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Animal Pest Control

Animals can do untold damage in your garden, some of the worst offenders can be our pets (cats and dogs) as well as rodents such as moles or squirrels, rabbits, hares, foxes, badgers and deer. Dogs can be a problem as they like to dig - regardless of what's in their way - as well as marking their territory. If stray dogs are coming into your garden, use a fence to prevent them or an ultrasonic pest controller to deter them from your garden. In a similar way to dogs, cats can also be a problem - again the solution is to use an ultrasonic pest controller to deter them from your garden and ensure animal pest control.

Rabbits and hares can do a lot of damage in your garden as they eat their way through it - again, they can be deterred with an electronic pest controller. Rabbits will also be deterred if you use raised beds - a raise bed 18-24" high will make it more difficult for rabbits to get into your garden. Garden netting is also a good idea - simply drape over vegetable plants to protect them.

Although small and living underground, moles are probably the worst culprits for causing damage in your garden. Whilst they don't eat your plants, they construct maze-like tunnels underground, pushing earth up above ground. They don't only make a mess of your garden, they can affect the health of your plants as their roots can end up dangling in air in a tunnel rather than being in the soil. Again, an ultrasonic pest control should get moles to leave your garden and new ones will be deterred from entering.

Squirrels can become a pest within your garden if you live near woods or in a rural area. This can be a problem as squirrels will eat any berries, apples, apricots and other fruits that they want. Walls or fences are no defence against squirrels, so if you want a humane way of keeping them out of your garden use an ultrasonic animal pest controller set to a frequency they dislike.

Professional Sonic Pest Away
These Ultrasonic Professional Pest Aways produce a very powerful high frequency which animals find intolerable, resulting in them leaving the area. With four units available, all pre-set to deter specific species, simply select the model to suit your needs.

Mole Chaser
Due to moles having an acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to vibration, this Mole Chaser effectively repels moles and other burrowing rodents.
The Mole Chaser emits a sonic pulse every 25 seconds, at 300 Hz which is annoying to pests and drives them away.

Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
Create an instant and effective protection from pests and wind damage with these new Micromesh Pest and Wind Barriers.
Simply unpack and position in your garden, it couldn’t be easier! And at the end of the growing season simply store away until it’s needed the following year. The Barrier is formed from the best quality, ultra-fine Micromesh fabric that is used by millions of gardeners all over the world and is regarded as the best insect mesh available. This ensures that your crops will be effectively protected from a wide range of insects, including carrot fly.
Special Offer Set
Order one pack of 2 Micromesh Pest And Wind Barriers for £22.50.
Or Buy two packs of 2 for only £42.00, saving £3.00!

Outdoor Pest Repeller
This Outdoor Pest Repeller, with PIR, works by using ultrasound and includes several multi-frequency settings that can be effective against rodents, cats, dogs, foxes and other outdoor animals.
Special Offer Outdoor Pest Repeller Plus Adaptor
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This Special Offer Outdoor Pest Repeller makes it quick and easy for you to install an ultrasound pest control system, without the need for any wiring. Simply connect to the mains adaptor or install the batteries.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £2.99 on purchasing the items separately.

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