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Garden Heaters

Greenhouse heaters perform one of the most crucial forms of Plant Protection, without warmth in a greenhouse your plants are sure to suffer and even die. A Greenhouse Heater will enable you raise the temperature within your greenhouse, providing you with more growing opportunities.
You could use a greenhouse heater to lift the temperature in your greenhouse for propagation early in the year, or later in the year to heat your greenhouse during the colder months, even if you just want to keep your greenhouse frost free a greenhouse heater will be invaluable. Installing a greenhouse heater will also enable you to provide a protected environment for over wintering your more tender plants through the depths of winter.
With electric, gas and paraffin greenhouse heaters to choose from you're sure to find a heater suitable for your greenhouse.

Phoenix Fan Heater
This fully thermosatically controlled Phoenix fan heater from Bio Green has been professionally designed to give accurate temperature control and maximise air flow.
Its multi-functional settings offer a full range of heat and fan only options making it ideal for use in the greenhouse or conservatory.
Complete with manufacturers 3 year warranty

Electric Tubular Heater
Fit one or more of these aluminium, electric Tubular Heaters within your greenhouse to provide a gentle, radiant heat to your plants. Ideal for use in greenhouses or other environments where water will be present, as well as sheds, garages, boats, conservatories or just about any other space you can think of that has an electricity supply.

Bio Green Black Forest 3.5kw  Propane Gas Heater
Comes complete with FREE gas hose and regulator, worth £13.74.
This unique Bio Green Black Forest greenhouse gas storage heater is highly fuel efficient as the heat generated by burning propane gas is stored in a ceramic block.
The specially designed heater casing then distributes the stored heat through both the front and top of the heater producing an even, gentle, radiant heat.
A built in thermostat controls the temperature and includes a frost stat setting for easy operation.

Complete with manufacturers 3 year warranty

Paraffin Midi Heater
A superior Greenhouse Paraffin Midi Heater which will enable you to heat up to a 6' x 8' greenhouse.

Mini Paraffin Heater
This superior Mini Greenhouse Paraffin Heater has been designed to enable you to heat up to a 4' x 6' greenhouse.

Tiny Paraffin Heater
Designed and manufactured by Bio Green this Tiny Greenhouse Paraffin Heater enables you to provide heat easilly and cheaply and will heat a cold frame or keep a shed or other small building frost-free.

Hotbox Natural Gas Heater
These Hotbox greenhouse heaters are designed to run on Natural Gas, at mains pressure, 20mbr.
They are convector heaters, meaning that they work efficiently by collecting the coolest air, heating it and expelling it at speed (up to 300cfm on maximum setting).
They are designed to give a moderate increase in temperature to a large volume of air rather than a higher increase to small quantities.

Slimline Tubular Heaters
These Slimline Tubular Heaters come complete with an in-built thermostat to offer low-cost, energy efficient heating.
Supplied complete with brackets for floor or wall mounting, the attractive, space-saving design makes them suitable for use anywhere.

Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater
These Bio Green Palma Electric Fan Heaters are robust and compact, yet powerful.
These 2kw electric greenhouse heaters are designed to be used in a damp environments being IPX4 rated they are splash proof from all directions and are ideal for use in cellars, garages, workshops and warehouses as well as in greenhouses. Both these Palma greenhouse heaters come with a 2 year warranty.
Their stylish housings are made from stainless steel and impact resistant plastics, they are designed to be floor standing and have slip resistant rubber feet as well as a usefull carrying handle, so can be used almost anywhere.
Available in two versions, Standard - Palma Basic supplied with a built in capillary thermostat, or Digital - Palma Digital supplied with an additional electronic digital remote thermostat for instant switching accurate temperature control.

2kw Greenhouse Heater
This 2KW Electric Fan Heater is constructed from heavy gauge, painted sheet steel and is fitted with a heavy duty carrying handle as well as rubber anti-slip feet, making this greenhouse heater robust and easy to position.
Fitted with a robust 'cooker' style heating element and an adjustable thermostat, it has two heat settings of 1000w and 2000w as well as a "fan only" setting. Fully IPX4 rated making this electric heater ideal for use in greenhouses, garages, sheds, worksops, cellars and warehouses, anywhere where you have an electrical power source.
Shilton Propane Gas Heater
The Shilton range of greenhouse heaters have been warming greenhouses for more than 25 years and as a result have bocome a household name with gardeners.
These propane gas heaters come in three sizes, having outputs of 1.5kw, 3kw and 6kw and are perfectly capable of providing heat for a greenhouses from 60 sq ft. in size right up to 350 sq ft.
The heaters are intially lit with the simple push of a button, and being thermostatically controlled means the heater will automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature set by you, saving you gas and money!

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