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Water Treatment

When collecting rainwater into a water butt, there are a few simple Rain Water Treatment steps to take to ensure the water remains fresh - and there are a few solutions if the water gets contaminated. To help your stored rainwater to remain fresh ideally your water butt should have a lid - this will keep most things from getting into the water - all our water butts are supplied with covers. Having a lid in place will also reduce the possibility of green water / algae forming within the water - when a water butt is left without a lid photosynthesis increases which can result in algae growth. If the stored water starts to smell then it needs to be treated - the simplest way to treat the stored water is to use a dilute solution of garden disinfectant - such as Citrox or Armillatox.

500ml Citrox Disinfectant
Citrox is a strong, concentrated natural disinfectant (based on extracts of citrus fruit) which is effective against a wide range of bacterial & fungal diseases.

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