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Vegetable Planter

Vegetable Planters can be used to grow a wide range of vegetables - so even if you have only got a small corner in your garden or a free spot on the patio, you have the potential to grow your own vegetables. Many varieties can be successfully grown - asparagus, chard, cherry tomatoes, runner beans, spinach etc. vegetables that take up little space (such as carrots, lettuce, radishes) or those that crop for long periods (tomatoes or peppers). All you need to remember when growing veg in planters is that you need to water them frequently, especially as they mature and start to crop. Ensure the planters have adequate drainage to prevent over watering and ideally add a slow release fertiliser to the compost when you plant up your planters.

Vegetable Patio Planters
Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters make it easy for everyone to grow their own vegetables. Designed to fit on your patio, pathway or balcony, no matter how small your garden you’ve now got the chance to grow your own fresh vegetables. The planters come complete with a detailed growing guide, helping you choose the correct vegetable varieties for each planter and how to plant them.

Potato Patio Planters
Potato Patio Planters from Haxnicks makes it possible for everyone, whether you’ve a garden or not, to grow crops of delicious home grown potatoes. Place on your patio, pathway or balcony to grow potatoes within easy reach. To ensure you succeed, even if it’s the first time you’ve grown your own, the planters come complete with detailed growing instructions.

Everlasting Planter
Made from rot-proof aluminium these Everlasting Planters will last forever. Ideal for placing on your patio, pathway or within your garden, these planters are totally weatherproof and can be left out all year round. Very easy to clean, simply wash them down to keep the planters looking in pristine condition year after year.

Everlasting Raised Bed
These raised beds have been designed to last a lifetime! Made from rust and rot proof aluminium, they are available in plain aluminium or with an attractive, hard wearing powder coating in white or green. At 10 inches / 25cm deep these Raised Beds are ideal for growing a wide range of crops in a compact space.

Raised Bed Border
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Create traditional Raised Beds within your kitchen or vegetable garden with this easy to use Raised Bed border kit.
It only takes minutes to create a 10sq ft growing space, no tools are required the panels just slot securely together, instant grow beds where crops will flourish.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £5.98 against purchasing two single units.

Set of Three Green Single Tier Everlasting Planters
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
These Everlasting Planters provide versatility, flexibility and quick results. You can fill them with a range of plants, from long-term evergreens through to annuals or you can even fill them with herbs or salad crops making them a productive and attractive growing space.
Planters are also great if you’re short on garden space, they will fit on a roof terrace, courtyard, balcony or patio area.
Buy this Set of Three Everlasting Planters and you’ll be able to create a stunning display, with colour coordinated planters in a range of sizes.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £10.55 on purchasing the items separately.

Vertical Garden
Got a soilless space? No problem, you can now grow vegetables and fruits in our Vertical Garden. Ideal for growing plants from seeds, cuttings or plug plants all the way through to cropping. Each tier is 6" deep so there is lots of room for root growth. Available in a two and three tier version, select the two tier garden and you will double the growing space - select a three tier garden and you’re tripling the growing area.

Grow Bag Hammock
The simplest ideas are often the best - the Grow Bag Hammock holds your grow bag in an upright position so your plants get a greater depth of compost to grow in.
Hanging freely within the frame of the Hammock, the grow bag is kept free from damage from pests such as slugs or snails and the chance for soil-borne diseases are reduced.
Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available
The Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer is the ideal solution to patio and greenhouse gardening, if you don't like using grow bags.
With it's self watering design and more decorative approach it's hit with practical and creative grow your own gardeners alike. Ideal for use on the patio to create stunning flower displays, at the back door to grow an accessible herb garden and in the greenhouse to grow a huge range of crops, this self watering planter is invaluable to all gardeners.

