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Hozelock Equipment

Hozelock is one of Britain's favourite gardening suppliers, with over 75% of their products being made in Britain. Founded in 1959, Hozelock have over half a century of horticultural expertise helping them to develop a range of watering products to help gardeners get the most from their gardens.

From the world's first plastic hose connector - simply called the Hoze-Lock - Hozelock have expanded their range to include Garden Hoses, Hose Storage Systems, Garden Sprinklers, Spray Guns etc etc and new for 2013 have introduced a range of Hozelock Waterers designed to automatically water your plants.

Hozelock Hose Storage
This selection of Hozelock hose reels and trolleys is a selection of the most popular products from their hose storage range. These Hose Carts and Hose Reels allow you to store hosepipe in a neat and tidy fashion as well as make it easy for you to transport your garden hose to wherever it is required.
Included in the range are Micro and Compact Hose Reels, Wheeled Hose Carts and Wall Mounted Fast and Auto Reels, all of which come complete with hose, connectors and spray nozzles.
Hozelock Hose Pipes
Hozelock have been specialising in Hosepipes and garden watering equipment since 1959 and as a result know a fair bit about hosepipe. Hozelock Hose is widely regarded as a class leader and over the years they have developed hosepipes that suit every gardeners needs.
Hozelock Spray Guns
Hozelock the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of Garden and Greenhouse watering equipment has in it's range a selection of innovative and stylish, yet practcal Spray Guns. A spray gun for the end of your hosepipe is a gardening essential and every gardener should have one in their tool shed.
Hozelock Sprinklers
Hozelock One of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Garden and Greenhouse watering equipment has in it's range a selection of innovative and stylish, yet practcal Sprinklers. A Sprinkler for watering your lawn, garden or greenhouse is a must for every gardener in order to keep plants healthy.
Hozelock Waterers
A range of innovative product designed and manufactured by Hozelock the UK's leading company in Garden Watering and Pond equipment.
This range of products includes the Growbag Waterer and the Flower and Vegetable Waterer two of Hozelock's newest and most excitng products.
Hozelock Cleaning Tools
This selection of Hozelock cleaning tools will help you to keep any number of things in tip top condition. These brushes, sprayers and pressure sprayers will enable you to keep your greenhouse or conservatory frame and glass clean, allowing maximum light in, whilst helping to combat disease, allow you to easily clean out plant pots and planters at the end of a busy season and even keep your cherished car, caravan or motorbike dirt free and gleaming.
Hozelock Pumps
Hozelock one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of garden watering equipment, has in its range a selection of garden pumps all well proven, having undergone years of constant design and construction development.
Garden water pumps help you perform, with ease, numerous garden watering tasks, from just moving water from A to b, to powering sprinklers and automatic watering kits when mains water is not available, to clearing water from flooded cellars.

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