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Plant Protection

Almost all things you grow in your garden will need some form of protection during their growing cycle. That's why our range of plant protection solutions help protect your plants from the hazards associated with growing plants. Whether it be climate related such as cold, wind and rain or pest related such as insects, rodents and even deer, you will need to provide some form of plant protection in order that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Cloches, Cold frames, Mini Greenhouses, Greenhouses and Fruit cages all offer physical plant protection to your crops from the weather and pests.

Fleece or Cosygrow is a lightweight garden fleece used to protect plants from adverse weather conditions such as frosts as well as damage from insects & birds etc.
Being water and air permeable your plants remain naturally watered and ventilated, whilst at the same time this insulating Cosygrow Garden Fleece holds in heat to increase soil temperatures and humidity levels.
Washable, tear resistant & ultra-violet light stabilized this 17gsm Cosygrow Garden Fleece will last for several seasons, helping you to grow your own crops for years to come.
Cosygrow Garden Fleece comes from a 78" (200cm) wide roll allowing you to purchase as many metres as required in a continuous length, alternatively you can buy one of our money saving 10m x 2m discount packs.
Garden cloches are a very popular form of Plant Protection and will be used by most gardeners at some point in the year, either to extend the growing season late on, or to get a head start at the beginning of the year, or to use to protect crops from pests during the main growing season.
Cloches are designed to give you weather protected growing areas within your garden which will help your plants to flourish. With such a wide range of cloches available, you are sure to find a cloche that suits your exact needs, bell cloches are ideal for protecting individual plants, tunnel cloches are used for protecting rows of cropping plants, whilst other larger cloches such as the Huge Tunnel Cloche can be used to cover whole beds providing you with loads of protected space in which to grow all manner of plants.
Cold Frame
Cold frames provide valuable Plant Protection, creating extra space protected from the weather or pests for your plants, if your greenhouse is full they're a good option to take the overflow of plants, and if you don't have room for a greenhouse they are an ideal alternative.
In early spring a cold frame is an ideal 'half-way house' between greenhouse and garden for plants that need hardening off. Cold frames are best sited against a sheltered south facing wall or fence to get as much heat and light as possible. When choosing a cold frame, make sure the lid can be propped open for good ventilation during the day.
Expert advice from Jackie Whittaker, garden writer for Garden News - A cold frame can open a new dimension in gardening, giving the benefits of a longer season, enabling you to grow earlier, later, bigger and better crops, as well as raising more of your own flowers and shrubs. A cold frame can also be a halfway house for plants in the spring, when they move from the warmth and protection of your greenhouse into the cooler conditions of your garden. A cold frame provides you with a place to 'harden-off' these young, tender plants before you plant them out. Let your plants get used to the cooler conditions, leaving the cold frame lid closed for the first few days and then starting to open the frame to get the plants used to cooler temperatures. About two weeks in a cold frame usually prepares your plants sufficiently to be planted into your garden.
