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Forest Garden Timber Planters

A quick and easy way to add colour and structure to your garden is to add a planter. We have selected this range of Timber Planters from Forest Garden to provide a range of size and styles to suit every garden. All the planters have been made in the UK using timber that is FSC certified - this means the timber has come from properly managed forests and controlled sources.

To offer support to climbing plants select a planter which incorporates a trellis or lattice - such as the Toulouse Planter. These types of planter are great for adding a splash of colour and height without blocking out light.

Forest also manufactures a range of high level planters, which make it easy for you to garden without needing to bend - such as the Bamburgh Wooden Planter Table. Planters of this type are great for growing your own vegetables, salad crops and fruits - keeping them at an easily accessible height for easy harvesting.

Bamburgh Herb Planter
This Bamburgh Herb Planter is a low level timber planter designed with four separate compartments so that herbs can be grown individually. This planter not only provides the perfect growing space for herbs, its design makes it an attractive addition to any garden - it's ideal for use on a patio, deck or terrace. Supplied unpainted you can paint or stain the planter to match the style of your garden. Or leave unpainted and its natural finish will suit any garden - the timber has been pressure treated to provide protection against rot and fungal decay for up to 15 years.

Bamburgh Wooden Planter Table
This Bamburgh Planter Table is a high level timber planter ideal for growing herbs, vegetables or flowers. Its 34" height makes it comfortable to work at - so is ideal for those who have trouble bending down to garden. Made from pressure treated timber, its natural look will look great in any type of garden - whilst its compact size makes it ideal for small gardens, for standing on a patio, for positioning beneath a window or even on a balcony.

Toulouse Wooden Planter
This Toulouse Wooden Planter is a large rectangular planter with an integral curved top trellis. This makes the planter ideal for climbing plants - clematis, hydrangea etc. - as well as other flowers or plants. Its generous planter height provides lots of room for healthy plant growth.

Venice Wooden Planter
This Venice Wooden Planter is a large decorative planter with integrated trellis that is ideal for growing and displaying a wide range of plants or vegetables. The planters' chunky trough is 17" high so provides ample space for healthy root growth so plants will flourish. This large planter is ideal for adding a touch of colour on hard landscaping - such as a patio or decking. And if the soil in your garden is poor, this planter provides you with a large area in which you can contain nutrient rich compost enabling plants to easily grow.

Richmond Wooden Planter
This Richmond Wooden Planter is a high quality eight sided planter made from pressure treated timber with a natural finish making it suitable for any type of garden. It's ideal for plants, herbs or vegetables and lets you easily add a decorative touch to your terrace, balcony or garden space.

Kitchen Garden Trough
This timber Kitchen Garden Trough is both an attractive and practical addition to a garden. Made from pressure treated timber it will look great in any style of garden - its ideal for compact gardens or for placing on a patio or below a window. Its height makes it easier for people who have trouble bending to do their gardening. Whilst its large capacity, combined with V shaped design provides loads of growing space for a wide range of vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Compact Cascade Planter
This Compact Cascade Planter from Forest Garden is ideal for smaller gardens or patios. This attractive tiered planter makes the best use of limited space with its three levels taking advantage of height to provide maximum growing space. Ideal for making a statement on your patio or by a window it will look attractive filled with flowers, but is also ideal for raising herbs or salad crops.
Forest Bamburgh Planter Kit
This Bamburgh Planter Kit makes an elegant timber planter perfect for decorative planting or for more practical purposes for growing vegetables and herbs. Manufactured from pressure treated timber with a natural finish, this planter will look great in your garden for years - the manufacturers even provide a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.

