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Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is all about collecting something that is free and using it to the benefit of your plants. Statistics show that watering your garden can make up at least 40% of your total household usage - so for people with water meters simply keeping your plants well watered can prove costly, especially during the warmer summer months. Harvesting rainwater is simple and efficient - it only takes a quarter inch of rainfall running off your house roof to fill a water butt. Water butts are easy to fit - whether to your house or your greenhouse - and will store water until it's needed. By collecting and using rainwater to water your plants you are also using the water they prefer - tap water may contain too many minerals which can build up in the soil and cause the plants leaves to turn brown on the edges. The benefits of using rainwater to water your plants are many and varied, for example rainwater usually has a low pH level - a low pH makes it easier for roots to absorb water. Stored rainwater tends to be lukewarm which plants usually prefer - tap water can be cold enough to 'shock' house plants and damage them.

Water Butt Drip KIts
These Rain Water Harvesting Water Butt Drip Kits make it possible for you to use rainwater harvested in a water butt to run a drip watering system to water your plants. Without the need for mains water, these kits make it possible for you to water large areas from the rainwater stored in your water butt. The Drip Kits are a really efficient way for you to water your plants - you don't need to waste time filling a watering can and carrying it to your plants - a drip kit can be connected to your water butt, with drippers positioned next to your plants, so your plants are automatically watered when the water butt tap is turned on. It's also possible to automate watering by adding a water timer between your water butt and drip kit - so you can control watering when you are away from home, or even on holiday!

Water Butts & Accessories
Water Butts make collection and storage of rain water in the garden easy. They are really simple to install - you can fit a water butt to any building that has a gutter - this could be your greenhouse, your house, a garden shed, your conservatory etc. And if you've a garden building without a gutter it's often worth adding one so you can collect more rainwater. As well as supplying water butts, we also stock a range of water butt accessories. These include water butt stands - these lift the water butt off the ground making it easy for you to sit a watering can below the water butt tap. When fitting a water butt to house guttering you'll use our Rain Sava, this diverts water from the drainpipe to your water butt - and automatically sends any excess water back down the drain. And if you want to save loads of rainwater we've got a Link Kit which you can use to join one water butt to another - so when one water butt is full the rainwater will automatically flow into the next water butt.

Water Treatment
When collecting rainwater into a water butt, there are a few simple Rain Water Treatment steps to take to ensure the water remains fresh - and there are a few solutions if the water gets contaminated. To help your stored rainwater to remain fresh ideally your water butt should have a lid - this will keep most things from getting into the water - all our water butts are supplied with covers. Having a lid in place will also reduce the possibility of green water / algae forming within the water - when a water butt is left without a lid photosynthesis increases which can result in algae growth. If the stored water starts to smell then it needs to be treated - the simplest way to treat the stored water is to use a dilute solution of garden disinfectant - such as Citrox or Armillatox.

Water Transfer Equipment
If you wish to use rainwater to run a spray gun on the end of your garden hosepipe, then you need to add pressure to the stored water for this to be successful. Water Butt Pumps have been developed to make this possible for you - not only possible but also really easy. Simply hang the pump into the Water Butt, attach hosepipe with spray gun to the Pump - there is normally a connector on the pump ready to accept a Snap-on Hose Connector - plug in and turn on and water will be pulled from the tank to the spray gun to water your plants. You could also use this method if you want to transfer water from the butt to another location.

Water pumps can be used to fill a water butt with water or to take the water out of a water butt. Pumps are available that enable you to transfer water from a well, stream, river or other location to your water butt. There are also pumps available that can take the water stored in your water butt to where the water is needed - for example you can attach a hosepipe and spray gun to the water pump so that you can water your plants directly from stored rainwater.

