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Greenhouse Lighting

Being able to control the lighting in your greenhouse is an essential part of Plant Protection and should be viewed as just as important as being able to control temperature, ventilation and humidity. Lighting can be used to provide you with more growing time in the greenhouse - supplementary lighting - or it can be used to affect the growth of your plants - grow lighting.
Supplementary lighting is designed to provide good general illumination - allowing you to work in your greenhouse when it's dark outside. Supplementary lighting can also be used to increase day length during those parts of the year when it starts to get dark earlier - the winter and spring months.
Grow lighting is designed specifically to help the growth of your plants. Grow lighting is often used to 'force' plants to flower out of season. This makes grow lighting more sophisticated than supplementary lighting, with the quality of light produced by grow lights being more closely controlled than supplementary lighting in your greenhouse.
There are a wide range of grow lights available so it's important to consider what it's going to be used for and how sophisticated it needs to be. The simplest grow lighting system available is the Bio Green Lumino that is designed when you only have a small number of plants which you need to provide grow lighting for. At the other end of the scale are the Professional Grow Lighting systems. These systems are aimed at the more commercial grower - where a large number of plants are being cared for or where specialist plants are being grown. These lighting systems have high specifications and provide maximum control over the lighting your plants will receive. Falling between the simple Lumino system and the Professional Grow Lights are a range of lights designed to provide the amateur gardener with access to high spec lighting which will suit a domestic greenhouse. Small scale Mercury systems or Sodium systems are available which are ideal for forcing rapid plant growth.

Mercury Lighting System
Use this compact Mercury Lighting system in your greenhouse to encourage rapid plant growth.

Professional Grow Light
These Professional Grow Lights have been designed to enable you to install professional lighting systems in your greenhouse to provide the exact lighting requirements for your plants at the relevent growth stages.
With a choice of having the unit fitted with a - Metal Halide lamp for promoting green growth and shorter internode spacing or a High Pressure Sodium lamp for encouraging flowering growth in later stages.

Bio Green Lumino Lighting Kit
Use this Bio Green Lumino lighting unit to supplement natural daylight and encourage strong, healthy plant growth all year round on plants which may otherwise suffer from lack of natural light.

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