Enviromesh offers excellent Plant Protection from the smallest of pests, carrot fly, cabbage root fly, aphids, caterpillars etc are all excluded using this fine nylon mesh (mesh size - 1.5mm, weight approximately 55gms per square meter).
Place this extremely strong, UV stabilized Enviromesh over your crops and anchor securely in place with ground pegs or use to cover frames up to 3ft high.
Plants remain naturally watered and ventilated with this Water and air permeable Enviromesh netting, whilst shielding you crops from the harshest of the weather.
Can be cut with scissors, this mesh will not fray.
70" (180cm) wide, purchase as many metres as required in a continuous length.
Netting is used in your garden and greenhouse for a wide range of purposes - the most common of these being Plant Protection, this is why we stock a variety of netting to suit all your garden requirements. All our garden netting is strong, long lasting and UV protected and is available in a selection of mesh sizes and widths.
We stock crop and plant protection netting - our range of plastic nets can be used to cover frames or used directly over crops to protect from a wide range of pests, for example our Enviromesh is a very fine insect protection netting that will stop carrot fly damage, whilst our Butterfly Netting is fine enough to stop cabbage whites. Use our larger Bird Netting to protect your pond from herons as well as preventing debris from falling in.
Netting can also be used as a plant support - any of our bird netting, butterfly or pigeon netting can be used to provide support for a range of climbing plants.
You can also provide shade and wind protection by using our Green Shade Net or Windbreak Netting. Reusable year after year our shade netting with efficiently shade your greenhouse with it's 50% shade value. Whilst our Windbreak Netting can be used to create temporary screens or permanent fences, reducing wind speeds by up to 50%.
Fruit & Vegetable Cages
Here at Two Wests and Elliott Ltd we realized 37 years ago that if you were a successful gardener and did not offer Plant Protection to your crops all you were doing was feeding a multitude of small garden visitors. This is when we decided to design and manufacture our range of, cost effective, good quality, Fruit and Vegetable cages - to make sure that it was you that enjoyed the fruits of your labours.
All our fruit and vegetable cages are made from long lasting, rot free materials. Our standard and deluxe green fruit and vegetable cages incorporate strong 19mm aluminium tubing for the framework, interconnected with robust nylon joints, our heavy duty fruit and vegetable cages are constructed with 25mm aluminium tubes joined with galvanized steel joints that have stainless steel locking grub screws to secure the tubes in place.
All our fruit and vegetable cages come complete with a choice of nettings (dependant on size and style) either, strong Ñ" mesh anti bird netting or 3/8" mesh anti butterfly netting. Also available is 6" mesh pigeon netting. All clips and pegs for securing netting's to frame and ground are also included.
Also available are a wide range of accessories to further enhance your chosen fruit and vegetable cage - doors for easier access, extra braces for arming your cage to stand up to even the severest of the weather and waist rails that will give you endless glazing options as well as adding character and strength.
We have a huge range of standard sized fruit and vegetable cages, but realize everybody's requirements could be different, we can make almost any shaped or sized fruit and vegetable cage and will normally make no extra charge for tailoring down one of our standard sized fruit and vegetable cages to suit your exact needs.

