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Propagators are vital for the gardener who wants to raise there own plants from seeds or cuttings. We stock one of the widest ranges of propagators available, including propagation benches, electric propagators, propagation trays and more - many of which are exclusive to Two Wests and Elliott. Over the last 37 years we've tested and selected a wide range of propagators to suit the novice gardener up to the professional growers. We have also designed and manufactured our own range of propagation equipment here in our Derbyshire warehouse. All our propagators feature high specifications, long life, low maintenance and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every situation. So whatever you wish to grow you are sure to find the propagation equipment to make this easy and efficient.

Electric Propagator
An Electric Propagator is a must for gardeners wishing to raise their own plants from seeds or cuttings. A propagator makes it easy for you to provide a warm, damp atmosphere in which your seeds and cuttings will thrive, ensuring a greater rate of germination. We stock a wide range of electric propagators so choose the one best suited to your needs.

If you're raising your plants indoors - without a greenhouse - then choose a propagator that will provide you with a neat place to plant your seeds or cuttings. The area where you're placing your propagator needs to be well lit - ideal for use indoors is our Windowsill Propagator which is shaped to fit onto a windowsill where it will receive plenty of light. If you need a larger area in which to plant your seeds then one of our larger propagators placed in a spare room could be ideal - just remember that a propagator will give a lift of 11-14 degrees C above the ambient temperature, so you may need the propagator to be in a heated area for it to achieve the temperature required for your seeds to germinate.

