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Gardena Water Timers And Distributors

This range of sturdy, reliable Gardena water computers, water timers and water distributors enable you to easily and accurately control garden or greenhouse watering.
Simply install at the start of water irrigation systems to automate watering enabling you water your garden or greenhouse with minimum effort & maximum efficiency.
They are also ideal for when you are away from home, whether at work or on holiday, ensuring your plants are reliably watered.

Gardena Water Computer C1030 Plus
This C1030 plus Water Computer from Gardena lets you set up to three watering cycles per day, running from 1 minute up to 7 hours 59 minutes.
Designed to be simple to set, this water timer has a large digital display so that you can see what you’ve set and a large rotary knob which lets you easily and quickly set the computer.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena Deluxe Computer C1060 Plus
This easy to use C1060 Plus Premium Deluxe Water Computer from Gardena has been designed to make it simple for beginners to automate the watering of their greenhouse or garden.
A large display and easy to set rotary knobs allows you to programme this timer and water your plants from 1 minute up to 10 hours. With up to to six watering cycles per day, it offers you lots of watering options to suit all types of gardens.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena DUO Water Timer C2030 Plus
The New Duo C2030 Plus Water Timer from Gardena lets you run two different watering systems from the same timer so providing you with maximum versatility from one outside tap.
Just like Gardena’s other timers, the Duo Timer C2030 Plus, has been designed to be quick and easy to set whilst providing flexibility when selecting watering cycles, times and days.
Use the timer to control two different watering systems, setting the two systems to run at different times and for differing lengths of time.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena Micro Drip Starter Kit With Computer
SPECIAL OFFER - Huge Money Saving Pack ONLY £59.99 Saving £64.22 on the component prices.
Containing sufficient components to water an outside area of 108 sq.ft. or an 8' x 12' greenhouse.
This Gardena Starter Kit (Gardena code 13002-20) complete with Gardena Easy Control Water Computer (gardena Code 1882-28) is a great money saving starter kit, a must have if your installing a Gardena drip watering kit. This kit gives you all the essentials at a greatly reduced price.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE a massive £64.22 on purchasing the items separately.

Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor
The Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor has been developed to allow the moisture in the soil to determine as to whether your plants receive water or not. Improve watering efficiency by connecting this moisture sensor to the water timer or computer operating your irrigation system, enabling you to override any preset program and preventing wastefull over watering if the surrounding soil is already sufficiently moist. This makes it an extremely reliable way of controlling the water your plants receive when you’re away on holiday.

Gardena Switched Water Distributor
This new Water Distributor from Gardena lets you run up to six separate watering systems from a single mains inlet.
The unit is totally versatile, if you don’t need all six outlets a flick of a switch will deactivate any outlet individually.
The Water Distributor 1197-20 supplies water to one outlet at a time making it ideal where there is insufficient water pressure to operate all your watering systems simultaneously.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena Fertiliser Dispenser
This Gardena Fertiliser Dispenser is designed to fit within their Micro Drip System, providing you with the opportunity to automatically feed your plants as they are watered. Suitable for filling with any liquid fertiliser.

Gardena Water Computer Easy Control
This Water Computer Easy Control from Gardena lets you set up to three watering cycles per day, running from 2 minutes up to 1 hour. It's been designed to be really simple to operate - there are just four keys to use for four functions - watering duration, frequency, start time and confirmation. For even easier setting you can remove the control panel from the Computer and sit at your leisure to set the Computer. Once set the clear digital display panel shows at a glance the settings which have been programmed.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena Water Computer Flexi Control
This Water Computer Flex Control from Gardena has flexible programming via a rotary knob and keys, with settings shown on an easy to read digital display. It has a removable control panel for easy setting. The Water Computer lets you select up to 3 watering cycles per day, ranging from 1 minute up to 119 minutes and you can select frequency of watering to be every 2nd day, every 3rd day or individually select watering days.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Gardena Timer to Tap Adapter
This Gardena Timer and Tap Adapter screws into the top collar of any Gardena water computer or timer to allow connection to a 3/4" threaded tap or to take a further adapter for narrower taps.

Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter
This innovative Water Smart Flow Meter from Gardena lets you easily measure and record how much water you are using, as well as the flow rate in litres per minute (or gallons per minute). So you can record how much water is being used per session, per day and per season, simply pressing a button to switch between the recorded amounts which are clearly displayed on the large digital display. It can be used to measure how much water is being used from an outside tap or fitted to a hosepipe to measure how much water is being consumed when using a spray gun, garden sprinkler, automatic watering system or other watering device.

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