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Watering Spares

Plants grown indoors – either in your house, greenhouse or polythene tunnel – rely on your to supply them with the correct amount of water to remain healthy. This means that there is a massive range of watering products available, designed to make watering plants easy and efficient. To go along with these watering products we also stock a wide range of Watering Spares, making it simple for you to keep your watering system working efficiently year after year. Simple replacement parts – like drip nozzles, replacement tube, hose connectors etc. – are all in stock so you can buy as many or as few as you need. This also means that it’s easy for you to alter an existing watering system as your needs change – spares mean you can increase the area a watering system covers economically – you don’t have to purchase a complete new kit.

3/16" Branch Tube
When creating an automatic watering system for your garden or greenhouse use this robust Gardena 3/16" (4.6mm) Branch Tube to carry water to individual plants, tubs, troughs, hanging baskets etc.

Leaf Only For Electronic Leaf Controller
This Electronic Leaf Only is used together with the Electronic Leaf Controller and acts as the moisture sensor when connected to the control box.

Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor
The Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor has been developed to allow the moisture in the soil to determine as to whether your plants receive water or not. Improve watering efficiency by connecting this moisture sensor to the water timer or computer operating your irrigation system, enabling you to override any preset program and preventing wastefull over watering if the surrounding soil is already sufficiently moist. This makes it an extremely reliable way of controlling the water your plants receive when you’re away on holiday.

Solenoid Valve
This easy to fit Solenoid Valve operates off a 24 volt electricity supply and mains water pressure. Use with our Electronic Leaf Controller or any other 24 volt appliance.

Weeping Hose Stakes pack of 10
Use these 6¾" long securing Stakes to hold any type of ½" tubing - hosepipe or weeping hose for example - securely in place on soft ground.

Water Butt Tap
Easy to fit to most makes of water butt, this Water Butt Tap can be used to replace a faulty tap and restore your water butt back to working order.

Professional Brass Mist Jet Head
A precision-made Professional Mist Jet which produces a very fine, even mist and enables you to create your own misting system or mist propagation system for use in a greenhouse or polythene tunnel.

Gardena 5303 Accessory O Ring
Gardena 5303-20 accessory O rings.
This pack of spare O rings fit all the Gardena System connecting nipples, E.G. click-on accessories, nozzles, sprayers and sprinklers.

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