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Gardena is Europe's leading brand when it comes to garden maintenance, greenhouse watering and garden irrigation.
Manufacture's of reliable, top quality gardening equipment to make light work of your gardening maintenance and watering tasks, Gardena products give you more time to relax and enjoy your garden.
With innovative designs such as space saving foldaway hose reels, programable drip and spray watering equipment, Gardena provide solutions to all your garden maintenance and greenhouse watering needs.

Gardena Cleaning and Gardening Tools
Gardena's innovative cleaning and gardening equipment has been designed to help you keep your garden looking it's best all year round.
With the Gardena cleaning range including brushes, window cleaners, shampoo and wax, it's easy to keep your outdoor area clean and attractive, whilst it's range of cutting, pruning, mowing and shredding equipment make light work of all your garden maintenance jobs.
Gardena Hose and Tap Connectors
Gardena has created a range of hose and tap connectors to suit all your hose connection needs. With indoor tap connectors for use instead or in addition to an outside tap, twin and quad tap connectors allowing multiple watering accessories to be used simultaneously each with adjustable flow rates, premium snap on hose connectors and much more Gardena have all your water distribution requirements covered.
Gardena Hosepipes, Reels and Trolleys
Gardena’s professional and high quality garden hose and hose storage systems provide the perfect solutions to your gardening needs.
All Gardena trolleys and Gardena hose reels are fully assembled and come complete with Gardena accessories.
Gardena’s garden hose is one of the best quality hoses on the market, with easy roll up and tangle free technology. Gardena hoses are ideal for your most demanding needs and come with up to 20years guarantee.
Gardena Micro Drip and Spray Systems
Gardena's wide range of watering equipment make it easy to water plants in your greenhouse, as well as keep your lawn, plants, shrubs and hanging baskets healthy and in top condition.
Gardena supply innotive drip and spray systems, as well as complete automatic watering kits
Gardena Spray Guns, Sprinklers and Sprayers
Gardena supply high quality water spray guns, lances and sprinklers all with adjustable spray patterns to suit any garden or greenhouse application.
Gardena Pressure sprayers vary from the small 1litre pump sprayer right up to the professional 12 litre back pack pressure sprayer, Gardena has all your requirements covered.
Gardena Water Timers and Distributors
This range of sturdy, reliable Gardena water computers, water timers and water distributors enable you to easily and accurately control garden or greenhouse watering.
Simply install at the start of water irrigation systems to automate watering enabling you water your garden or greenhouse with minimum effort & maximum efficiency.
They are also ideal for when you are away from home, whether at work or on holiday, ensuring your plants are reliably watered.
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