Propagation Benches
Propagation Benches provide you with a dedicated area in your greenhouse or conservatory for the germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings. If you intend to be propagating a lot of plants, then a propagation bench is a wise investment. Propagation Benches should provide you with the following elements:
A really strong bench - this is especially important if your propagation bench is to hold a soil warming cable and the growing media. Our Plunge Benches are specially designed to carry heavy loads so that you can create a propagation area by adding a Soil Warming Cable surrounded by coarse sand or capillary aggregate.
An element of heat - for successful propagation you should provide seeds or cuttings with an even base heat. This is already built into some of our benches - such as our Heated Benches that have a heating element running the full width and length of the bench. Whilst you have the option to add heating - by adding a Soil Warming Cable - and our Plunge Propagation Benches are best for this.
A cover - adding a cover will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - so even when unheated you will be able to create a warm area for overwintering plants. If using a Soil Warming Cable for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs by reducing moisture and heat loss - and with our specially made covers being hinged you will still have easy access to your plants and good ventilation.
Propagation Heating Mats
Propagation Heating Mats - also known as Seedlings Mats or Germination Mats - are designed to combine two main features - the mats encourage seed germination and root formation by providing an even base heat that keeps soil warm and they provide you with maximum flexibility as when not in use they can simply be rolled up and stored away until needed again, making these Heat Mats ideal for busy greenhouses or compact spaces. Heating Mats can be used just about anywhere - in your greenhouse, conservatory or indoors - turning any staging or benching into a large propagator. The Propagation Mats are simply unrolled and plugged in and they are ready to use.
Temperature can be accurately controlled by the use of a thermostat. The temperature sensor can be placed in the growing media or underneath seed trays etc. By accurately controlling the temperature you are not only ensuring you provide the correct temperature for successful plant propagation, you will also save on running costs as the thermostat will only allow the heating mat to be switched on when the set temperature has not been reached - in this way no heat will be wasted and no money spent heating unnecessarily.
Mist Propagation
Mist Propagation can be used to raise plants from seeds or cuttings. Mist Propagation is best carried out in a greenhouse or polytunnel. The definition of Mist Propagation is 'the mechanical spraying of water to maintain a film of water on the leaves and stems of cuttings.' Our Mist Propagation Units supply you with everything you need to ensure healthy germination and growth - the successful rooting of cuttings or germination of seeds relies on the correct temperature, the right amount of moisture and the correct amount of light. Our Mist Propagation Units provides the correct temperature by using undersoil, thermostatically controlled heating cables that create the necessary warm rooting area. Whilst the right amount of moisture is created by the automatic, frequent fine misting of the leaves keeping the plants continually moist and providing maximum humidity.
As well as selling complete Mist Propagation Units, you can also purchase all the individual components allowing you to design and build a propagation unit to suit your exact requirements.
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays are designed to help you to create the correct environment for successful propagation from seeds and cuttings. To achieve this Propagation Trays usually include a heating element that is encased in the base of the tray and insulated to ensure that the heat generated travels upwards into the growing media. For accurate temperature control and cost effective heating, the Propagation Tray should have some way of controlling the temperature. Some trays - such as the Mini and Maxi Trays have a built in thermostat which has been designed to maintain 19 degrees C - the perfect germination temperature for a wide range of plants. Whilst other trays - such as our Heated Trays - can be joined to a thermostat which allows you to set the temperature you wish to achieve - these more sophisticated trays allow you more control and more versatility over what your grow.
Creating the correct propagation environment for successful germination of seeds or rooting of cuttings can be divided into two main areas: the aerial environment and the environment of the growing media. The aerial environment covers such things as the humidity, the air temperature and the light available, whilst the growing media environment includes temperature, moisture and aeration. You can control the aerial environment by the use of a cover placed over the propagation tray. A cover will help to retain heat and will increase humidity levels. You can measure the air temperature using a thermometer or the sensor on a thermostat. You can control the environment of the growing media by supplying an even base heat - as provided by a heated propagation tray. You can measure the temperature in the compost by using a simple soil thermometer or use the sensor on the end of a thermostat.
Hydroponic Propagation
Hydroponics is defined as 'the art of growing plants in a chemical solution without soil.' Hydroponic propagation is a method which has been favoured by Commercial Growers for many years - as there's no soil involved there can be no chance of soil-borne pests and diseases developing. Plants are supplied with exactly the right amount of nutrients and water they need to promote rapid growth and strong, healthy root growth.
Rockwool Cubes are one of the most popular mediums for germinating seeds using Hydroponics and are widely used by commercial growers. If you intend to transfer your plants into your garden, there is no need to remove them from the Rockwool Cube - simply plant the cube together with the plant.
Using Hydroponics is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow plants from cuttings, with most types of plant developing roots in 7-14 days. Plants started from cuttings will mature earlier than those plants started from seed, saving valuable time and resulting in shorter, bushier plants.
When growing plants using hydroponics, we highly recommend the use of Clonex Hormone Rooting Gel. Clonex is a high performance rooting gel that will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root growth, together with vitamins to protect delicate new roots. Clonex also contains the full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements for healthy root growth plus anti-bacterial agents to protect against fungal diseases.
Propagation Lights
Propagation Lights are specialised lights designed to provide seedlings, cuttings and young plants with the light they require to grow. Metal halide bulbs are the most popular propagation lights as they produce blue spectrum light that promotes the growth of green foliage. To encourage budding and flowering use high pressure sodium lights that produce a red-orange glow.
Lighting is important as it helps plants to get the nutrients they require for healthy growth. This process - of the sun or artificial light helping to feed plants - is called 'photosynthesis'. Light acts as an energy source to help plants separate carbohydrates from carbondioxide. Moisture mixes with this and turns it into glucose and feeds the plants. So the amount of light a plant receives will affect its growth. When plants are not receiving sufficient light plants will become spindly with lots of space between the leaves, new leaves will be smaller, will begin to turn yellow and fall off, whilst new shoots on plants will grow tall to reach out towards the light.
Propagator Thermostat
Propagator Thermostats are designed to provide you with cost effective and accurate temperature control. When joined to your propagator or heating element (such as a soil warming cable) they enable you to set a temperature which you wish to achieve. The thermostat then turns on the propagator until the required temperature is reached. Once achieved, the thermostat turns the heat off. When the temperature falls below the required temperature the thermostat turns the heat back on. In this way your seedlings should never be overheated and costs are kept down as heat is not being provided unnecessarily.
Propagator Thermostats that have a remote sensor are the most popular. They allow you the flexibility of placing temperature sensor exactly where you want to - into the growing media, between pots of plants, under seed trays, within propagator covers etc. In this way you can accurately sense the temperature in the most temperature critical area based on what you are growing.
Soil Heat Cable
A Soil Heat Cable (also known as a Soil Warming Cable) can be used for a variety of applications within your greenhouse or cold frame. Using a Soil Warming Cable you can build your own propagator within your greenhouse - the simplest way is to use one of our Plunge / Propagating Trays - with the Cable being buried in a bed of horticultural sand. This type of traditional propagator will provide bottom heat that improves the germination of seedlings and rooting of cuttings by promoting healthy, vigorous root growth. You can also use the Soil Heat Cable in your greenhouse when growing direct from the ground, burying the cable to warm the soil so you can raise crops earlier than normal. Used in a cold frame, a Soil Warming Cable can be placed in a sand bed in the base of the frame, making the cold frame great for propagation or over-wintering tender plants.
For accurate temperature control it is recommended that you use a Thermostat to control the Soil Warming Cable, switching the cable on and off to maintain a set temperature. This is important when using Soil Cables to provide heat for propagation as you need to be able to control the temperature reached to suit the differing germination requirements of various varieties of seeds. Controlling the Soil Cable using a thermostat not only allows for accurate temperature control, it also makes it more cost effective as the Cable will only be on when the temperature required has not been reached.
Propagation Media
There are many different types of Propagation Media available but all are designed to provide optimum aeration, drainage and moisture holding characteristics. The aim of the Propagation Media is to provide support and moisture whilst the plant is developing. We stock a range of propagation media, including the following:

Jiffy Pellets. Jiffy Pellets combine fertiliser and compost in one neat package. They are easy to use and handle. They have a pre-formed hole in the top to take seed or cutting and allow uninterrupted growth until the plant is ready to pot on or plant out.

Rockwool Cubes. Rockwool is an inert, clean and sterile growing medium. It is very porous providing the exact water to air ratio needed for healthy growth of cuttings and seeds. Strong and easily visible root systems soon develop and subjects may be planted straight out in their 'cubes'. The cubes will need to be watered with liquid feed to provide the necessary nutrients for plant growth.

Root Rio Cubes. Root Riot Cubes have been developed for fast germination and root growth. The cubes incorporate nutrients to air root development and to nourish young plants. The cubes are made from biodegradable organic materials. Root Riot Cubes are supplied ready to use - simply add seeds or cuttings into the pre-formed holes.

Plant Nutrients
All the plant nutrients which we stock are formulated with accuracy, manufactured with care and designed for high performance.

We've chosen nutrient solutions that are suitable for a number of tasks - from soaking seeds prior to planting through to feeding house plants. So you'll find these nutrients useful all year round for a wide range of decorative or cropping plants.

Propagator Accessories
An electric propagator is a good investment as it speeds up the germination process, making it easier for you to raise plants from seeds or cuttings. A propagator will also provide you with years of service, so the best way to continue to get the most from your propagator is to purchase propagator accessories to make yours even more versatile.

To extend the life of your propagator you may need to purchase replacement trays or covers - such as the replacement cover for the Jumbo Propagator, or spare covers for the Windowsill Propagator. You can also increase the usefulness of your propagator by adding accessories to it - such as the Self Watering Tray for the Grow Light Garden, or the Thermo2 Thermostat for the Bio Green Warming Mats. Other propagator accessories which will help you get the best from yours include such items as a Soil Thermometer, spare seed trays, rooting gel etc.

Propagator Spares
Propagator Spares let you keep using your propagator year after year to successfully germinate seeds and cuttings. Some parts of the propagator will wear over time, so it is important that you can purchase spares to maintain your propagator in excellent working condition. Spares for a propagator include trays and covers, replacement thermostats etc. If you don't find the spare you're looking for online simply call us for help on 01246 451077.
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