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Obelisks & Arches

An Obelisk is basically a column (or pyramid) that is wider at the base than it is at the top where the poles of the obelisk meet. Obelisks come in a wide array of sizes and styles - some are designed to be anchored into the ground, others are designed to be fitted into planters. Garden Obelisks are usually a minimum of 1 metre high - this size is best for lightweight climbers. You'll find obelisks made from willow or timber and others from metal - which you choose is very dependent on the style of garden you are fitting it into. Obelisks are useful for your garden in two ways. Firstly, they provide a strong support for climbing plants - whether these are decorative such as clematis, or practical, such as runner beans. And secondly, they create an instant focal point in your garden - even without a plant climbing through it.
Garden Arches are an ideal way of adding structure to your garden - they can be used as a 'doorway' between different areas of your garden, or use an arch to frame a feature within your garden - such as a statue - or use an arch to frame a view. You'll find arches made from timber or metal and in designs that are rustic or modern - simply select the style to compliment your garden. Ideally arches should be 2 metres tall or taller and be over a metre wide - this allows them to be comfortably walked through whilst still supplying a strong plant support for climbers with hanging foliage such as honeysuckle, roses, clematis etc.

Garden Arch 1.9m x 1m
This one metre wide Compact garden arch is ideal for fitting into any garden to create a stunning entrance or to break up your garden into different areas. The simple design and curved top arch makes this frame perfect for supporting climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or roses.

Genoa Timber Arch
This quality Genoa Timber garden arch features a curved and notched rafter top section with rebated trellis side panels. Supplied in kit form for quick and easy installation this arch can be used to create an elegant entrance to your garden or use in a larger garden to lead you from one area into another.

Easy Arch 2m x 1.4m black
This Easy Garden Arch provides both a decorative plant support and frames the entrance to your garden. Its simple design has been created to ensure the blooms of your plants will create a stunning display and is ideal for supporting clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

Garden Arch Extra Wide 1.9m x 1.5m
This extra wide arch is 1.5 metres (5') wide making it ideal for spacious walkways. The discreet black frame has been designed to provide ample support for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or climbing roses.

Gothic Arch
Create a stunning frame for garden entrances, pathways and views with this Gothic arch. Elegant and stylish it will provide support to a range of climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle and roses.

Honeysuckle Arch
This Honeysuckle Arch is a traditional garden arch featuring rustic round timber which has been planed for an attractive smooth finish. The criss-cross pattern on the sides and roof of the arch add strength to the structure and are also great for supporting climbing plants. Supplied in pre-assembled panels for easy self-assembly it comes with extra long legs for sinking into the ground. This arch will be an attractive feature within your garden for years as the timber used to make it has been pressure treated and it comes with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee against rot.
Ultima Pergola Arch
This sturdy Pergola timber garden arch is a quick and effective way to create an elegant entrance to your garden. Sturdy timber uprights are joined at the top with space rafters that allow the light through. Timber trellis panels either side of the arch again lets ample light through whilst providing the perfect support for climbing plants.

Berkeley Wooden Arch
This Berkeley Wooden Arch is a traditional square garden arch, with decorative trellis sides making it ideal for climbing plants. This arch is manufactured from high quality, smooth planed, FSC certified, pressure treated timber for long life.

Ryeford Wooden Garden Arch
The Ryeford Wooden Arch is ideal for creating an entrance into your garden and the trellis sides are perfect for supporting climbing plants, such as roses, clematis, wisteria etc. In larger gardens use this arch to create an entrance into an area of your garden or use it to link two areas of garden together. Traditionally styled, this Ryeford Garden Arch is made from high quality, pressure treated timber which has been planed for a smooth finish.

Forest Rose Arch
This Forest Rose Arch is a traditional garden arch manufactured from half round rustic timber which has been pressure treated for long life. It has chunky lattice sides and roof which is ideal for supporting climbing plants. The rustic style of the arch makes it perfect for cottage style gardens.

Classic Wooden Garden Arch
This Classic Wooden Garden Arch is a traditional, simple square arch which is ideal as an entrance to a cottage garden. The trellis sides and rafter top make it perfect for supporting climbing plants such as roses or clematis.

Large Ultima Pergola Timber Arch
This Large Ultima Pergola Arch is a square timber arch on a large scale - the distance between the posts of the arch is a massive 7ft 2inches. Both sturdy and stylish, this arch will create an attractive feature in larger gardens and is ideal for wide pathways. It has diamond shaped trellis side panels that make it ideal for supporting climbing plants such as roses, clematis, wisteria etc.

