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Claber Tap Connectors And Water Timers

All Claber Water Timers have been designed to be easy to program, require no electrical connections as they are powered by one 9v battery and are fitted with a washable stainless steel filter.
Water Timers and Water Computers help you to use water effectively and efficiently. They let you set the time you want to water, the length of time to water and when to stop.
Depending on the Timer this watering period can then be repeated daily or weekly.

Claber Quick Clip Tap Connector
Quick and easy to fit to any square and mixer taps, this Tap Connector provides a perfectly watertight connection. The fitting at the base of the connector is ready to accept any make of Snap-On hose connector.

Claber Twin Tap Connector
Increase the potential of your outside tap by adding this Double Tap Connector. Simply screwing onto the outside tap, it has two branches with taps enabling you to run two different watering systems from the same tap.

Claber Aquauno Pratico Water Timer
Use this Claber Aquauno Pratico Timer to control watering systems connected to mains water. The timer operates at a water pressure from 0.1 to 12 bar. The easiest timer to set, simply press the start button and the stop button when watering is sufficient. The timer memorises the time that has elapsed and repeats the watering period every day at the same time.

Claber Aquauno Logica Plus Water Timer
This Aquauno Logica Water Timer from Claber is one of the simplest we’ve found to set. It has 15 preset watering cycles, you simply turn the large dial on the front of the timer to select the watering cycle you want. Descriptions of the cycles are all shown on the cover of the timer, so you’ll never forget the length of each cycle.

Claber Aquadue Duplo Water Timer
The Aquadue Duplo Water Timer from Claber uses a dual bistable solenoid valve to allow programmed watering for either one or two lines, so you can run two different watering cycles from the same timer. This means, for example, you can water your front and back garden from the same timer. All Claber Water Timers are designed for easy programming, with a large digital display showing exactly what’s been programmed.
For maximum flexibility, up to three daily irrigations can be set for each line.

Claber Aquauno Video 2 Plus Water Timer
Claber have designed their Aquauno Video-2 Plus water timer to be both easy to program and provide you with loads of versatility when setting the watering times you want. With this timer you can set up to two watering periods a day and set the days of the week on which you want these to occur, and it’s all programmed with the use of just three buttons and a large, easy to read, digital display.

Claber Aquauno Video 6 Plus Water Timer
This Claber Aquauno Video 6 Water Timer provides you with amximum flexibility when programming your watering.
It lets you set up to six different watering cycles per day, lasting from between 1 minute up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. It’s easy to programme, with just three buttons used and details displayed on a large digital screen.

Claber Drip Watering Kit with Practico Timer
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Claber Drip Kit has everything you need - including the Timer.
The kit is capable of delivering water from an outside tap to up to twenty pots or baskets.
Using a timer means you can automate your watering so whether you're at home, at work or on holiday your plants will continue to be watered.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £8.83 on purchasing the items separately.

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