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Potting Trays

A Potting Tray is an essential garden accessory. It's a portable, lightweight tray that can be used just about anywhere when you need a space for planting seeds, taking cuttings, potting up or pricking out. The main purpose of a Potting Tray is to provide a space where compost can be contained as you work - this is why a good Potting Tray will always have high sides and a back to prevent compost from spilling out of the tray.

Where space is limited in your greenhouse or shed, and it's not possible to accommodate a Potting Bench, then a Potting Tray can take up temporary residence on top of an existing staging. Once used it can simply be stored out of the way until it's needed again.

Potting Tray
Where space is limited this sturdy aluminium Garden Potting Tray can stand on top of an existing bench & provide a contained area for 'potting-up' & 'pricking-out'. Designed to keep compost contained, the 2" (5cm) front lip prevents compost spilling onto the floor - potting-up used to be a very messy job, not any more !

Potting Tidy
A tough, durable & washable Potting Tidy large enough to work on whilst its' deep sides will contain compost in one neat area.

Potting Tidy with Shelf Tray
SPECIAL OFFER -Money Saving Set.
This combination of sturdy Potting Tidy & Shelf Tray can be used in greenhouse, garden shed or even in your home to create a neat area for 'Potting-Up' & 'Pricking-Out'.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy this set and you will SAVE £0.99 on purchasing the items separately.

Shelf Tray for Potting Tidy
A robust Shelf Tray designed to securly fit along the back edge of a Potting Tidy providing ample space for holding seed packets, labels, tools etc. close to hand and away from the compost.

Clip this sturdy storage Caddy to the back of a Potting Tidy enabling you to keep labels, dibbers etc. neatly to hand.

Potting Station with all plastic accessories
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
For serious 'seed sowers' sit down & enjoy your gardening with this complete Potting Station.
This complete potting unit is an essential piece of greenhouse gardening euipment for any gardener who spends time potting up, the unit is at desk height so sitting at it is comfortable, whilst all the accessories make light work of the task at hand.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.40 on purchasing the items separately.

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