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Fumigation Pest Control

Fumigation pest control is important as Pests and diseases can thrive and multiply in the warmth and shelter of a greenhouse, and once established, may be difficult to eradicate. The key to avoiding pests and diseases is to maintain a clean, tidy greenhouse and keep a sharp eye out for problems so that you can deal with outbreaks whilst still in their early stages.
An annual clean will help to control pests and diseases. Ideally clean your greenhouse before spring sowing - whilst the greenhouse is at its emptiest and this will remove any over-wintering pests and diseases. If you reuse compost / soil from the previous year, then you may wish to consider sterilizing the compost before you use it again. A Soil Sterilizer will kill off any insect eggs in the compost.
To ensure your greenhouse is free of pests, once you've cleaned your greenhouse and before putting your plants back inside, use a Sulphur Candle to fumigate the area. The smoke of the candle will fill the greenhouse getting into nook and cranny, killing any pests and fungal spores on any exposed greenhouse surface - this is known as fumigation pest control. If you've had problems with pests or diseases in previous years you might want to install a Hotbox Sulfume within your greenhouse. This will enable you to regularly fumigate your greenhouse, keeping it pest free all year round.

Hotbox Sulfume
The labour saving Sulfume unit is a thermostatic, electrical vaporiser which gives controlled application of sulphur.
It dispenses minute particles of sulphur as vapour which penetrates the densest foliage to attack pests hidden in the leaf axils or on the underside of leaves. Sulphur fumes will prevent crop damage caused by powdery mildew, black spot, spider mite and many other greenhouse pests or fungal diseases.

Replacement Sulphur 500g
For use with the Hotbox Sulfume vaporiser, this 500gram pack of sulphur is sufficient for over 500 hours of treatment.

Greenhouse Smoke Generator
The Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Generator is an effective and traditional way of getting rid of all those unwanted pests in the greenhouse.
Use all year round, its effective ingredients will kill and help control flying and crawling insects without harming the plants.
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