Hose Pipe
A Water Butt or tank can be used to supply a hose pipe with water if you can increase the water pressure. Water Butt Pumps increase the water pressure and usually have an outlet which makes it easy for you to fit a standard ½" / 13mm hose pipe.
Hose Reel
The purpose of a Rain Water Harvesting Hose Reel is to prevent your garden hose from ending up as a tangled heap in your garden - a reel will neatly store you garden hose when it's not being used, helping to keep your garden looking tidy. Not only will a Rain Water Harvesting Hose Reel keep the garden looking tidy, it will also protect the hose from wear and tear when not in use. Most reels have a handle that makes it easy for you to wind up the hose when it's not in use - you'll even find some reels that will automatically rewind the hose for you when you've finished watering. When buying a Rain Water Harvesting Hose Reel consider where the water is coming from. If the water is coming from a number of sources, a free-standing reel will be more convenient, as they are easy to move around. However, if space is a problem, then mounting your Rain Water Harvesting Hose Reel on a wall next to the source of water may be the best solution.
Hose Trolley
Hosepipes can be awkward and untidy so ideally store your hosepipe on a hose trolley. By winding your hosepipe onto a trolley after use it keeps it protected and at the same time helps keep your garden tidy. Hose Trolleys are ideal when you are getting water from more than one source - for example if you have an outside tap on the back of your house and on the front. You can simply wheel the trolley to where you need to connect the hose to your outside tap. This also makes hose trolleys ideal for larger gardens as it's easy and efficient to wheel the hose trolley around the garden, compared to having to carry the hose to where it's needed.
Hose Connectors & Fittings
Having collected rainwater in a water butt or tank, you are then faced with the dilemma as to how to get the stored rainwater to your plants. The most obvious way of transferring the water is to use the tap to decant rainwater into a Watering Can. However, if you are watering large areas or over large distances, this may not be the most efficient method. For larger areas you could set up an irrigation system using the water butt with its stored rainwater as the source of water to run the system. When you've chosen the type of system you wish to set up - be it an Iriso Drip Watering System, a Tropf Blumat System, a Water butt Drip System etc. - you will need to transfer the water from the tank to the point at which you wish to start watering. The simplest way to do this is to push a ó" / 13mm hose onto the barbed tap on the water butt - as the water is at low pressure simply pushing the hose onto the tap will be secure enough. Once you have connected the hosepipe then you can now start to use standard hose connectors and couplings to get the hosepipe to where it needs to carry the water.

Tap Connectors & Adaptors
If you have rainwater stored within a water butt or tank which has a threaded tap, then it is possible for you to use the standard connectors which you would use with an outside tap to connect hosepipe to the source of water. All makes of tap connectors - Gardena, Hozelock or Claber - are interchangeable and will work with each other. By screwing onto your water butt tap a Tap Connector you will be creating an outlet that will accept a Snap-on Connector - Snap-on Connectors are the simplest way to attached and detach hosepipe - a simple push fit system locks the garden hose onto the connector and a push pull removes the hose from the connector.

Weeping Garden Hose
To use rainwater to run a Rain Water Harvesting Weeping Garden Hose you will need to be able to deliver the water at some pressure. This means, if you're storing rainwater in a water butt, you will need to use a Water Butt Pump to add pressure to the water so that a Rain Water Harvesting Weeping Garden Hose System will work efficiently. Not only is this type of watering system environmentally friendly because it can operate from rainwater, it is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled materials and as it directs water straight to the roots of your plants, it uses much less water than spray watering systems.

Gardena Fittings
Rain Water Harvesting Gardena Fittings, Tap Connectors, Hose Connectors and Water Stops are long-lasting, reliable and watertight. For water transportation within a garden, Gardena has a wide range of hoses so there is sure to be a hosepipe to suit all requirements - whether for frequent use and complex garden structures or for moderate use and first-time gardeners. Gardena has innovative hose trolleys and hose reels so you're sure to have the right hose transport and storage no matter how long the hose to be used.
Self Watering Systems
Self Watering Systems, as their name suggests, enable your plants to control how much water they receive - so your plants should never be over watered or water logged. There is a range of different self watering systems available, some more suited to indoor watering than outdoor, some more suitable for watering plants in your greenhouse. Whichever watering system you select they take away the worry of getting someone to water your plants whilst you're on holiday - as well as being great for holiday watering, if you're simply absent minded these systems will keep your plants well watered when you may have forgotten. Some self watering systems, such as the Tropf Blumat system, can be joined to your Water Butt so that the rainwater you've collected can be used to operate the self watering system.

Watering Cans
Filling a watering can from a Water Butt is simple if you have your water butt on top of a stand. This lifts the water butt up off the ground and makes it possible for you to place your watering can on the ground below the water butt tap when filling with water. When buying a new watering can consider what it is being used for - if you are watering indoor plants then a smaller sized watering can with narrow spout would be best. For watering delicate plants or seedlings you'll need a watering can with a rose attachment on the end of the spout - a top tip when watering young seedlings using a watering can is to start the flow of water away from the seed trays, move over the seed tray full of plants and then off again - so starting and stopping watering away from the delicate plants which could be damaged by heavier drops of water.

