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Electric Propagator

An Electric Propagator is a must for gardeners wishing to raise their own plants from seeds or cuttings. A propagator makes it easy for you to provide a warm, damp atmosphere in which your seeds and cuttings will thrive, ensuring a greater rate of germination. We stock a wide range of electric propagators so choose the one best suited to your needs.

If you're raising your plants indoors - without a greenhouse - then choose a propagator that will provide you with a neat place to plant your seeds or cuttings. The area where you're placing your propagator needs to be well lit - ideal for use indoors is our Windowsill Propagator which is shaped to fit onto a windowsill where it will receive plenty of light. If you need a larger area in which to plant your seeds then one of our larger propagators placed in a spare room could be ideal - just remember that a propagator will give a lift of 11-14 degrees C above the ambient temperature, so you may need the propagator to be in a heated area for it to achieve the temperature required for your seeds to germinate.

Window Sill Propagator
The Window Sill Propagator (also known as the Garland Super 7 propagator) has been a best seller since it was introduced in 1996. WIth a heated base which is designed to raise temperatures within the seed trays and covers by around eight degrees celcius, above the surrounding ambient temperature.

Window Sill Propagator with 14 Seed Trays and Covers
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Our exclusive Special Offer Window Sill Propagator set comes complete with 7 spare seed trays and covers (thats 14 seed trays and 14 covers in total).
This compact propagator makes it simple to produce your own plants. Designed to fit onto a window sill its electrically heated base is designed to carry a maximum of seven seed trays and ventilated clear covers at any one time.
What's more with the spare trays you'll have the ability to plant more seeds having removed your original batch from the heated base to harden off.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £8.09 on purchasing the items separately.

Quadruple Propagator
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This giant capacity Quadruple Propagator has been designed and manufactured at Two Wests & Elliott to provide gardeners with a professional, variable temperature electric propagator.
The Quadruple Propagator is supplied fully assembled ready to use, and is a collection of some of the highest quality components pulled together to create this robust, exclusive unit.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy this set and you will SAVE £9.20 on purchasing the items separately.

Bio Green Jumbo Propagator
- Temporarily out of stock
Order now for delivery in early January 2015
An easy to use electric propagator the Bio Green Jumbo Propagator is designed to provide a large accurately heated area to successfully germinate and grow from seeds or cuttings.

Jumbo Propagator Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create an instant environment for propagation and save money with this Jumbo Propagation Set.
Combining a heated mat, high cover, aluminium tray and capillary matting all in one package you’ll have everything you need to get started propagating on a large scale.

SPECIAL OFFER - buy this set and you will receive the mat FREE

MK2 Dewpoint
Patented and exclusively manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott, the Dewpoint Cabinet is a completely self-contained propagator in which you can create and control the ideal conditions for easy and rapid propagation, growth of cuttings and germination of seeds.
This Dewpoint Cabinet has all the elements required for propagation, heating - controlled by a sophisticated thermostatic control box which enables you to set different temperatures for day and night periods, Lighting - specialist plant lighting again governed by the control box which has a programmable timer attached and lastly, Watering - inbuilt water reservoir into which air is pumped to create 'the dewpoint' or humidity which allows the seedlings or cuttings to take just the right amount of water they need.

Electric Blanket
If your greenhouse has limited space and has no room for a dedicated propagation area this Electric Blanket is probably the answer.
It can be used on top of existing benches, on the floor oe anywhere you have some free space, and when no longer required it rolls up for easy storage.

Special Offer Electric Blanket with Cover and Mat
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create a large, professional propagation area in your greenhouse, with this complete Electric Blanket, Cover and Mat Set designed to create a healthy atmosphere for successful plant propagation.
This propagation kit provides you with complete, accurate control over the temperature and enables you to create a humid atmosphere for young plants to grow in.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy one of these sets and you will SAVE up to £21.85 on purchasing the items separately.

Fixed Temperature Propagator
A propagator will help you successfully germinate seeds or cuttings. These Mini and Maxi electric Propagators come complete with Seed Trays and Covers and are designed to maintain the optimum germination temperature of 19ºC. These propagators make it easy for you to grow a wide variety of plants without worrying about setting the correct temperature.

Fixed Temperature Propagator Base
The Mini & Maxi Fixed Temperature Propagators have been developed to maintain a compost temperature of 19ºC (+/-2º), the perfect germination temperature for a wide range of plants. This electric heated propagator has a watertight base unit.

