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Plant Supports & Ties

Plant Supports and Ties are available in a wide range of types, yet all should include the basic elements of strength (plants can be very heavy when full of crops ), durability (aluminium stakes are rot and rust proof and will provide effective, long lasting support) and cost effectiveness.
We have been manufacturing and supplying plant stakes for over 37 years. Not Only do we sell plant stakes, we also supply all the components for you to create your own sturdy, long lasting plant supports and frames using our rot-proof aluminium tube and range of connectors.
Included within our plant support accessories are all the plant ties, plant rings, clips, wire and twine to enable you to secure and support your plants as they grow. Support is important for all of the climbing plants in your garden - from peas or beans, to clematis and roses - and the type of support you provide will depend on your garden and the plants you are growing. For example, some climbing plants can be used to cover walls or fences - in this case you can use wires to create a simple trellis for the plants to cling onto. Whereas crops such as peas and beans require strong support to keep the plants upright as they crop. Our selections of Growing Poles are ideal for this type of support and is quick and easy to fit in your vegetable garden or allotment.
With plant supports we always recommend that you put the supports in place as soon as possible - even prior to planting. This then allows the plants to freely grow through the supports, or makes it easy for you to prune and train your plants around the supports.

Plant Support Frames
Some plant support frames not only provide a practical support for climbing plants, they can also create a focal point within your garden and in the winter months add some structure to your garden. Examples of these decorative supports are our range of Garden Arches available in wood or metal to suit differently styled gardens.

A Wigwam is one of the simplest plant support frames and is quick, easy and economical to create. Use your garden canes with either an Eight Cane Teepee Topper or our Cane Supports to create sturdy frames for climbing plants from runner beans through to sweet peas. Where necessary, use our Jute Twine to tie in their shoots.

Training climbers and shrubs to grow up fences or walls is a great way of making the best use of the space available - as well as helping to disguise the boundaries of your garden. To do this you will need to provide your plants with a trellis to cling to which you can make using Gripple Wire and Tensioners. Using the Gripple System you can create a permanent trellis or a summer trellis which you could remove in the autumn and reuse the following year.

Plant Supports
There are a wide range of plant supports available to suit all types of gardens and plants. Depending on what you want to support, where it is growing and your style of garden will affect the type of plant support which will be suitable.

Traditional bamboo canes are now being replaced by everlasting metal plant stakes which can be used year after year to provide sturdy, reliable support to your plants. For creating your own sturdy wigwams for supporting climbing plants such as sweet peas or runner beans, use our Cane Supports which make it quick and easy for you to turn your garden canes into attractive plant supports. Cane Caps are a simple tool to use alongside your plant supports. These Caps are designed to fit onto the tops of garden canes to cover up the sharp point to help prevent nasty eye injuries.

We always recommend that plant supports are put in place early - before the plant actually needs it - as once a plant is fully grown, is top-heavy or has fallen over, it's often too late for a plant support to help.

Plant Ties
Plant ties are used in the garden, greenhouse, polytunnel or indoors with houseplants to secure plants to their supports - this helps the plants to grow correctly and produces a more attractive plant than those inadequately supported. As Plant Supports & Ties are used with lots of different plants, in different sizes - such as trees to sweet peas - and different stem types - roses compared to tomatoes - you will find a wide range of ties available to suit every type of plant and situation.

Often the best tie is the simplest tie - and this is why we stock traditional raffia and jute twine. Both versatile and cheap, raffia and twine are gentle on plant stems and will rot away after a few years - so plants won't become 'strangled' as they outgrow their ties.

More permanent plant ties are those made from plastic. It's important when selecting a plastic tie to choose one that is large enough to allow the plant stem to grow unhindered - traditional 'figure of eight' ties are ideal for plants with soft stems - such as tomatoes - as they do not damage the stem by rubbing against it. Plastic plant ties are often reusable - so you can use the same set of ties year after year to provide strong, secure ties for your plants.

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