Hanging Tomato Bag
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
A unique way to grow tomato plants the Hanging Tomato Bag has been designed to be hung from a hook like any other hanging container. Simply plant your tomato plant through the base of the planter and fill the planter with compost. Your tomato plant will now grow suspended downwards. This makes this type of growing perfect if you're short of space, as well as providing numerous benefits to the plants so resulting in bumper crops - reduced soil-borne problems, less weed growth, eliminates the need for staking etc.
Special Offer Set
Order one Hanging Tomato Bag for £8.25.
Or Buy a pack of three for only £21.49, saving £3.26!
Raised Grow Bag Stand
Raise your plants to a comfortable working height and also keep them out of the reach of pests with this really useful Raised Grow Bag Stand
Ideal for growing trailing crops such as strawberries and trailing tomatoes as well as salads, herbs or even flowers, this Raised Growbag Stand gets plants off the floor away from pests such as slugs, snails and rodents whilst also allowing you to tend them without bending.
The way the growbag is suspended in position on its side creates the optimum growing area coupled with extra growing depth, this extra depth gained over a traditional flat grow bag position helps to promote stronger, deeper root growth which will produce much stronger more vigorous plant development.

Rectangular Planter
The Rectangular Planter is designed to complement corners or other small garden areas and is also ideal for placing on a patio, decking or terrace. Holding 31 litres of compost you?ll have lots of space to grow a wide range of plants from bedding plants to herbs, shrubs through to climbing plants etc etc. This planter is also ideal for new gardeners who want to start off on a small scale.
Patio Allotment Planter
The Patio Allotment lets you create a complete veg plot without having to have an allotment or even a garden! This cleverly designed unit is ideal for siting outside your kitchen door, on a patio or even on a balcony and provides sufficient efficient growing space for you to raise tall plants - such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines etc. - and at the same grow salad crops, such as lettuce, radish, spring onions etc. For easy, effective watering this planter incorporates a 40 litre SmartReservoir which will keep your plants well-watered for 2-3 weeks at a time. And at the same time it comes complete with sufficient FREE award winning Nutrigrow to make 833 litres of plant feed.
Corner Table Planter
This sturdy Corner Table Planter from Forest Garden is part of their 'accessible gardening' range designed to make gardening accessible to everyone. This raised planter means it's comfortable to work at and its design has been thoughtfully engineered to allow wheelchair access. This planter is also ideal if you're short on space, providing an attractive area in which you could grow salad crops, herbs or flowers. It's great for siting in a corner of a garden or on a patio - it comes complete with a jute liner to ensure no unsightly soil marking when stood on hard standing.
Raised Bed Growing System
SPECIAL OFFER complete set available - Saving £9.39.
A quick, easy and affordable way to make the perfect, low maintenance, grow your own space in any sized garden.
This Haxnicks Raised bed Growing System gives you everything you will need to grow tasty, fresh vegetables, salads and herbs successfuly.
This complete growing system incorporates an attractive raised bed base made from attractive FSC certified and pressure treated timber which have tough plastic corner brackets. These Corner brackets have special sockets into which you can fit the cover support frame, which in turn carries one of the bespoke fitted covers.
The raised bed base also comes with extension fittings allowing you to build multiple tiered beds.

SPECIAL OFFER - Raised Bed Growing System Set
SPECIAL OFFER Complete Set - Saving £9.97.
This Special Offer Set gives you all the elements available for the Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing System.
This complete raised bed system makes it quick, easy and affordable to create the perfect, low maintenance grow your own space in almost any free area you may have. You can turn any space such as garden, patio or even a back yard into a vegetable, salad or herb garden.
This complete growing system incorporates an attractive raised bed base made from attractive FSC certified and pressure treated timber which have tough plastic corner brackets. These Corner brackets have special sockets into which you can fit the cover support frame, which in turn carries one of the bespoke fitted covers.
The raised bed base also comes with extension fittings allowing you to build multiple tiered beds.
Potato Pots
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
These Potato Pots are designed to let you easily pick new potatoes week after week without affecting the growth of the plant. Simply plant three seed potatoes in multi-purpose compost in the inner pot. From that point on you can monitor growth by lifting-up the inner pot out of the outer pot. This also means you can harvest with ease.
Special Offer Set
Order one Potato Pot for £7.99.
Or Buy three Potato Pots for £21.99, saving £1.98!

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