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For over sixty years Thermoforce has been at the forefront of greenhouse gardening supplies market. Ventilation products being their speciality, they were the first company to patent and manufacture an automatic solar powered opener for greenhouses.
They have enjoyed a consistent reputation as a supplier and manufacturer of quality greenhouse products, including Automatic Louvre Vent Openers, Electric Fan Heaters, Soil Sterlisers and Soil Warming Cables, this has been the result of accumulated experience gained in providing equipment for the Thermofor® and Camplex® range of products.

Soil Warming Cable
Use an electrical Soil Warming Cable to provide heat in propagating trays and benches, greenhouse borders, cold frames etc.

Professional Rod Thermostat
Use this traditional Professional Rod Thermostat to control soil warming cables in large propagation benches.
This Rod Thermostat has an IP rating of 52, so is very suitable for use in areas where misting is taking place. It is mostly used in large mist propagation units in commercial operations.

Capillary Greenhouse Thermostat
Versatile two way thermostat, ideal for use in damp environments.
By simply swapping over one of the conections within this conventionally configured Greenhouse Thermostat, you can alter it's use.
When switched the thermostat becomes a 'make on rise' unit which enables you to control a cooling appliance.
When delivered it will be configured to be a 'make on fall' thermostat used to control a heating device rated up to 3KW.

Automatic Louvre Opener
This Automatic Louvre Opener, opens and closes your Louvre Window as the temperature changes.
Making sure your greenhouse does not overheat whilst your at work or away on holiday.

Replacement Cylinder for Automatic Louvre Opener
An easy to fit replacment cylinder for the Automatic Louvre Opener manufactured by Thermoforce.

Automatic Rion Roof Vent Opener
Designed speciifically to fit the roof vents of the Rion Greenhouses and Lean-to's, this Automatic Window Opener will open and close according to the temperature.

Spare Cylinder for Rion Automatic Window Opener
This replacement cylinder fits into a Rion Roof Vent Opener and will revive a flagging opener back to it's full working capacity.

Mercury Lighting System
Use this compact Mercury Lighting system in your greenhouse to encourage rapid plant growth.

Mercury Lamp Only
A replacement Mercury tungsten blended Lamp for the mercury lighting system used in greenhouses to encourage rapid plant growth.

Replacement Sodium Lamp 150w
A replacement SON TI high pressure Sodium Lamp for the sodium lighting system used in greenhouses to force rapid plant growth.

Soil Steriliser
A high quality, easy to operate compact Camplex Soil Steriliser enabling you to heat your soil simply & cleanly thus 'sterilising' it ready for planting.
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