Hydroponic System
Generating superior crops is easy with this Electric Hydroponic growing system. These kits are designed to grow strong, healthy plants without the use of soil. Continuously providing your plants with the right nutrients needed for quick growth, your plants are easy to maintain with you only needing to water them once a fortnight.

Vitopod Propagator
A Vitopod Propagator will provide you with one of the most versatile, most controllable, evenly heated propagators available on the market.
Available in two sizes it’s perfect for both the new or experienced gardener. It’s easy to set the temperature and it’s extremely accurate, to within 1 degree centigrade. The whole of the base of the propagator is evenly heated so you won’t get uneven growth as a result of hot or cold spots. It’s simple to create the perfect atmosphere for plant growth with large vents in both the lid and sides ensuring good ventilation.

Hot Bench
Treat your plants to a Hot Bench - it's a cosy place to over winter them.
The hot bench is also a robust propagator which can be used for raising plants from seed or cuttings, whilst also excellent at encouraging early, healthy plant growth.
It can also be used without the heat, making it a useful year round staging - excellent value!

Heated Tray
Use a Heated Tray on an existing bench, or any surface, to give an even base heat to encourage seed germination & general plant growth.
The easiest way to create a temporary or permanent propagation area, or to offer frost protection to small groups of plants through the winter months.

Mist Propagation Unit
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Complete Package.
Propagate plants from cuttings or seeds the professional way with a Mist Propagation Unit.
This unit is a collection of six products from within our catalogue, pulled together as a bundle to form this traditional, fully automatic, professional mist propagation unit.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy one of these sets and make a saving on purchasing all the individual components.

Buying the -
3'4" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £16.50
6'8" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £36.25
10'0" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £70.45

The Two & Three Top Propagators have strong, electrically heated bases with thermostatic control & are supplied complete with top quality Stewart Plastics seed trays & covers.

Fab4 Propagator
Based on the bestselling Windowsill Propagator, this unique Fab4 electric propagator has an inbuilt heating element designed to give you an 8*c lift above the ambient. The Fab4 propagator is a compact 15½" x 9½" and comes complete with four quarter seed trays and covers. This propagator has been designed to enable you to raise a variety of plants from seed or cuttings in a very small space.

Grow Light Garden Propagator
This Grow Light Garden stretches the growing season for you - enabling you to plant seeds earlier and grow crops out of season such as salads and herbs, so you can have fresh produce all year round. Designed for use in your home it provides your plants with a replacement for natural light, ensuring healthy plant growth.

Grow Light Garden with Self Watering Tray
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This Special Offer Propagator provides you with everything you need to start growing from seed or cuttings - all you need to add is the compost and seeds!
This Offer includes:
The Grow Light Garden Propagator together with a self watering tray to fit within it, this self watering tray creates a moist atmosphere for germination and healthy plant growth.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.98 on purchasing the items separately.

Heat and Grow Variable Temperature Propagator
This electric Heat and Grow variable propagator comes complete with seed trays and flower pots so all you need are the seeds and compost and you're ready to start propagating.

Propagator Base Unit
Variable Temperature Propagator Base Units enable the thermostat in the propagator to be adjusted to maintain the correct temperature for the type of seed or cuttings you are propagating.

Warming Pad
Providing an even base heat, these easy to use Warming Mats are a simple way to increase germination success.
These Bio Green warming pads have been designed to work safely and accurately within a greenhouse or household environment.

Special Offer Propagation Starter Set
Get everything you need - except the compost - to start growing your own plants from seed. This Special Offer Propagation Starter Set combines our best selling Window Sill Propagator with a selection of propagation equipment designed to make growing your own plants easy and efficient.
Early Grow 3 Bay Propagator With Tray And Mat
SPECIAL OFFER INTRODUCTORY PRICE Only £29.99 Saving £5.00 Against The Normal RRP
Give your seeds and cuttings a head start with this Early Grow 3 Bay Window Sill Propagator With Capillary Tray And Mat. Designed for use year after year this robust propagator has a heating element built into the base of the unit designed to give a lift of approximately 11-14*C above the room temperature. Adjustable vents in the top of the clear, shatterproof covers let you easily control air flow and humidity. Whilst the propagator comes complete with a capillary tray and mat which makes watering simple and helps to product the humid atmosphere preferred for successful germination and growth.
Grow Light Garden Spare Bulb
This Spare Bulb for the Grow Light Garden Propagator lets you continue to use your propagator year after year. Each bulb should last for up to 10,000 hours.
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