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Mole Pest Control

Moles can be very unwelcome in gardens, disrupting lawns and flower borders. Tha's why at Two Wests & Elliott we stock a fantastic range of Mole Pest Control Equipment. Living almost exclusively underground, moles can cause damage in two ways - visible damage and non-visible damage.
Visible damage includes such things as molehills and surface tunnelling. Molehills are the result of the mole tunnel deep underground (between 10-40cm below the surface), the hills being formed from the soil cleared by the moles as they dig. Surface tunnelling is caused by moles as the dig just below the surface of the soil in search of food - the visible evidence of surface tunnelling are raised ridges in a lawn or flower bed.

Non-visible damage is caused by the tunnels made deep in the ground by moles. Moles can tunnel 3-5 metres per hour and their tunnels can be several hundred metres long. You may only become aware of the significance of these tunnels when soil in your garden starts to sink or you get large hollow areas in your lawn.
Take a look at our Mole Pest Control Equipment today.

Mole Chaser
Due to moles having an acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to vibration, this Mole Chaser effectively repels moles and other burrowing rodents.
The Mole Chaser emits a sonic pulse every 25 seconds, at 300 Hz which is annoying to pests and drives them away.

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