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Hozelock Waterers

A range of innovative product designed and manufactured by Hozelock the UK's leading company in Garden Watering and Pond equipment.
This range of products includes the Growbag Waterer and the Flower and Vegetable Waterer two of Hozelock's newest and most excitng products.

Hozelock Growbag Waterer
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available
The easiest way to grow plants in your garden or greenhouse - No pipes, No timers, No Fuss.
This NEW Growbag Waterer from Hozelock features a large capacity, 15 litre reservoir that will keep your plants automatically watered for up to 14 days. Water is delivered direct to the plant roots as and when they need it, helping you to grow healthier plants and achieve better results when growing your own fruit and vegetables.
This quick and easy to set up Grow Bag Waterer system is re-useable year after year and is sure to become an essential piece of kit for every grow your own enthusiast.

Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available
The Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer is the ideal solution to patio and greenhouse gardening, if you don't like using grow bags.
With it's self watering design and more decorative approach it's hit with practical and creative grow your own gardeners alike. Ideal for use on the patio to create stunning flower displays, at the back door to grow an accessible herb garden and in the greenhouse to grow a huge range of crops, this self watering planter is invaluable to all gardeners.

Hozelock Water Butt Border Watering Kit
This Hozelock Water Butt Border Watering Kit is a complete gravity fed kit designed to fit to your water butt and enable you to water flower borders and vegetable patches from stored water. The kit comes with everything you need to connect to most makes of water butt and water an area approximately 20ft x 32". And because this kit is connected to your water butt you can use this system to water your plants even when there is a hosepipe ban in place.
Hozelock Mechanical Controller Water Timer
The Hozelock Mechanical Controller Watering Timer is the easiest water timer to set and is ideal when you want to water your garden but don't have the time to wait to turn the water off again. Simply turn the dial of the timer to the desired watering duration and the water supply will turn on, water for the selected length of time, then turn off the water supply.
Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus Watering Timer
The Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus Watering Timer is designed to make it easy and efficient for you to automatically water your garden. It features a day light sensor that automatically adjusts daily watering to start at sunrise, at sunset or both - these are known to be the best times to water your garden. This timer gives you the flexibility to select both the watering duration (six choices ranging from 2 up to 60 mins) and the watering days (choices include every day, second, third, fifth day or once a week) so you should be able to set a combination to suit your needs.
Hozelock Cloud Controller
With a manufacturers RRP of £159.99 this controller is on offer at £114.99, saving £45 off RRP !
The new Hozelock Cloud Controller is a major breakthrough in automatic garden watering as it enables you to control when your plants are watered from your mobile phone. This means that no matter where you are - at work or on holiday (even abroad) you can easily ensure your plants are being correctly watered. This is achieved using Hozelocks mobile app. The App enables you to create your own watering schedules with up to 10 watering times per day. It also provides you with live weather notifications and an easy access menu that allows you to activate Water Now, Pause or temporary schedule adjustments depending on the current weather conditions. So, unlike other existing automatic watering devices the new Cloud Controller lets you react instantly to the current weather conditions, so your plants are never over or under watered.
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