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Garden Cloche

Garden cloches are a very popular form of Plant Protection and will be used by most gardeners at some point in the year, either to extend the growing season late on, or to get a head start at the beginning of the year, or to use to protect crops from pests during the main growing season.
Cloches are designed to give you weather protected growing areas within your garden which will help your plants to flourish. With such a wide range of cloches available, you are sure to find a cloche that suits your exact needs, bell cloches are ideal for protecting individual plants, tunnel cloches are used for protecting rows of cropping plants, whilst other larger cloches such as the Huge Tunnel Cloche can be used to cover whole beds providing you with loads of protected space in which to grow all manner of plants.

Traditional Cloches
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These tent shaped Traditional Cloches will form a cloche run 10ft (3m) long and are ideal for vegetable gardeners helping to protect crops from the elements and accelerate plant growth.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £5.95 against purchasing two single units.

Tunnel Cloche
A range of one piece, easy to use Tunnel Cloches designed to provide protection against frosts, harsh weather and pests.

Longrow Super Cloche
The Longrow Super Cloche is a practical, easy to use cloche ideal for vegetable gardens and allotments helping to create a protective environment suitable for raising strong healthy seedlings.

Access Glass Bells Set Of Three
These traditional Glass Bell Cloches are based on the original glass cloches from the Victorian era. Both decorative and practical, these cloches are ideal for protecting young plants from harsh weather and will add character and charm to any garden. This Set Of Three Cloches provides you with one small, one medium and one large bell cloche.
Extra Cloche Hoops - Pack of 2
Letting you extend our standard Cloche Hoop Packs or create your own cloches for your garden or allotment, this pack of 2 Extra Cloche Hoops provides you with extra versatility.

Extra Cloche Hoop Support Bars - Pack of 4
Cloche Support Bars will support your choice of fabric used with your cloche hoops away from your plants. This ensures your plants are well protected without the fabric resting on your tender plants and causing damage.

Giant Micromesh Tunnel
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
New from Haxnicks, this Ecogreen Giant Micromesh Tunnel forms the ultimate insect barrier when you’re growing fruit and vegetables. Carrot-fly, root-fly, flea-beetle and aphids are all stopped from reaching your plants by the ultra-fine mesh which forms the cover of this tunnel cloche. Strong, rust proof galvanised steel hoops form a tough framework to hold the fine mesh cover over your plants to keep them well protected.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE- select the pack of two and you will SAVE £4.98 against purchasing two single units.

Crop Support frame 8' Long
Provide maximum support to your peas, broad beans or any medium height crops with these Crop Support Frames. Used year after year these long lasting aluminium supports let you quickly and easily create a very strong support structure for your plants.

Access Glass Cloche
A modern interpretation of a traditional garden cloche, this Access Glass Cloche has a sturdy aluminium frame and is glazed with 4mm toughened glass. Designed so that you can use just one Access Glass Cloche on its own, or purchase a number of cloches and use them to create one long run.

Super Cloche Clips
These Super Cloche Clips have been designed and manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott Ltd here in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
These cloche clips are capable of gripping glass, polycarbonate, acrylic or any other rigid plastic, enabling you to make all sizes of cloche from almost any suitable material you may have to hand. Made from aluminium with BZP treated fittings these clips will last a lifetime and having a mechanically tensioned action they can be used over and over again, season after season.

Gardeners Cloche
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
These traditional looking tent shaped Gardeners Cloches are of a robust construction being made from a combination of aluminium extrusion and 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate. With their convenient lifting handles they can be easily lifted to tend plants and with them having a unique self watering rainwater collection channel in the top, these garden cloches will really help your garden grow.
Buy a pack of 3 - and you will only pay for 2! SAVING £39.99 on purchasing three individual units.
Easy Poly Lantern Cloche
The Easy Poly Lantern Cloche is ideal for early planting out and for ripening fruit and vegetables as it provides both warmth and plant protection. The unique folding mechanism of this cloche means that it can be neatly folded away and hung up when not in use, but then just as easily sprung open to protect plants when needed.
King Size Victorian Bell Cloches (Pack 2)
Ideal for larger plants and for overwintering tender plants these King Size Victorian Bell Cloches are almost 1'4" wide and 1'2" high! Made from high quality vacuum formed plastic with an adjustable vent at the top you'll get years of use from these cloches. Use to warm soil enabling earlier planting, and provide maximum protection to your plants, preventing damage from harsh weather, pests, birds and animals.
Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter
This Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter has been designed to provide an efficient growing area for raising your own herbs and salad crops. The cloche comes with its own timber base which provides sufficient space for healthy root growth and makes it easy for you to place the cloche on a patio or other hard surface if required. By protecting your crops from the great British weather this cloche enables you to produce earlier crops - and if the right varieties are chosen you could grow all year round!
Huge Cloche
With over 18sq ft of growing space this Huge Cloche is ideal for raising seedlings and young plants as well as overwintering plants in the colder months. Perfect for use in your garden, it could also be used in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Its strong steel frame and reinforced cover creates a sturdy cloche that can be used all year round.
Easy Seedling Tunnel Pack of 3
These Easy Seedling Tunnels have been designed to help you create a cosy, moist microclimate for germination and rapid seedling growth. These sturdy tunnels have galvanised steel hoops covered with a tough UV stabilised polythene which traps in moisture, helps warm up soil prior to sowing band protects plants from harsh weather and pests.
Spare Cover For Huge Cloche
This heavy duty Replacement Cover For Huge Cloche is specially shaped to fit over the frame of the Huge Cloche.
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