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Capillary Watering Systems

Capillary Matting is used in Rain Water Harvesting Capillary Watering Systems to provide plants with water through the base of their pots. The natural capillary action of the compost draws water from the matting allowing plants to take up water as they need it. When water is introduced onto matting it spreads evenly over the whole area allowing a large number of plants to be very easily watered, at the same time creating a good humid atmosphere. Capillary Matting can either be watered by hand or for more constant watering be supplied from a Water Reservoir attached to your benches or shelves. The water supply should not be above the area to be watered otherwise flooding will occur - ideally it should be level or no more than 10cm below. If you don't want to set up your own Capillary Watering System, then you could purchase our Self-watering Trays. These use capillary matting as described above, but as they include a watertight tray this becomes the reservoir for the water.

Water Reservoir
Our Water Reservoir is designed to simply be hooked or attached to the side or end of benches and shelves to enable easy watering of plants on capillary matting.

Automatic Water Reservoir
Reliable, constant watering can be achieved on benches or shelves by installing an Automatic Water Reservoir.

Self Watering Trays
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Packs Available.
These Self-Watering Trays have been developed to enable simple, efficient automatic watering of house plants, bedding plants, seedlings etc - plants look after themselves !
By just standing them on the trays & they take up water as and when they need it from the reservoir below - no more over watering! These self watering trays, from full, can last up to two weeks, so giving simple holiday watering cover.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE up to £7.50 against purchasing two single units.

Growbag Waterers
These Grow Bag Waterers will make watering plants in grow bags easy and efficient. Simple to fit into your grow bag, they provide you with a reinforced point in your grow bag where you can water or feed without the possibility of any compost being washed away. The top of the Waterer has a removable mesh lid, preventing debris falling in yet letting you add water. The base of the Waterer is designed to allow water to seep steadily into your grow bag, so water and feed are evenly distributed into the bag.

Torbeck Ball Valve
Use this Torbeck Control Ball Valve when creating automatic watering systems for your greenhouse plants. Easy to install this valve operates a little bit like a toilet cistern, letting you use water from your mains supply to operate drip watering systems efficiently.

Capillary Matting
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
A high quality Capillary Matting which transports water quickly and evenly over flat level surfaces. It allows a large number of plants to be easily watered and at the same time helps create a good humid atmosphere.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack below and you will SAVE £5.50 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Hozelock Growbag Waterer
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available
The easiest way to grow plants in your garden or greenhouse - No pipes, No timers, No Fuss.
This NEW Growbag Waterer from Hozelock features a large capacity, 15 litre reservoir that will keep your plants automatically watered for up to 14 days. Water is delivered direct to the plant roots as and when they need it, helping you to grow healthier plants and achieve better results when growing your own fruit and vegetables.
This quick and easy to set up Grow Bag Waterer system is re-useable year after year and is sure to become an essential piece of kit for every grow your own enthusiast.

Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available
The Hozelock Flower and Vegetable Waterer is the ideal solution to patio and greenhouse gardening, if you don't like using grow bags.
With it's self watering design and more decorative approach it's hit with practical and creative grow your own gardeners alike. Ideal for use on the patio to create stunning flower displays, at the back door to grow an accessible herb garden and in the greenhouse to grow a huge range of crops, this self watering planter is invaluable to all gardeners.

Multipurpose Lola Float Valve
The Multipurpose Float Valve works like a toilet cistern ballcock allowing water in until it reaches the level of the valve and then automatically turning it off - maintaining a constant level in your primary water tray or reservoir.
Use it together with an additional reservoir tank to keep your Quadgrow or Triplegrow Planters automatically topped up, water trays with plant pots in supplied with water or even pet and livestock drinking stations supplied.
Float Valve and 47 Litre Tank
This 47 Litre header tank with Multi Purpose Float Valve was specifically designed to add to the Quadgrow or Triplegrow (Chiligrow) self watering planters - by adding this tank and float valve kit you are increasing their water holding capacity by more than 100% thus doubling the time your plants can be automatically watered whilst your at work or on your holidays - 20 days cover is easily achievable.
This tank and float valve system is simple to install and can be used for many other applications - keeping water trays and other reservoirs topped up, keeping pet and animal drinking stations supplied with water, and much more.
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