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Fly Pest Control

Greenhouses are the perfect place for pests and diseases to thrive - greenhouses not only provide shelter from the weather, they also tend to be warm and humid which produce the perfect conditions for pests to multiply. One of the most common insects to flourish in the warm, humid conditions within your greenhouse are aphids.

Aphids are sap-sucking insects that feed on foliage, flowers and stems - with some aphids even sucking sap from the roots of the plants. The most common aphids to be found in your greenhouse are greenfly and blackfly. Aphid infestations are simple to identify - you'll find them living around shoot tips, flower buds and on the underside of young leaves. Aphids cause stunted growth, with plants leaves being curled or distorted, weakening the plants. Some aphids can transmit plant virus diseases as they move from one plant to another - this can be a particular fly pest control problem when growing soft fruits - strawberries and raspberries - as well as some vegetable crops - tomatoes, cucumbers and other members of the marrow family. Aphids also excrete a liquid known as honeydew, which attracts ants. Ants and aphids will transfer diseases between plants inside and outside the greenhouse.

There are a few simple ways in which you can reduce the chance of aphid damage within your greenhouse. Keeping your greenhouse clean and free of diseased plants is simple to do. The next thing you can do is use a Suplur Candle to kill any pests in any nooks and crannies. You can also use Sticky Traps all year round in your greenhouse - these will not only catch flying insects, they will also show you what pests are resident in your greenhouse. You can also reduce the chance of flying insects by fitting Mesh to opening windows and a Fly Pest Control Screen to the door.

Fly Screen
A range of durable, lightweight Fly Screens designed to keep out flying pests without restricting airflow.
Useful for greenhouses, conservatories & household doorways.

Fly Screen Mesh 1.2m wide
This Fly Screen Mesh is suitable for covering roof vents and side windows in greenhouses or any window you wish to protect from flying insects.

SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Protect crops from carrot fly, cabbage root fly, aphids, caterpillars etc using this fine nylon mesh.
Place the Enviromesh directly over your crops and anchor securely in place with ground pegs or use to cover crop frames and cages.
Plants will remain naturally watered and ventilated with this permeable netting.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack and you will SAVE £4.50 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Cosygrow Fleece
Cosygrow is a lightweight fleece used to protect plants from adverse weather conditions and damage from insects and birds etc.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack below and you will SAVE £5.75 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Yellow Sticky Fly Traps Pack of 7
These Yellow sticky Fly Traps for use in greenhouse or conservatory let you catch a range of insects pests, including Whitefly, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Greenfly. The traps work efficiently in catching insects, but does not adhere to hands or clothing. Small flying insects are attracted by the unique yellow colour and stick to the non-drying glue coating the trap.

Greenhouse Smoke Generator
The Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Generator is an effective and traditional way of getting rid of all those unwanted pests in the greenhouse.
Use all year round, its effective ingredients will kill and help control flying and crawling insects without harming the plants.
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