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Netting Fixings

Netting fixings are used to support netting against a structure - so around a fruit cage, on the inside of a greenhouse, against a fence etc. Anywhere where you need to fix netting, we had a fixing available to hold the net securely in place. Our comprehensive range of net fixings can be divided into groups depending on where the fixing is being used:

Fixing To A Greenhouse - you will use different fixings for a wooden greenhouse compared to a greenhouse with an aluminium frame. Fixings are also different if you are fixing to the outside of the greenhouse or to the inside frame. For wooden greenhouses we recommend Woodpins. For aluminium frames consider the Alliplugs for inside the greenhouse orFixalls or Fabric Fixalls are recommended.

Fixing To A Fruit Or Vegetable Cage - keeping your crops safe from birds, when building a fruit or veg cage you will need to be able to securely attach the net to the frame. We have Netting Clips designed to hold net to net - so use when overlapping nets to make a join or to hold against the framework. We also have Ground Pegs which are used around the base of the fame to hold netting securely to the ground.

Fixing To A Fence Or Wall - we recommend using the Gripple Wire and Gripple Tensioners to create a framework of wire against the fence to hold the net securely in place.

If you are not sure which netting fixing to use call us on 01246 451077 and we'll be happy to help.

Fruit Cage Netting Clips Pack of 25
Use these sturdy Fruit cage netting clips to attach netting back on to itself or to supports by wrapping round and securing.

Fruit Cage Ground Pegs Pack Of 10
Use these substantial Ground Pegs to hold a range of materials, such as netting, fleece, polythene etc. firmly onto the ground.

Super Alliplugs Pack Of 50
Super Alliplugs are easy to use, fitting into the glazing bars in the interior of aluminium greenhouses and are used to securely attach a lining or fabric for insulation or shading to the greenhouse.

Fabric Fixalls Pack of 10
Robust plastic Fabric Fixalls designed to adhere to most flat surfaces - metal, glass, wood, brick, etc - providing a secure fixing point on either the inside or outside of a greenhouse.

Gripple Plant Support System Starter Pack
This Gripple Plant Support System is an economical way to provide your climbing plants, vegetables & fruit (for example clematis, wisteria, climbing roses, raspberries, tomatoes, fruit espalier) with a strong, durable, easy to use support. This trellising system will neither rust nor rot so provides years of long-lasting, secure support for your plants

Gripple 50m of Plastic Wire
This Gripple Plastic Wire is supplied as a 50 metre coil, this 3mm diameter, lightweight, black flexible wire forms the plant support within the Gripple Universal Plant System.

Gripple Joiners & Tensioners
As part of the Gripple Universal Plant Support System these strong, reusable Joiners have been designed to remove the need for twisting & knotting of support wire which can cause weak points.

Galvanised Wire Fabric Staple
Supremely strong Galvanised Fabric Staples designed to hold horticultural fabric securely to the ground, preventing flapping and movement. Ideal for retaining fabric when landscaping - for example using them to retain ground cover.
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