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Greenhouse Lighting

Greenhouse lighting can be divided into two mains types - lighting that allows you to work in the greenhouse when it's dark outside and lighting that promotes plant growth.

Our General Purpose Lighting is ideal for producing a light that you can work under - and having a horticultural lamp means that it doesn't damage plant growth. The fluorescent tube used in the General Purpose Light is a full-spectrum bulb, producing a balance of cool and warm light as it designed to replicate natural light. This type of light is great for seedlings as well as most plants - so for simply extending daylight hours our General Purpose Light is a good choice.

We stock a wide range of 'grow lighting' - lighting systems that are designed to affect plant growth. These include traditional mercury lighting systems, sodium lighting and the more modern Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lighting systems.

When deciding on the type of lighting system to install in your greenhouse, it's important to note that the duration of light is important for healthy plant growth. You shouldn't leave lights on 24/7 as all plants need some time in the dark - when it's dark plants respirate, an important part of the growth process. The balance between light and dark periods is therefore important, affecting the growth rate as well as the setting of buds and fruit. Plants can be divided into three different types depending on their preferred length of time in daylight - short-day, long-day or day-neutral.

Short-day plants are those that will thrive on less than 12 hours of light per day - e.g. chrysanthemums, begonias. Long-day plants require at least 14- 18 hours of light each day. Most vegetables and garden flowers fall into this category - if they don't receive sufficient time in the light they will become drawn and leggy. Day-neutral plants like to have between 8-12 hours of light per day - e.g. African violets, foliage plants, geraniums.

Work Light Tube for General Purpose Light
A replacement florescent lamp to fit our General Purpose lighting system. this greenhouse lighting system provides a good quality light to work under.

Professional Grow Light
These Professional Grow Lights have been designed to enable you to install professional lighting systems in your greenhouse to provide the exact lighting requirements for your plants at the relevent growth stages.
With a choice of having the unit fitted with a - Metal Halide lamp for promoting green growth and shorter internode spacing or a High Pressure Sodium lamp for encouraging flowering growth in later stages.

Lamp for Professional Grow Light
A range of high Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps enabling you to select the correct lamp to suit your plants requirements.

Mercury Lighting System
Use this compact Mercury Lighting system in your greenhouse to encourage rapid plant growth.

General Purpose Light
Designed for safe & effective operation in a damp environment this General Purpose Light is perfectly suited for use in the greenhouse. The Work Light unit is fitted with a 36w warm white fluorescent tube which will illuminate the greenhouse for working in, whilst the Grow Light unit is fitted with a 36w Grolux T8 fluorescent tube which will promote plant growth in areas with insufficient natural daylight.

GROLUX Fluorescent Tube 4' T8 36w for General Purpose Light
Grolux 4ft T8 Fluorescent Tube 36watt as used in our Grow Light General Purpose Light. This Grolux tube will promote plant growth in areas that suffer from insufficient daylight and is recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens and florists, it can also be used for lighting fresh water aquariums.

Sunblaster Grow Light
Quick and easy to install, these lightweight high performance Grow Lights will help you grow better plants quicker! These Sunblaster T5HO Grow Lights with Nanotech Reflectors have a 6400K full spectrum balanced light for healthy green growth on seedlings and cuttings.
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