location.
Fine Bypass Lopper
Just £15.32 for these Bypass Loppers, normal RRP is £25.00
The New Fine Bypass Lopper is a really handy little lopper and is the crème de la crème when it comes to quality. The head is manufactured from drop forged aluminium giving it the quality look and feel it deserves. The high carbon steel blade has been designed to cut up to an impressive 25mm making it the perfect alternative to secateurs when gripping and squeezing is proving difficult. The aluminium oval shaped handles of the lopper make it really light and easy to use - in fact the overall weight of this classy looking lopper is just a mere 458 grams!
Topiary Ball with Lights
Just £16.20 for this Topiary Ball, normal RRP is £24.99
This decorative Topiary Ball incorporates 20 bright led lights which are battery powered - this means that there's no wiring required so it's quick and easy to add to your garden for a decorative display. Supplied with removable galvanised chain this topiary ball can be hung from any hanging basket bracket. Or, remove the chain and place in a pot to create an instant feature or use in garden borders.
Wire Coil String Lights
Just £5.26 for these lights, normal RRP is £7.99
These battery powered Wire Coil String Lights are quick and easy to install indoors or out. Supplied complete with batteries all you need to decide is where to use these decorative lights. They are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and their flexible cable makes them easy to drape over shrubs or arrange in trees etc to create a stylish garden feature in an instant. Each string of lights is 5'7" long and has ten 1½" diameter wire coil lights spaced every 6" along the cable.
Star Shaped String Lights
Just £5.26 for these lights, normal RRP is £7.99
These decorative Star Shaped String Lights are battery operated lights making them quick and easy to install indoors or out. There are ten eye-catching 2½" filigree stars with warm white LEDs spaced every 6" along the 5'7" long flexible cable. It's simple to drape the flexible cable over shrubs, in trees etc to create a stylish feature in your garden.
Heart Shaped String Lights
Just £5.26 for these lights, normal RRP is £7.99
These Heart Shaped String Lights are the quick and easy way to add decorative lighting into your garden. Battery powered there's no wiring to do, simply fit the batteries supplied and then place the lights however you wish to make a stylish garden feature. Each string of lights is 5'7" long and has ten 1¾" heart shaped lights spaced every 6" along the cable. The flexible cable is easy to drape over shrubs, arrange in trees etc to create a stylish feature in an instant.
Flower String Lights
Just £5.26 for these lights, normal RRP is £7.99
These decorative, battery powered Flower String Lights are supplied complete with batteries ready to use - all you need to decide is where to place them. With no mains cable there are no restrictions - their flexible cable makes it easy for you to drape them over shrubs, in trees around arches etc. Along the 5'7" flexible cable are spaced ten 2¾" filigree flower lights with warm white LEDS. Although designed for use outdoors, these lights are perfect for adding instant decoration indoors as well.
Butterfly String Lights
Just £5.26 for these lights, normal RRP is £7.99
These Butterfly String Lights are a quick and easy way to add decorative lighting into your garden. Being battery powered there's no wiring required, simply fit the batteries supplied and then place the lights however you wish to make a stylish garden feature. Each string of lights is 5'7" long and has ten 2½" butterfly shaped lights spaced every 6" along the cable. The flexible cable is easy to drape over shrubs, arrange in trees etc to create a stylish feature in an instant.
Outdoor Filigree Thermometer
Just £9.00 for this Outdoor Filigree Thermometer, normal RRP is £12.99
This new Filigree Thermometer lets you easily keep track of the temperature whether it's indoors or out. This thermometer has a long lasting metal construction which has had an attractive antique bronze effect finish applied. At over 16" tall this thermometer is easy to read, registering the temperature in degrees Centigrade.
Claber Colibri Pop Up Sprinkler Starter Kit
Just £73.50 for this Claber Starter Kit, normal RRP is £104.95
This Colibri Starter Kit from Claber provides you with sufficient components to water a 50 square metre garden.
The main components of the kit are the Colibri Micro-Sprinklers which have been designed to produce a gentle ‘rain’ of water. For efficient use of water the micro-sprinklers have a low water consumption. The sprinklers have a gear-driven turbine with jet intercepting head and stainless steel range adjustment screw.
For long life the bodies of the sprinklers are made from shock-resistant plastic (ABS).
If you wish to increase the size of this watering kit, then all the components are available to purchase individually.

Gardena Backpack Sprayer 12ltr
Just £54.00 for this Backpack Sprayer, normal RRP is £74.99
This Gardena Backpack Sprayer makes it easy to distribute large quantities of water, pesticides or fertilizer. Its high capacity makes it ideal for plant care in large gardens containing fruit trees and vines.
Its integrated carrying handle and padded carrying straps along with the shape of the container make it easy and comfortable to carry. The telescopic spray lance has an adjustable metal nozzle for accurate spraying or for the coverage of large areas.

Pack of Two Strawberry / Herb Patio Planters
Just £8.27 for this Pack of Two Planters, normal RRP is £10.67
Grow strawberries or herbs in your garden with ease with these Patio Planters. No matter how small your outdoor space - it could even be just a patio area or balcony - these planters let you grow your own plants in a neat and attractive compact planter. With pockets around the outside of the planter and growing space in the top you'll be able to raise lots of plants whilst sturdy carrying handles lets you turn the planter for even growth and simple harvesting.
Hozelock Micro Reel with 10m Hose
Just £14.98 for this Hozelock Micro Reel, normal RRP is £18.99
This compact Hozelock Micro Reel complete with 10m of hose and spray gun is ideal for the smaller garden. Its neat design allows you to keep it handy without it taking up too much valuable space, it can be wall mounted or free standing. This hose reel also comes with a waterstop connector and tap connectors (1/2" and 3/4") FREE.

