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Propagation Benches

Propagation Benches provide you with a dedicated area in your greenhouse or conservatory for the germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings. If you intend to be propagating a lot of plants, then a propagation bench is a wise investment. Propagation Benches should provide you with the following elements:
A really strong bench - this is especially important if your propagation bench is to hold a soil warming cable and the growing media. Our Plunge Benches are specially designed to carry heavy loads so that you can create a propagation area by adding a Soil Warming Cable surrounded by coarse sand or capillary aggregate.
An element of heat - for successful propagation you should provide seeds or cuttings with an even base heat. This is already built into some of our benches - such as our Heated Benches that have a heating element running the full width and length of the bench. Whilst you have the option to add heating - by adding a Soil Warming Cable - and our Plunge Propagation Benches are best for this.
A cover - adding a cover will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - so even when unheated you will be able to create a warm area for overwintering plants. If using a Soil Warming Cable for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs by reducing moisture and heat loss - and with our specially made covers being hinged you will still have easy access to your plants and good ventilation.

Hot Bench
Treat your plants to a Hot Bench - it's a cosy place to over winter them.
The hot bench is also a robust propagator which can be used for raising plants from seed or cuttings, whilst also excellent at encouraging early, healthy plant growth.
It can also be used without the heat, making it a useful year round staging - excellent value!

Plunge Propagating Bench
Designed to carry heavy loads our aluminium Plunge Benches have so many different uses we are never sure what to call it!
Fill with coarse sand or gravel and 'plunge' your pots to keep them moist, humid and stable, it's a 'Plunge Bench' ideal for alpines amongst other things.
Fill with washed, horticultural sand, add a soil warming cable (and a thermostat for ultra accurate control) and it's a very strong 'Propagation Bench'.
Fill with a soil and compost mixture and you have a 'Raised Growing Bed' suitable for growing a huge range of shallow rooted crops.

Cover for Plunge Propagating Bench or Tray
A specially designed Cover for your Plunge Bench or Tray will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - useful for overwintering plants. If using soil warming cables for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs.

Bio Green Jumbo Propagator
An easy to use electric propagator the Bio Green Jumbo Propagator is designed to provide a large accurately heated area to successfully germinate and grow from seeds or cuttings.

Jumbo Propagator Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create an instant environment for propagation and save money with this Jumbo Propagation Set.
Combining a heated mat, high cover, aluminium tray and capillary matting all in one package you’ll have everything you need to get started propagating on a large scale.

SPECIAL OFFER - buy this set and you will receive the mat FREE

MK2 Dewpoint
Patented and exclusively manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott, the Dewpoint Cabinet is a completely self-contained propagator in which you can create and control the ideal conditions for easy and rapid propagation, growth of cuttings and germination of seeds.
This Dewpoint Cabinet has all the elements required for propagation, heating - controlled by a sophisticated thermostatic control box which enables you to set different temperatures for day and night periods, Lighting - specialist plant lighting again governed by the control box which has a programmable timer attached and lastly, Watering - inbuilt water reservoir into which air is pumped to create 'the dewpoint' or humidity which allows the seedlings or cuttings to take just the right amount of water they need.
Mist Propagation Unit
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Complete Package.
Propagate plants from cuttings or seeds the professional way with a Mist Propagation Unit.
This unit is a collection of six products from within our catalogue, pulled together as a bundle to form this traditional, fully automatic, professional mist propagation unit.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy one of these sets and make a saving on purchasing all the individual components.

Buying the -
3'4" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £16.50
6'8" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £36.25
10'0" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £70.45

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