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Hozelock Pumps

Hozelock one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of garden watering equipment, has in its range a selection of garden pumps all well proven, having undergone years of constant design and construction development.
Garden water pumps help you perform, with ease, numerous garden watering tasks, from just moving water from A to b, to powering sprinklers and automatic watering kits when mains water is not available, to clearing water from flooded cellars.

Hozelock 7825  Flood Pump
This Hozelock Flood Pump 7825 is not only great for emptying flooded rooms, cellars or ditches but can also be used to move water around the garden, for example, from a paddling pool to a water butt or from an underground tank or well into a greenhouse.
The Hozelock Flood pump can easily handle dirty water and has the advantage of being self priming, it can be confidently left set up in areas prone to flooding as the automatic float switch will turn the pump on and off as the water level rises and falls.

Hozelock 2826 Water Butt Pump
The Hozelock Water Butt Garden Pump 2826 is ideal for pumping from a water butt in order to deliver water to the plants in your garden. The water butt pump can be used to supply water to Automatic Watering Systems, or to just simply and effortlessly move water from one place to another, for example - draw water from a well or stream to fill your water butts.
To use, simply place in water, connect a hose to the outlet and switch on.

Hozelock 7819  - Ultra Metal Garden Pump
This Hozelock Ultra Metal Garden Pump 7819 gives you the ability to use stored water to water your plants in a greenhouse, or your lawn and borders.
This Garden Pump is a very high pressure pump (3.5bar), max flow 3,500 lph, this pressure allows the use of stored rain water / grey water to be delivered to reasonably large irrigation and watering systems.
The pump chamber is made from high grade stainless steel and is supplied with two filters : Coarse filter on the suction hose , and a fine filter on the pump to stop sand and grit entering the pump, ensuring this pump will give many years of trouble free service.

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