Coolmax Wool Technical Socks
Normal RRP £17.95, Now Just £10.99 !
That's Saving You £6.96 Off RRP
Only available whilst stocks last
These CoolMax Socks with their three blend, cellular construction have no voids or unnecessary 'gimmick' panels which could inhibit their performance. The unique CoolMax fibres have been developed to wick away moisture allowing the foot to remain cool but snug in all conditions. Keeping your feet snug yet cool will help to prevent blistering and subsequent infection, thus allowing you to spend longer in boots with greater comfort.
Technical Socks with Double Density Soles
Saving Up To £7.96 Off RRP
Only available whilst stocks last
These heavy-weight traditional socks with their high percentage of Merino Wool wick away moisture and trap in air in which ensures your feet stay dry and warm. These technical socks are designed to insulate your feet from the cold whilst being ultra comfortable, allowing you to spend longer outdoors in complete comfort.
Available in two lengths, the Boot length is favoured by walkers, mountainers and gardeners, whilst the knee length is proving to be extemely popular with people who wear wellingtons and waders, such as fishermen and those who shoot.
Car Boot Tidy Set
Pay just £25.99 for the Car Boot Tidy Set with Boot Bag or £28.99 for the Car Boot Tidy Set with Wellie Bag
This Special Offer Car Boot Tidy Set contains all the essentials needed to keep you and your car boot mud free! The kit includes a large, hard wearing Car Boot Liner with a wipe clean surface and strong webbing handles making it easy to transport garden rubbish in your car and lift it out with ease. Also included is the new Aqua Brush Boot Cleaner. Designed to be filled with water it has a strong brush head for cleaning mud from shoes, boots etc making it perfect after you've been to the allotment, been out dog walking, been hiking etc etc. The set also includes either a Wellie Bag or Boot Bag - for neat and tidy storage, simply select the bag which best suits your needs.
Special Offer Snow Clearing Pack
Buy this set and you are saving £10.00 on buying the three items individually.
A special offer set we have put together to help you keep moving when the snow moves in.
Consisting of the Telescopic Snow Shovel to dig your way out of your property or even keep in your car when the bad weather arrives and you have to be out and about, an easy to use Hand Spreader to spread winter rock salt around the area you have cleared and a really useful Dry Bin to store your winter rock salt, keeping it dry and to hand ready for use.
Special Offer Lawn Care Set
This Special Offer Lawn Care Set includes the most important hand tools for keeping your lawn looking good this autumn - rake, spreader and weeder. All our best selling products which we've been selling year and year and by combining them into a set you're not only getting the best products for the job you're also saving money!
This Set saves you £5.03 on the individual selling prices!
Special Offer Seed Sowing Set
This Seed Sowing Set provides you with everything you'll need to get planting your seeds. We've included tools for planting, bits for labelling, seed trays and covers for increasing the temperature, tools for watering, tomato seeds to get you started and even compost in little jiffy pellets!

Not only are you getting everything you'll need, you're also getting a bargain! With a recommended retail price of £24.56, you can buy this special offer set now for just £19.56, that's a saving of £5!

Weeping Garden Hose Kit
When there is a hospipe ban in place, this Weeping Garden Hose Kit lets you carry on watering your plants legally as it includes all those components specified by the water authorities to allow you to keep watering your plants whilst adhering to the hosepipe ban.
This drip irrigation kit includes a programable water timer, an inline pressure reducer, weeping hose, end plug and straight connector to join ordinary hosepipe to the weeping hose.

On special offer, you’ll not only be getting everything you need to set up an efficient watering system and save your plants, you’ll also be saving £££s.

Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
Create an instant and effective protection from pests and wind damage with these new Micromesh Pest and Wind Barriers.
Simply unpack and position in your garden, it couldn’t be easier! And at the end of the growing season simply store away until it’s needed the following year. The Barrier is formed from the best quality, ultra-fine Micromesh fabric that is used by millions of gardeners all over the world and is regarded as the best insect mesh available. This ensures that your crops will be effectively protected from a wide range of insects, including carrot fly.
Special Offer Set
Order one pack of 2 Micromesh Pest And Wind Barriers for £22.50.
Or Buy two packs of 2 for only £42.00, saving £3.00!

Cosygrow Fleece
Cosygrow is a lightweight fleece used to protect plants from adverse weather conditions and damage from insects and birds etc.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack below and you will SAVE £5.75 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Greenhouse Insulation Packs
SPECIAL OFFER Discounted Prices
Our Greenhouse Insulation Packs provide you with all you need to insulate an aluminium greenhouse, so it's ready to use in the colder months ahead. Simply select the Pack to suit your size of greenhouse and we will send you sufficient Heatsheets to completely line your greenhouse, together with all the fixings necessary to hold it securely in place.
****These special offer prices represent a Huge saving against normal RRP, a saving of up to £32.80 on a given pack.****
Special Offer Propagation Starter Set
Get everything you need - except the compost - to start growing your own plants from seed. This Special Offer Propagation Starter Set combines our best selling Window Sill Propagator with a selection of propagation equipment designed to make growing your own plants easy and efficient.
Special Offer Professional Potting Bench Plus Top Cover
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This special offer set combines our bestselling Professional Potting Bench with its' specially designed Top Cover. These enable you to create a large, professional space dedicated for seed sowing and potting up. We designed the top cover to fit snuggly over the top work area of the bench, keeping compost dry and creating extra growing space when your greenhouse or polytunnel is bursting at the seams!
SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE buy this set and you will SAVE £4.90 on purchasing the items separately.

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