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Tropf Blumat Components

Create your own automatic watering system for your garden or greenhouse using these Tropf Blumat watering components.
Each ceramic probe is sufficient to water an area up to 10inch in diameter, so ideal for watering a hanging basket for example. When watering a raised bed or trough where the plants are similar then you can use one probe together with drippers to water an area 3ft by 10ft.
When creating your own watering system it’s easiest to draw a rough plan of what you intend to water, so that you can calculate the amount of tube you’ll need to carry the water to your plants together with any connectors you’ll need to turn corners or branch the tube off in different directions. You can then work out the number of probes you’ll need to water your plants, together with any drippers which you can use after the ceramic probe to water similar plants.
If you need any help when planning your watering system call us on 01246 451077.

Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer Tap Unit
The Tropf Blumat Watering System operates on a maximum water pressure of 1 bar (down to a minimum of 0.5 bar). In order to achieve this when running the system from a mains water tap you need to use this Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer.

Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer for 1/2" Hosepipe
If you need to start the Tropf Blumat system from a ½" hosepipe (for example if you are using the system in a greenhouse which is a distance from your mains water supply) this Pressure Reducer is supplied complete with the fittings to allow you to do so.

Tropf Blumat Tank Connector
If you wish to operate the Tropf Blumat Watering System from a 'tank' of water rather than mains water, you will need a Tank Connector to allow you to attach the ¼" tubing direct to the water supply.

Tropf Blumat 1/4" Feed Tube - Per Metre
This black, ¼" flexible tubing forms the main 'artery' of the Tropf Blumat Watering System, carrying the water supply around the area to be watered.

Tropf Blumat 1/4" Tube Straight Connector
This Tropf Blumat ¼" Straight Connector is used to join ¼" tube to ¼" tube.

Tropf Blumat 1/4" Tube Elbow Connector
Use a Tropf Blumat ¼" Elbow Connector in the Tropf Blumat Drip Watering System to take ¼" tube neatly round a corner or a sharp bend.

Tropf Blumat 1/4" Tube T Connector
A Tropf Blumat ¼" T Connector enables water to flow easily into a number of areas.

Tropf Blumat 1/4" Tube Stakes
These Tropf Blumat Stakes will hold the ¼" tubing securely in place - ideal for using in hanging baskets, pots & containers.

Tropf Blumat 1/16" (1.5mm) Drip Tube Per Metre
A flexible, brown 1/16" Drip Tube which is used in the Tropf Blumat system to carry water from the ¼" Feed Tube up to and through the top of the Probe, from where the water will drip.

Tropf Blumat In Line Connector
A Tropf Blumat In-Line Connector enables ¼" Feed Tube to continue to travel in a straight line whilst 1/16" Drip Tube is branched off to enable a Ceramic Probe to be fitted.

Tropf Blumat End Line Connector
Insert a Tropf Blumat End-Line Connector where you wish to insert a Ceramic Probe at the end of a length of a run of ¼" tube.

Tropf Blumat 1/16" (1.5mm) T Connector
Divert water into three different drip areas with this Tropf Blumat 1/16" to 1/16" T Connector.

Tropf Blumat Ceramic Probe
The Tropf Blumat Ceramic Probe is the secret of the Tropf Blumat Drip Watering System, regulating the flow of water at the point of watering.

Tropf Blumat Probe Head Only
If you break or damage the green top of the Probe this Tropf Blumat probe head simply screws into place on top of the ceramic probe.

Tropf Blumat In Line Drippers
Use Tropf Blumat In-Line Drippers in conjunction with a ceramic probe and drip tube to water larger hanging baskets, containers, troughs and beds.

Tropf Blumat End Line Drippers
Fit a Tropf Blumat End-Line Dripper into the end of a 1/16" Drip Tube to form the last drip point at the end of a run.

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