Expert Advice from Steve Ott - Editor for Kitchen Garden.

Anyone who grows fruit and veg at home knows that certain crops simply can't be raised successfully without some form of crop protection. Of course many things are suggested for keeping birds and other pests at bay, such as old CD's and polythene bags hung among the plants. However, although these things may work initially, birds soon learn to ignore them and of course they have no effect at all on insect pests. As far as birds are concerned, nothing works as well as covering the crop completely with a good quality fruit cage. A fruit cage or on a smaller area, a netting clad cloche, is ideal for protecting your cabbages and lettuces from marauding pigeons, and means that you have complete peace of mind, no matter how many hungry birds circle your garden.

Greenhouses are the most common and widely used form of Plant Protection, they offer protection from the weather and pests whilst creating that essential controlled environment required for successful plant growth.
Our extensive range of quality, competitively priced, greenhouses ensures that there's a model to suit all budgets and every size of garden or situation.
Chosen for their quality and value this range of traditionally styled Aluminium and Timber Greenhouses from brand leaders such as Elite Greenhouses, Halls Greenhouses, Janssens Greenhouses, Forest Greenhouses, Palram Greenhouses and Growhouse Greenhouses will offer you a choice from which there is sure to be one that fits your needs.
We also have a range of Lean To, temporary and mini greenhouses that cater for all situations, whether it is fitting into a limited space or just extra cover required for your plants overflowing from your main greenhouse.
Greenhouse heaters perform one of the most crucial forms of Plant Protection, without warmth in a greenhouse your plants are sure to suffer and even die. A Greenhouse Heater will enable you raise the temperature within your greenhouse, providing you with more growing opportunities.
You could use a greenhouse heater to lift the temperature in your greenhouse for propagation early in the year, or later in the year to heat your greenhouse during the colder months, even if you just want to keep your greenhouse frost free a greenhouse heater will be invaluable. Installing a greenhouse heater will also enable you to provide a protected environment for over wintering your more tender plants through the depths of winter.
With electric, gas and paraffin greenhouse heaters to choose from you're sure to find a heater suitable for your greenhouse.
Greenhouse Plant Protection Insulation offers good plant protection to your plants when used to line your greenhouse, a properly insulated greenhouse can offer frost protection to your plants without the need to install a greenhouse heater, if you do install a heater then Plant Protection Insulation can help you to save up to 50% of your heating costs.
Insulating your greenhouse is really easy - and cost effective when you think about the money you'll save when you heating your greenhouse. Use our Heatsheet Plant Protection Insulation, a 'bubblewrap' type material with UV protection to line the walls and roof of your greenhouse. Whether you're insulating an aluminium or wooden greenhouse we've got clips to securely hold the Plant Protection Insulation in place - use our All Weather Tape for secure joins and when fitting the Plant Protection Insulation around opening roof vents.
Being able to control the lighting in your greenhouse is an essential part of Plant Protection and should be viewed as just as important as being able to control temperature, ventilation and humidity. Lighting can be used to provide you with more growing time in the greenhouse - supplementary lighting - or it can be used to affect the growth of your plants - grow lighting.
Supplementary lighting is designed to provide good general illumination - allowing you to work in your greenhouse when it's dark outside. Supplementary lighting can also be used to increase day length during those parts of the year when it starts to get dark earlier - the winter and spring months.
Grow lighting is designed specifically to help the growth of your plants. Grow lighting is often used to 'force' plants to flower out of season. This makes grow lighting more sophisticated than supplementary lighting, with the quality of light produced by grow lights being more closely controlled than supplementary lighting in your greenhouse.
There are a wide range of grow lights available so it's important to consider what it's going to be used for and how sophisticated it needs to be. The simplest grow lighting system available is the Bio Green Lumino that is designed when you only have a small number of plants which you need to provide grow lighting for. At the other end of the scale are the Professional Grow Lighting systems. These systems are aimed at the more commercial grower - where a large number of plants are being cared for or where specialist plants are being grown. These lighting systems have high specifications and provide maximum control over the lighting your plants will receive. Falling between the simple Lumino system and the Professional Grow Lights are a range of lights designed to provide the amateur gardener with access to high spec lighting which will suit a domestic greenhouse. Small scale Mercury systems or Sodium systems are available which are ideal for forcing rapid plant growth.
Mini Greenhouse
A Mini Greenhouse will offer Plant Protection to your crops from all kinds of weather and pests, helping you to grow your own plants and crops successfully.
This huge selection of mini greenhouses from various greenhouse manufacturers offers small free standing and lean to greenhouses, in lots of styles and designs, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.
There are wooden, aluminum and plastic mini greenhouses and cold frames, from leading suppliers such as Elite, Access, Gardman. Palram and Chaselink, as well as many of our own design and manufacture.
Pest Control
Pest Control is an important part of plant protection - whether growing plants in a greenhouse, polytunnel , garden or allotment. Depending on what you are growing and where the plants are being grown, will affect the type of pest control you will need to apply.

Pest Control And Plant Protection In A Greenhouse

In the sheltered environment of a greenhouse pests and diseases can thrive. To protect your plants you can carry out a few simple activities. Firstly, routinely check your plants for pest damage - if you find a plant infested than ideally remove it from the greenhouse or treat the affected plant. Secondly, try to keep greenhouse clean and tidy - have a spring clean washing down the greenhouse and benches and use aSulphur Candle to clear away any pests. Also keep all your seed trays, plant pots etc free from pests by washing before reusing them throughout the season - taking care to wash under rims where pests can congregate.

Pest Control And Plant Protection In A Garden

Depending on what you are growing will affect the type of pests which will be attracted to your plants. If you are growing fruit, then you'll need to provide adequate protection to prevent birds from reaching the berries. If you're growing vegetables then you may need to protect your crops from rabbits. There are some common garden pests - such as slugs, snails and aphids, which will damage any type of plant you are growing, so effective control for these type of pests is vital.