Plastic Trays
Watertight Rain Water Harvesting Plastic Trays provide you with a place where you can stand your pots or trays of plants and then add water to the plastic tray. This is ideal way of watering plants which prefer bottom watering rather than top watering - examples of these types of plants include African Violets, plants which don't like to get their leaves wet and bog plants such as pitcher plants, venus flytraps etc. Plants often prefer rainwater water rather than tap water as it has a natural Ph and contains no chlorine - so filling the Rain Water Harvesting Plastic Trays with rainwater will be healthier for your plants.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
A gravity fed, drip Irrigation watering system is the simplest way to automate watering of your plants - whether undercover or outdoors. With the Bag Drip Watering Kit including a water reservoir bag that will hold 10 litres / 2 gallons of water, to water larger areas or to use stored rainwater to water your plants, you can design your own drip irrigation system, using a water butt as the reservoir for the water. We supply all the individual components - tank connector, flexible tubing, adjustable drip nozzles - to make it quick and easy for you to set up a bag drip watering system to suit the needs of your garden.
Blumat Drip Irrigation
Rainwater collected in a Water Butt can be used to run a Tropf Rain Water Harvesting Blumat Drip Irrigation System. A self watering system, the Tropf Blumat system lets your plants control the amount of water they receive - so preventing your plants from being over or under watered or water from being wasted. Unlike conventional watering systems that release water at intervals which are controlled by a timer, the Tropf Blumat system takes into account the amount of sunshine, the current moisture of the soil and the different water consumption of each plant into account - this makes the Tropf Blumat system unbeatable when it comes to watering different sorts of plants in your greenhouse or garden! The system manages to do this as the probes used within the Tropf Rain Water Harvesting Blumat Drip Irrigation system act as both a water sensor and dripper. When the soil that they are in is dry, the probes allow water to drip. Once the water content of the soil increases, then the probes stop the water from flowing. In this way they take into account both the weather conditions and the needs of your plants - so it's an ideal system for looking after the watering of your plants when you are away on holiday.

Capillary Watering Systems
Capillary Matting is used in Rain Water Harvesting Capillary Watering Systems to provide plants with water through the base of their pots. The natural capillary action of the compost draws water from the matting allowing plants to take up water as they need it. When water is introduced onto matting it spreads evenly over the whole area allowing a large number of plants to be very easily watered, at the same time creating a good humid atmosphere. Capillary Matting can either be watered by hand or for more constant watering be supplied from a Water Reservoir attached to your benches or shelves. The water supply should not be above the area to be watered otherwise flooding will occur - ideally it should be level or no more than 10cm below. If you don't want to set up your own Capillary Watering System, then you could purchase our Self-watering Trays. These use capillary matting as described above, but as they include a watertight tray this becomes the reservoir for the water.

Iriso Drip Watering
The Rain Water Harvesting Iriso Drip Watering System can be used with a water butt, to take the stored rainwater to your plants via adjustable drippers. To connect to your water butt you will need to drill a 9mm hole in your water butt near to the base, and fit the tank connector. From the tank connector you attach the Rain Water Harvesting Iriso Drip Watering Tubing which carries the water to your plants. Next to your plants the tube is attached to a Dripper which delivers the water as a steady drip, adjusted to deliver from 150ml up to 2 litres of water per day, With neither mains water nor electricity required to operate this drip system, it is ideal for watering plants at an allotment.
Fertilisers & Dispensers
Running an irrigation system from a water butt makes it easy for you to supply your plants with feed as you water. Simply add liquid feed to your water butt and the irrigation system will carry it to your plants. Or, you can fit a fertiliser dispenser into a standard ó" / 13mm hosepipe, so as you water your plants feed is also supplied.

Mattings & Polythenes
Using Water Matting or Capillary Matting to keep your plants supplied with water makes watering quicker and more efficient - used correctly Capillary Matting can reduce overall water consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional methods. Capillary Matting works so well as it lets plants take the water that they need so preventing over watering and water waste - plants draw water through the drainage holes in the base of their pots. You can use a drip system to drip water onto either Water Matting or Capillary Matting, however the best way to supply water to Capillary matting is to let it draw water from a water reservoir.

Water Timers
Having saved rainwater in a water butt, you can use this to run sophisticated automated irrigation systems by fitting a Water Timer between the Water Butt and the watering system you have chosen. The only Rain Water Harvesting Water Timers suitable for working with water butts are low pressure timers, where the timers will turn off and on even though the water is at very low pressures. Low pressure Rain Water Harvesting Water Timers work as the valve within them is driven opened or closed - whereas standard timers rely on the valve being opened by the water pressure.

Watering Spares
We stock a wide range of Watering Spares to suit most watering systems – manufacturers include Claber, Gardena, Tropf Blumat, Garland etc. So, if you have an existing watering system which you want to increase then you can purchase individual components to make this easy and economical. Or if a part gets damaged or wears out, you’ll be able to purchase a replacement part to get your watering system working again.
Aluminium Trays
Rain Water Harvesting Aluminium Trays are used within a great number of our products to create a sturdy flat surface - for example, Rain Water Harvesting Aluminium Trays form part of our greenhouse shelving, our benching, our versatile shelving, our propagation benches etc. We've got a wide range of sizes, but if you don't find the size you're looking for, as we make all the Rain Water Harvesting Aluminium Trays here in our workshop, we can make then to any size to suit your exact requirements - simply call us on 01246 451077 for a quotation.

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