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Polytunnel Accessories

A polytunnel creates a warm covered plot that will protect your crops from the changes in weather, will extend the growing season enormously and will enable you to grow a wider variety of crops. There are a wide range of polytunnel accessories available to help you make the most of the growing space created - irrigation systems, crop bars, ground cover and freestanding staging are all available. Other products that will enhance your polytunnel include heatsheets / bubble insulation - simply lining the tunnel throughout the winter will help to keep the polytunnel frost free.
Keep your polytunnel clean inside and out to reduce the chance of plant disease and pests and maintain maximum light reaching your plants - simply wash the cover of the polytunnel using a cleaning agent - such as Algon or Citrox.
Make the best use of the space available in your polytunnel by adding crop bars. Crop bars can be fitted whilst you're building the polytunnel or fitted to existing structures. Crop bars will provide you with secure tying points - useful for if you are growing crops that need support - such as tomatoes - or for hanging baskets - you could grow strawberries in hanging baskets hung within the tunnel.
Take advantage of the rain by collecting it into water barrels / water butts. Until recently it was difficult to collect the rainwater from the surface of the polytunnel, however Polytunnel Gutters are now available. These simply stick to the polythene of the tunnel and will direct rainwater straight intop a water butt.

Clear Tunnel Greenhouse Polythene
This Clear Polythene is used to cover polytunnels and provides excellent clarity and transmits 92% of the light crops use to grow and develop. In the uk where light levels can be lower, this clear polythene allows more light to enter which in turn can result in crops being ready to pick earlier. In addition to its temperature control properties, this clear polythene manipulates the type and level of light entering the polytunnel to significantly improve crop hardiness, colour, taste and shelf life. A polytunnel covered with this clear polythene should be ideal for raising bedding plants, as well as nursery and salad crops.
Ground Cover
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Ground Cover makes an ideal floor covering - it drains well, suppresses weeds & is very easy to clean.
This ground cover is too be seen used on the floor in polytunnels and greenhouses in garden centres and other commercial growing establishments, used for walking on and suppressing weed growth.

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Overhead Spray Kit for 10ft Wide Greenhouses
Automatically water your plants with ease by installing one of our Overhead Spray Kits. By generally spraying throughout the greenhouse or poly tunnel you will help to promote healthy plant growth by providing water to both the base of the plants and their foliage.

Overhead Spray Kit for 15ft Wide Greenhouses
An automatic watering system for plants in your greenhouse or polytunnel. These Overhead Spray Kits have been designed to fit within wider greenhouses or tunnels as they can water areas up to 15ft (4.5m) wide. They create a general spray of water within the area so your plants benefit from water around their base and on their foliage.

Weed Mulch
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Use Weed Mulch to suppress weed growth & retain moisture when creating new beds in garden or greenhouse, or in areas already planted.
As a weed suppressant this spunbonded fabric is also ideal for use in areas where decorative chippings, gravels and bark mulches are to be used.

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Easy Build Tunnels Side Ventilation
Polytunnels are extremely good at retaining heat, so ventilation is important in the Summer months. These Side Ventilation Kits fit down the length of the polytunnel and allow you to wide up polythene side screens when required to reduce temperatures in the polytunnel - and wide them down again when you want to retain heat.
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