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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls are important when you are growing plants with the aid of artificial light. You need to be able to control the length of time the lights are on as well as controlling the time of day when they come on and go off. This need for control is critical when it comes to healthy plant growth, as plants not only need light to grow, they also need time in the dark to remain healthy.
Although the length of time plants need can vary between flowering and foliage plants - with foliage plants needing less light than flowering plants - you are looking at between 12 to 16 hours of light per day. Your plants will also need at least 8 hours of total darkness per day. Ideally the light and dark periods should be provided at the same time every day.
The easiest way to control artificial lighting in this way is to use a timer. You will need to use a timer that is suitable for high wattage lighting systems as a standard timer would not be suitable - our Lighting Timer Unit lighting control is designed for these systems and can be used to control up to two systems.

Professional Lighting Timer and 10 Amp Relay
Control your lighting systems safely and reliably with this Professional Lighting Timer Unit.

Evolution Aqua Switchbox
Evolution Aqua and Matsuko have teamed up to develop this stylish, revolutionary range of high performance swtichboxes, that can manage most of your electrical needs around your home and garden.
These weatherproof (IP56) switchboxes are designed for outdoor use and are ideal for controlling up to five different electrical appliances (each with a rating of no more than 1500watts) either manually or by using the Switchmaster programmable switchbox, completely automatically.
Use these switchboxes to control any variety of things safely and automatically - for example, control sets of outside lights to come on at your desired times, up to 5 different time slots per line.

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