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Potting Up Tools

Having the correct potting up tools will speed up the time consuming processes of sowing seeds, taking cuttings, pricking out and potting on. When you are only sowing a few seeds then you can get away with needing only a few essential tools but when you're growing a large number of plants it's best to invest in a range of potting up equipment to make the task easier and successful.

Potting Up Tools include such items as:
Plant Labels - these become essential when sowing a wide range of seeds as it's easy to forget what you've sown when the seeds are covered with compost.
Sieve - by simply removing any lumps or fibres from your compost before you sow means that roots won't be restricted within the compost and also lets you evenly cover the seeds with a fine, even layer of compost.
Dibber and Widger - these simple tools are designed to reduce the amount of handling of young seedlings, reducing the possibility of damage as you prick out and pot up.
Tampers - also known as 'presser boards', tampers are used to gently press down the compost prior to sowing, providing a level surface on which to sow seeds.

2 in 1 Compost Sieve
This garden 2 in 1 compost sieve makes it easy for you to generate finer compost for better growth.
With its two interchangeable mesh bases, this high sided sieve is really practical.

Scoop for Compost
This large plastic Compost Scoop is the easiest and cleanest way to handle compost. It's large, deep sided head collects compost from bags and buckets easily and is quickley cleaned after use.

Storage Seat
A strong, plastic storage box that can be used to store compost, pots, small tools or any number of things. This storage bin seat keeps things neatly to hand in the greenhouse and when required also doubles as a comfortable seat, ideal for when your potting up or doing any other job that would normally cause you to stand and bend at a work surface.

Potting Station with all plastic accessories
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
For serious 'seed sowers' sit down & enjoy your gardening with this complete Potting Station.
This complete potting unit is an essential piece of greenhouse gardening euipment for any gardener who spends time potting up, the unit is at desk height so sitting at it is comfortable, whilst all the accessories make light work of the task at hand.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.40 on purchasing the items separately.

Round Beech Tamper
A Tamper is used whilst sowing seeds to compress the compost. Compressing the compost removes any air pockets in the compost, which could result in roots becoming water logged or exposed to the air. This Round Tamper is perfect for firming compost in round pots with a diameter of 2½" or greater.

Square Beech Tamper
This square wooden tamper is designed to make it quick and easy to gently compress the compost in seed trays or pots prior to sowing seeds. This square tamper will reach easily into the corners of seed trays so you have an even surface of compost on which to sow your seeds.

Garden Dibber in Beech
A traditional, Beech Garden Dibber that is graded up to 4" so you can accurately plant large seeds directly into your garden, at the correct depth. The turned top makes it easy to handle, graded clearly for planting to the correct depth.

Pot Dibber in Beech
This smaller Pot Dibber makes it easier for you when sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings. It makes it easy for everyone to accurately plant seeds in pots, seed trays or plug trays. The Dibber also makes it simpler for you when transplanting delicate seedlings without damage.

Dibber and Widger Planting Set
The Dibber and Widger Set is a useful set of tools for "pricking-out" and "potting-on" - make holes with the Dibber and gently lift seedlings with the Widger.

Darlac Multi Trowel
This unique Multi Trowel from Darlac is an absolute must have tool for every gardener.
Designed to provide you with a single tool that can tackle a wide range of tasks, from lifting weeds to cutting string.

Magic Seeder
Sow seeds accurately with this new Magic Seeder. Designed to fit securely within your hand, it’s easy to fill with lots of seed varieties. To sow into pots, seed trays, plug trays or rootrainers simply press the plunger with your thumb and your seeds will be sown.

Seed Sower
Sow your seeds evenly and quickly using this dial Seed Sower. Fully adjustable to suit different sizes of seed helping you control the flow and placing them exactly where you want them.

Special Offer Seed Sowing Set
This Seed Sowing Set provides you with everything you'll need to get planting your seeds. We've included tools for planting, bits for labelling, seed trays and covers for increasing the temperature, tools for watering, tomato seeds to get you started and even compost in little jiffy pellets!

Not only are you getting everything you'll need, you're also getting a bargain! With a recommended retail price of £24.56, you can buy this special offer set now for just £19.56, that's a saving of £5!

Darlac Potting Trowel
This deep dish Potting Trowel is ideal for many jobs in the greenhouse or out around the garden. Its deep head allows you to scoop up large quantities of earth or compost making this trowel the perfect potting and planting companion.
Special Offer Packs Available, SAVING up to £3.00 on normal RRP when purchasing individually
This trendy new ergonomic Handigger has evolved after five thousand years of digging by humans and is fast becoming the smart way to dig. The unique design allows you to dig, plant, scoop, tidy and break up soil or compost with great ease and dexterity. The unusual but extremely effective design puts minimal strain on wrists and fingers allowing hours of use in complete comfort.

BetterGrow Vermiculite
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
Adding BetterGrow Vermiculite to a potting mix helps plant growth by absorbing nutrients, preventing them from being washed out and then releasing them gradually to the plants. Vermiculite can also be used to improve aeration, drainage and moisture retention in potting mixes. BetterGrow Vermiculite makes an ideal top dressing for seeds to provide support as seedlings emerge. It also insulates against fluctuations in surface temperature when used as a seed covering.

Special Offer Set
Order one tub of Vermiculite for £3.99.
Or Buy three tubs of Vermiculite for only £10.47, saving £1.50!

BetterGrow Perlite
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
BetterGrow Perlite absorbs and holds vast quantities of air and moisture which helps prevent compaction. It improves aeration and drainage in potting and seed sowing mixes which will help to avoid root diseases and assist healthy root growth. It is easy to handle, stable and long lasting. This medium grade perlite (grade 35) is produced from a naturally occurring non-toxic, natural volcanic rock which is heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight micro porous structure.

Special Offer Set
Order one tub of Perlite for £3.49.
Or Buy three tubs of Perlite for only £8.97, saving £1.50!

Post And Line Set
Easily mark perfectly straight lines with this traditional Post and Line Set. Ideal for marking out vegetable rows, lawns or borders it comes complete with 65ft of strong natural twine. Really long lasting it's made from FSC certified ash with durable metal posts.
Potting Trowel
This stainless steel, deep dish Potting Trowel is ideal for filling pots, troughs and hanging baskets with soil. Its deep head enables you to scoop up large amounts of soil or compost, so reducing the time it takes to fill containers.
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