Polythene can be used to provide plant protection in your garden or at your allotment. Depending on what you need to protect and what you are protecting it from, will affect your choice of polythene or product glazed with polythene. For kitchen gardens or allotment where you might want to protect a row of plants then Polythene Tunnels are a good choice. These not only protect your crops from pests, they also provide protection from the unpredictable British weather. You could make your own cloches or cold frames by creating a frame and covering it with our Clear Polythene. Again, this will provide protection from pest and weather damage.
Shading is important when growing plants in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory, especially during the summer months. Although you need to ensure adequate ventilation is provided, ventilation alone - especially from mid-spring through until early autumn - will be insufficient and you will need to provide your plants with some form of shading. However, care needs to be taken when providing shading - shading limits the amount of light that your plants receive and light is essential for healthy plant growth - so only provide the minimum amount of shading to help reduce greenhouse temperatures.

When providing shade consider the following:

External shading is more effective than internal shading. By fixing shading to the outside of a greenhouse you will have the maximum cooling effect as you are preventing the sun's rays from passing through the glass. Internal shading is less effective as the sun's rays pass through the glass generating heat within the greenhouse. However, internal shading is better than no shading.

Shade netting versus Shading Paints. Shade netting can be fixed to the inside or outside of a greenhouse and is an effective, cost effective way to provide plants with shade. The alternative is to use a paint on shading - modern shade paints such as Nixol will become translucent when wet so are a good way of providing shade. You will, however, need to rub the shading off when it's no longer required - which will take longer than removing shade netting.

Plant Protection Ventilation in a greenhouse is essential for healthy plant growth. Greenhouse Plant Protection Ventilation will help to control both the temperature in the greenhouse and the humidity within the greenhouse. If there is inadequate Plant Protection Ventilation your greenhouse is likely to overheat - from spring until autumn greenhouses are vulnerable to overheating - and without protection from this excessive heat plants are likely to be damaged.

Plants are damaged by excessive heat as their leaf temperature increases to such a level that tissue damage occurs. Leaf temperature is mainly controlled by the movement of water through the plant and out through the surface of the leaf - this action has a cooling effect on the leaf, so reducing the leaf temperature. So if the soil / compost which your plants are growing in dries out due to excessive temperatures, there will be less water to move through the plant, so less cooling. Air movement over the plant leaves also has a cooling effect so it is important that you ensure your greenhouse has sufficient Plant Protection Ventilation - places where air can come in and go out. Greenhouse Plant Protection Ventilation can be controlled by opening the door of the greenhouse, opening roof vents - manually or by the use of automatic openers and by the use of louvre windows.

Watering is essential for healthy plant growth - without sufficient water your plants will simply wither and die. So when growing your own plants - in greenhouse or polytunnel - or when you're caring for your garden - whether this a simply a lawned space or whether you have flower beds or a kitchen garden - you need to consider how you can provide your plants with sufficient water to remain healthy.

With so many watering products now available, you are sure to find a system to suit - whether you are using rainwater from a water butt to water your plants or are using mains water - and whether you want the system to be automated or are happy to water by hand. We've a comprehensive range of watering equipment to suit every situation. And if you are unsure what you need, simply call us on 01246 451077 and we'll be happy to help.

Weed Control
Weed Control in your garden can be divided into two main types - products to Stop Weeds From Growing and products to Get Rid Of Existing Weeds.

Stop Weeds From Growing

Use a weed control fabric (also known as ground cover, weed block, weed control membrane, landscape fabric, weed cloth, weed barrier fabric) to suppress weed growth and ensure plant protection. This horticultural fabric works efficiently at suppressing weeds as it stops sunshine reaching the weeds, which reduces photosynthesis, so reducing weed growth.

Get Rid Of Existing Weeds

If you already have weeds growing, then you need to invest in tools designed to eradicate them. When removing weeds it is important that you remove all the roots of the weeds - otherwise they will simply re-grow. Our Speedy Weedy has been designed to make it easy for you to remove deep rooted weeds - and you even don't have to get your hands dirty! Another weed control option is to use a Weed Burner, where the high temperature which the weeds are subjected to destroys the cell structure without causing them to ignite.

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