Rectangular Planter
The Rectangular Planter is designed to complement corners or other small garden areas and is also ideal for placing on a patio, decking or terrace. Holding 31 litres of compost you?ll have lots of space to grow a wide range of plants from bedding plants to herbs, shrubs through to climbing plants etc etc. This planter is also ideal for new gardeners who want to start off on a small scale.
Ludlow Planter
The Ludlow Planter is an attractive chunky tapered planter. Its compact proportions mean it will fit into large or small gardens alike and is ideal for use on a patio or balcony. The planter is made from pressure treated timber for long life and has been planed to a smooth attractive finish. We feel the rustic design of the planter will suit many gardens and with enhance any plants or shrubs grown within it.
Double Sleeper Bench Planter / Table
This Double Sleeper Bench Planter / Table has been designed by Forest Garden to compliment their range of modular timber furniture. It can be easily connected to their range of sleeper benches using the pre-drilled holes in its side and used as a neat planter - or fit the solid top supplied to use it as a handy table. Alternatively, you use on its own as an attractive, compact planter.
Caledonian Tiered Raised Bed
With four individual planting sections the Forest Garden Caledonian Tiered Raised Bed is an easy build raised bed ideal for growing vegetables, herbs or flowers. The unusual design of this triple tiered structure will instantly add height and structure to your garden. Its pre-notched components make it easy to build, creating a sturdy area into which you can add compost and start planting.
Caledonian Planter
This Caledonian Planter from Forest Garden makes the perfect deep raised bed for use on vegetable plots or kitchen gardens - simply fill with herbs, salad or vegetable crops. Its' narrow width lends itself to compact spaces and it can be used as a decorative planter filled with annuals, perennials or shrubs. There are many uses for this strong and sturdy timber planter.
Caledonian Square Raised Bed
This Caledonian Square Raised Bed from Forest Garden has been designed to be quick and easy to assemble - it's supplied with pre-notched panels that are fixed together to create a really sturdy structure. This deep raised bed is ideal for raising herbs, salad or vegetable crops or for decorative plants.
Forest Garden Square Planter
These Forest Garden Square Planters are neat, compact planters that are ideal for any corner of the garden, patio or balcony. Available in two heights their sturdy structure makes them suitable for a wide range of plants and can even be used for climbing plants by adding in a climbing frame (not included). Their modern look shows off the top quality timber which they are made from.
Forest Garden Slender Planter
These Forest Garden Slender Planters have been designed to fit into small spaces. Their tall slim design makes them ideal for holding topiary or specimen plants and makes them perfect for framing a doorway - simply stand one either side (supplied as single planters). Manufactured from pressure treated timber and decorated with a metal top these planters have a contemporary feel and can be painted, if required, so they match your garden scheme perfectly.
Raised Log Planter
This sturdy Raised Log Planter from Forest Garden is the ideal place to raise herbs or vegetables or makes an attractive planter for flowers, alpines or succulents. Great when you've got limited garden space, or just a patio on which this planter will fit. Raised off the ground makes it easier to tend your plants and it also makes a self-contained unit retaining compost neatly.
Deep Root Planter
Available in two different lengths these Deep Root Planters from Forest Garden have been designed especially for long root crops. With a planting depth of 1'3½" they are ideal for a range of crops such as carrots or parsnips, but are equally suitable for raising salad crops, herbs etc. With an overall height of 2'8" you'll find these planters easier to work at, with less bending required as you weed and water your crops.
Corner Table Planter
This sturdy Corner Table Planter from Forest Garden is part of their 'accessible gardening' range designed to make gardening accessible to everyone. This raised planter means it's comfortable to work at and its design has been thoughtfully engineered to allow wheelchair access. This planter is also ideal if you're short on space, providing an attractive area in which you could grow salad crops, herbs or flowers. It's great for siting in a corner of a garden or on a patio - it comes complete with a jute liner to ensure no unsightly soil marking when stood on hard standing.
Forest Garden Cambridge Planter
This range of sturdy Cambridge Planters are available in three sizes to suit different locations and garden sizes. These sturdy timber planters are finished off with a decorative metal top. They are ideal for decorative planters - two of the small planters would be ideal either side of a front door whilst the largest size has a 200 litre compost capacity and provides loads of growing space.
Bed Builder Pack
This attractive Bed Builder Pack from Forest Garden makes it quick and easy for you to create a raised bed ideal for plants and vegetables. For easy anchorage this half log raised bed has pre-fixed timber spikes for sinking into the ground. Made from pressure treated, FSC approved timber which is backed by a 15 year anti rot guarantee.
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