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Gardena Hose And Tap Connectors

Gardena has created a range of hose and tap connectors to suit all your hose connection needs. With indoor tap connectors for use instead or in addition to an outside tap, twin and quad tap connectors allowing multiple watering accessories to be used simultaneously each with adjustable flow rates, premium snap on hose connectors and much more Gardena have all your water distribution requirements covered.

Gardena Threaded Tap Connector
Screw this Gardena Threaded Tap Connector to an outside tap to provide a secure connection point for a push fit (snap on) connector enabling quick, easy attachment of a garden hose.

Gardena Threaded Twin Tap Connector
Easy to fit to a threaded tap this Gardena Twin Outlet Threaded Tap Connector enables you to connect to two garden hosepipes, water controllers etc. from one tap.

Gardena Threaded Four Tap Connector
Designed to simply screw onto a threaded tap this Gardena Four Outlet Threaded Tap Connector enables you to easily operate up to a maximum of four watering accessories simultaneously or individually from just one tap.

Gardena Premium Metal Hose Connector
For a top quality, secure hose connector this Premium Hose Connector from Gardena is hard to beat!
Its robust design ensures a strong reliable connection to your appliance but allows a quick and easy release by a simple pull action mechanism.

Gardena Hose to Hose Extension Joint
Gardena's Hose to Hose Extension Joint enables you to securely join two lengths of garden hose when used with push fit hose connectors.

Gardena Three Way Hose Coupling
To securely branch your garden hosepipe in two different directions insert this Gardena Three Way Hose Coupling.

Gardena Accessory Adaptor
This sturdy plastic Gardena connector is used to adapt sprinklers or any other accessory with a 3/4" threaded female connection, enabling you then to use them with Snap-On Hose Connectors.

Gardena 13mm Water Stop Snap On Hose Connector
Gardena's Water Stop ½" (13mm) Snap-On Supergrip Hose Connector has been designed to enable you to quickly & easily change over the watering appliance on the end of your garden hose without needing to switch off the water supply.
When disconnected an internal valve stops the water flowing, when reconnected water flows again.

Gardena 19mm Snap On Hose Connector
Form a secure push fit connection to any threaded tap connector, hose coupling or watering appliance with this Gardena ¾" (19mm) Snap-On Hose Connector which easily fits to ¾" (19mm) garden hose or piping.

Gardena Master Unit
When installing a Gardena Drip & Spray System a Master Unit should be fitted at the start of the system to filter & reduce the mains water pressure to 21psi (1.5 bar) which efficiently operates the micro-jets, sprinklers and drippers.

Gardena 5303 Accessory O Ring
Gardena 5303-20 accessory O rings.
This pack of spare O rings fit all the Gardena System connecting nipples, E.G. click-on accessories, nozzles, sprayers and sprinklers.

Gardena Timer to Tap Adapter
This Gardena Timer and Tap Adapter screws into the top collar of any Gardena water computer or timer to allow connection to a 3/4" threaded tap or to take a further adapter for narrower taps.

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