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Tap Connector & Adaptor

Tap connectors enable you to easily connect your hosepipe or water timer to an outside tap. Simple to install, tap connectors create a perfectly watertight seal. The connectors are all 100% compatible with other 'click-fit' / 'snap-on' hose connection systems - letting you easily extend or update a watering system from another brand by adding these tap connectors.

Gardena Threaded Tap Connector
Screw this Gardena Threaded Tap Connector to an outside tap to provide a secure connection point for a push fit (snap on) connector enabling quick, easy attachment of a garden hose.

Gardena Threaded Twin Tap Connector
Easy to fit to a threaded tap this Gardena Twin Outlet Threaded Tap Connector enables you to connect to two garden hosepipes, water controllers etc. from one tap.

Gardena Threaded Four Tap Connector
Designed to simply screw onto a threaded tap this Gardena Four Outlet Threaded Tap Connector enables you to easily operate up to a maximum of four watering accessories simultaneously or individually from just one tap.

Claber Quick Clip Tap Connector
Quick and easy to fit to any square and mixer taps, this Tap Connector provides a perfectly watertight connection. The fitting at the base of the connector is ready to accept any make of Snap-On hose connector.

Claber Twin Tap Connector
Increase the potential of your outside tap by adding this Double Tap Connector. Simply screwing onto the outside tap, it has two branches with taps enabling you to run two different watering systems from the same tap.

Gardena 5303 Accessory O Ring
Gardena 5303-20 accessory O rings.
This pack of spare O rings fit all the Gardena System connecting nipples, E.G. click-on accessories, nozzles, sprayers and sprinklers.

Gardena Timer to Tap Adapter
This Gardena Timer and Tap Adapter screws into the top collar of any Gardena water computer or timer to allow connection to a 3/4" threaded tap or to take a further adapter for narrower taps.

Gardena Three Way Hose Coupling
To securely branch your garden hosepipe in two different directions insert this Gardena Three Way Hose Coupling.

Gardena 13mm Snap On Hose Connector
Use Gardena's Snap-On Hose Connector to quickly and easily form a secure push fit connection between ½" (13mm) garden hose and a tap connector, hose coupling or watering appliance.

Gardena 13mm Water Stop Snap On Hose Connector
Gardena's Water Stop ½" (13mm) Snap-On Supergrip Hose Connector has been designed to enable you to quickly & easily change over the watering appliance on the end of your garden hose without needing to switch off the water supply.
When disconnected an internal valve stops the water flowing, when reconnected water flows again.

Gardena 19mm Snap On Hose Connector
Form a secure push fit connection to any threaded tap connector, hose coupling or watering appliance with this Gardena ¾" (19mm) Snap-On Hose Connector which easily fits to ¾" (19mm) garden hose or piping.

Claber 19mm Snap On Hose Connector
Claber's 19mm Snap-On Hose Connector is designed to enable you to quickly and easily create a secure push fit connection between ¾" (19mm) hosepipe and a tap connector, hose coupling or watering appliance.
Hozelock Flowmax 3 Way Tap Connector
Hozelock have developed their Flowmax 3 Way Tap Connector to enable you to fill a watering can and at the same time have two outlets connected to hosepipes or water timers. So, when you need to fill a watering can or other vessel, you no longer need to disconnect a hose or timer! So this efficient tap connector says you time and effort!
Take Anywhere Tap
This Take Anywhere Tap is a brass hose end tap that can be set up anywhere in your garden or allotment. Either screw to a suitable piece of timber to enable easy change of site or screw to a wall, shed, fence post etc. (screws not inc.).
Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter
This innovative Water Smart Flow Meter from Gardena lets you easily measure and record how much water you are using, as well as the flow rate in litres per minute (or gallons per minute). So you can record how much water is being used per session, per day and per season, simply pressing a button to switch between the recorded amounts which are clearly displayed on the large digital display. It can be used to measure how much water is being used from an outside tap or fitted to a hosepipe to measure how much water is being consumed when using a spray gun, garden sprinkler, automatic watering system or other watering device.

Brass Three Way Connector
This Brass Three Way Connector makes it simple for you to securely branch your garden hose in two different directions. For quick, drip free connections this fitting is designed to work with snap-on hose connectors / push fit connectors, whether these are made from brass or plastic.
Brass Tool Connector
This Brass Tool Connector is used to adapt sprinklers or any other accessory with a ¾" threaded female connection, enabling you then to use them with snap-on / push fit hose connectors.
Brass Four Way Manifold
This Brass Four Way Manifold is designed to screw directly onto any standard ¾" BSP taps. By fitting the manifold you now have four separate outlets from one tap - so you could run an irrigation system, a sprinkler, a hosepipe and still have an outlet left to use to fill buckets or watering cans. Each outlet has its own tap to individually control the flow of water.
Brass Twin Tap Connector
This Brass Twin Tap Connector (or two way manifold) is designed to be screwed directly onto any ¾" BSP tap and in doing so creates two ¾" BSP outlets. Simply fit tap connectors onto each outlet and you will be able to run two different watering appliances from one tap.
Brass Tap Connector
This Brass Tap Connector is designed to be screwed directly onto any ¾" BSP tap and creates a connection point which will accept any push fit connectors (whether brass or plastic).
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