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Plant Lighting

Light is essential for plant growth. Light makes it possible for plants to carry out photosynthesis which provides energy for plants to grow. Plant lighting - sometimes called grow lighting - is an artificial light source, normally electric, that enables you to ensure your plants get sufficient light for healthy growth.

You can divide plant growth into two key periods - vegetative and flowering. For healthy vegetative growth plants need to be exposed to blue spectrum light. For successful flowering plants need red/orange spectrum light. You can therefore select your lighting system based on what you want to grow.

Metal Halide Bulbs(also known as MH lights) provide a blue light that promotes green growth, shortening internode spacing and preventing 'leggy' plants.

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs (also known as HPS lights) provide a red light to promote flowering growth in the later stages of plant growth.

Although you can choose to use one type of light throughout the whole period of plant growth, for the best results we recommend the use of MH lights at the beginning of plant growth and swop to HPS lights as the plants mature to encourage lots of flowers.

The other option is to choose a plant lighting that provides full spectrum light, like the Mercury Lighting System.

Mercury Lighting System
Use this compact Mercury Lighting system in your greenhouse to encourage rapid plant growth.

Professional Sodium Lighting
As used by commercial growers this Sodium Lighting system is used to force rapid plant growth, ideal for seedlings and speciality crops.

Professional Grow Light
These Professional Grow Lights have been designed to enable you to install professional lighting systems in your greenhouse to provide the exact lighting requirements for your plants at the relevent growth stages.
With a choice of having the unit fitted with a - Metal Halide lamp for promoting green growth and shorter internode spacing or a High Pressure Sodium lamp for encouraging flowering growth in later stages.

Lamp for Professional Grow Light
A range of high Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps enabling you to select the correct lamp to suit your plants requirements.

Bio Green Lumino Lighting Kit
Use this Bio Green Lumino lighting unit to supplement natural daylight and encourage strong, healthy plant growth all year round on plants which may otherwise suffer from lack of natural light.

Work Light Tube for General Purpose Light
A replacement florescent lamp to fit our General Purpose lighting system. this greenhouse lighting system provides a good quality light to work under.

General Purpose Light
Designed for safe & effective operation in a damp environment this General Purpose Light is perfectly suited for use in the greenhouse. The Work Light unit is fitted with a 36w warm white fluorescent tube which will illuminate the greenhouse for working in, whilst the Grow Light unit is fitted with a 36w Grolux T8 fluorescent tube which will promote plant growth in areas with insufficient natural daylight.

GROLUX Fluorescent Tube 4' T8 36w for General Purpose Light
Grolux 4ft T8 Fluorescent Tube 36watt as used in our Grow Light General Purpose Light. This Grolux tube will promote plant growth in areas that suffer from insufficient daylight and is recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens and florists, it can also be used for lighting fresh water aquariums.

Sunblaster Grow Light
Quick and easy to install, these lightweight high performance Grow Lights will help you grow better plants quicker! These Sunblaster T5HO Grow Lights with Nanotech Reflectors have a 6400K full spectrum balanced light for healthy green growth on seedlings and cuttings.
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