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Garden Hose Pipes

A Water Butt or tank can be used to supply a hose pipe with water if you can increase the water pressure. Water Butt Pumps increase the water pressure and usually have an outlet which makes it easy for you to fit a standard ½" / 13mm hose pipe.

Gardena Classic Hose
This PVC 1/2" (13MM) Gardena Classic Garden Hose is a high quality reinforced hose. This hosepipe is 22bar pressure resistant and keeps its shape well. Ideal for medium use within the garden, ideal for use around lawns and patios.

19mm Hosepipe
To maintain water pressure and flow rates when running water over a long distance use this high quality ¾" (19mm) Professional Hosepipe.

Claber 1/2" Silver/Green Hosepipe
Claber have developed their Silver Green garden hosepipe to be kink and twist free even at high water pressure. It has a special reinforcement braid built into the hose that guarantees maximum stability, this reinforcement prevents the hosepipe from twisting, knots and kinks, allowing free water flow for easy and efficient watering in your garden.

Claber Metal Professional Hose Reel
Clabers Metal Profy Hose Reel has been designed to provide you with a professional quality reel, with an all metal construction for long life and the capacity to hold up to 165 metres of 13mm hosepipe.

Claber 1/2" Black/Orange Hosepipe 30m Long
This Claber ½" Black/Orange Hosepipe (30 metres long) if from Clabers range of top-black hosepipes. The top-black hosepipes have a non-toxic drinkable safe transparent inner layer - both guarantee excellent 'water quality' in the garden.
Hozelock Compact Hose Reel with 15m Hose
This Lightweight, compact Hozelock Hose Reel is free standing and comes with a comfortable hand grip for carrying around. This handy reel comes complete with 15m of Hozelock's Maxi Plus 12.5mm Hose, two hose connectors, one waterstop connector, 1/2" and 3/4" tap connector and an adjustable spray nozzle, all included.

Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart with 50m of Hose
This Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with its extra tall handle and generous drum width (wheel spacing) is effortless to tow and very stable when in motion or rewinding your hose. With a small internal drum diameter and an extra long winding handle, rewinding is easy, also with its extra long, soft touch towing handle, oversized soft patterned wheels and steel axle,the cart is very easy to manoeuvre.

Hozelock Fast Cart with 40m of Hose
The stylish and innovative Thru-flow Hozelock Fast Cart gives you neat and tidy hose storage as well as quick, clean and efficient hose use.
The Hozelock Fast Cart comes partly assembled, you only have to attach the pull along handle and winding knob. It is supplied with 40m of 12.5mm top quality, Maxi Pro hose, together with a 2m feeder hose and all the connectors required, as well as an adjustable spray nozzle.

Hozelock - 2496 Wall Mounted Fast Reel with 40m Hose
This Hozelock Fast Reel is designed for the larger garden coming complete with 40m of 12.5mm Maxi Pro Hose and all fittings to enable immediate use. This professional wall mounted hose reel includes auto self layering technology, making hose re wind effortless and tangle free all you have to do is turn the handle, you do not have to worry about guiding the hose by hand, it's done automatically for you.

Hozelock - 2595 Wall Mounted Auto Reel with 40m Hose
This Hozelock Auto Reel comes with 40m of Maxi Pro premium anti kink hose and all required fittings and fixings - just un pack, install and use !
The Auto Reel is designed to be wall mounted and is fixed to your wall via a strong pivot bracket, this bracket allows the hose reel to swing through 180* allowing you to reach every corner of your garden. The Auto reel has an automatic slow rewind for tangle free operation and also comes with a child lock to prevent misuse, as well as a padlock to stop theft.

Hozelock 6215  - Tricoflat Layflat Hose
The Hoselock 15m Tricoflat Hose is a tough, layflat hose for use with flood pumps, including the Hozelock Flood Pump 7825.

Gardena Comfort Flex Hose
This UV resistant 1/2" (13MM) Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose has been developed to provide the gardener with a hosepipe that is resistant to knotting whilst retaining its' shape and remaining flexible so it's easy to use. Gardena have also introduced a 'power grip profile' that ensures a reliable connection with Gardena's range of hose connectors - this technology guarantees the perfect connection by enabling the hose and connector to interlock like toothed wheels. This raised profile of the hose also makes it easier to roll up and easier to slide. Thanks to the spiral mesh textile with two spirals working in opposite directions, this garden hose is pressure-resistant a high quality reinforced hose.
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