Palermo Garden Arbour
The Palermo Garden Arbour is an elegant arbour seat with a solid roof to protect you from the elements and trellis panels in the back and sides to support and encourage the growth of climbing plants. This garden arbour is the perfect addition to any garden, providing you with the perfect spot to sit and relax.

Cadiz Garden Arbour
This Cadiz Garden Arbour is a compact arbour seat with a solid back and roof, slatted seat and attractive trellis sides. Its compact design makes this wooden arbour ideal for any position in your garden, creating an elegant focal point from where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden. Its decorative trellis sides provide a practical support for climbing plants.

Sienna Wooden Arbour
This Sienna Garden Arbour is a perfectly formed arbour which incorporates an attractive rebated diamond shaped lattice in the back and sides, a solid timber roof and slatted seat. It will create an interesting, elegant feature within your garden and provide you with a place you can sit and enjoy the view.

Galway Wooden Arbour
This Galway Wooden Arbour features a curved rafter roof with trellis back and sides, perfect for training climbing plants over. Its natural wood finish means this arbour will make an attractive feature in any garden. The arbour houses a full sized, fully slatted bench.

Sorrento Wooden Arbour
One of our largest arbours the Sorrento Wooden Corner Arbour is an elegant trellis arbour seat which will create a stunning feature in the corner of your garden. Not only providing seating for up to four people, the trellis framework is perfect for supporting climbing plants. The pergola style roof is ideal for supporting hanging baskets.

Limoge Wooden Arbour
This Limoge Wooden Arbour is a stylish, completely enclosed arbour, providing you with privacy and protection from the elements. The arbour has a solid back and side panels and a solid, high pitched roof. The arbour incorporates a full size seat with space underneath for handy storage. The arbour is supplied unpainted, with a pressure treated finish to allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through - it has a quality planed smooth finish.

Blenheim Wooden Arbour
This Blenheim Garden Arbour is a classically designed, elegant arbour with solid timber roof and decorative lattice side panels that provide practical, decorative support for climbing plants. By incorporating a seat this arbour will create a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden. This arbour is supplied unpainted, with a pressure treated finish to allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through - it has a quality planed smooth finish. Or you can stain or paint the arbour to compliment the style of your garden.

Loire Garden Arch
The new Loire Garden Arch has an elegant scroll detail and a stylish, distressed whitewashed finish. Designed to last the Loire Arch has a strong steel construction and makes an ideal support for long stemmed and climbing plants such as clematis, roses etc.

Nature Garden Arch
The new Nature Garden Arch mirrors the graceful, flowing shapes of stems and branches finished in a fine style with leaf and bird motifs. With a rustic, weathered appearance this arch will blend beautifully into its surroundings and is perfect for supporting long stemmed and climbing plants such as roses or honeysuckle.

Versailles Garden Arch
The new Versailles Garden Arch is a highly decorative arch with classic fleur de lys detailing. Made from durable steel with a decorative bronze coloured finish. As a permanent feature within your garden, this arch is great for supporting climbing plants or long stemmed plants.

English Rose Garden Arch
This new English Rose Garden Arch has a traditional design featuring delicate rose details. On its own this garden arch will make an instant, attractive focal point in your garden. Train climbing plants - roses, clematis, honeysuckle etc - to climb over the arch and you'll have a beautiful decorative feature throughout the summer months.

Easy Garden Obelisk
This Easy Garden Obelisk is the perfect way to add height and interest into your garden in minutes. The stylish 3 leg design is finished off with a decorative finial to provide the perfect finishing touch. Not only a decorative feature on its own, the robust construction makes it ideal for supporting a wide range of climbing plants - from roses through to small trees - it's perfect for training plants through it and around it. Suitable for use anywhere in your garden, it can also be used in containers to create an instant, moveable, point of interest.

Classical Garden Obelisk
This Classical Garden Obelisk is an easy and instant way of adding an interesting feature into your garden at any time of year. This obelisk has a four legged design with a decorative finial at the top. Not only perfect for decoration, this obelisk will also provide practical support for climbing plants, roses, small trees or vegetables and it's ideal for use in flower beds, garden borders and containers.

Elegance Wooden Arch
The Elegance Wooden Arch is a sturdy, attractive garden arch with detailed trellis side panels. It's ideal for supporting climbing plants, such as honeysuckle, roses, clematis etc. And is also an ideal way to frame a garden entrance, pathway or view. This traditionally designed arch is made from high quality, FSC certified timber and is especially suited to cottage garden style gardens.
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