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Water Butts & Accessories

Indoor Water Butts are really easy to attach to your house, shed, garage or any other garden building that has a gutter and a downpipe. And if your greenhouse doesn't have gutters consider fitting them. There are basically two ways you can fit a water butt to a downpipe. The first is to cut through a plastic downpipe with a hacksaw and place the butt directly underneath it - an overflow pipe can be attached to the butt to divert excess water to a drain or into another water butt. Alternatively, cut a notch out of the pipe and fit a rain diverter - also known as a Rain Sava - this will transport water to your butt and allows you to put it in the most convenient place. Stored water is a valuable resource if hosepipe bans are in force, your water is metered or you don't have an outside tap. 7% of the total water that we consume in the UK is used outside and this figure can rise to over 50% in the summer months - during the summer using a hosepipe or sprinkler in your garden can use approx. 540 litres of water per hour. By using a water butt the rainwater will already have been collected and be ready for watering the garden in those warmer months. If every household in the UK got a standard sized indoor water butt this would save approximately 30,000 million litres of water each summer.

Guttermate Rain Diverter
The award winning Guttermate Rainwater Diverter is the only rain water diverter and rain water saver which diverts and filters all the water before it goes into your water butt or soakaway. Filtering leaves and other debris before the water enters your water butt keeps the stored water healthy whilst keeping leaves and other debris from entering your soakaway will prevent it from becoming clogged and less able to deal with the water delivered
The Guttermate will also turn off automatically when your water butt is full or can easily be disconnected from your water butt and capped off should you wish to.
It’s easy to fit to round or square downpipes and comes with everything you need to fit it in place and connect it to a water butt.

Water Butt Link Kit
Efficiently link water butts or other containers together to increase water storage capacity -using this easy to fit Water Butt Link Kit.

Water Butt Tap
Easy to fit to most makes of water butt, this Water Butt Tap can be used to replace a faulty tap and restore your water butt back to working order.

Compact Rainsava 100lt Water Butt Set
Complete Set - Everything you need to collect rainwater.
This Compact Rainsave Water Butt is the ideal water butt for gardens with limited space. Its slim design lets you place it almost anywhere in your garden to collect and store water exactly where you need it.
This Compact Water Butt Set comes complete with everything you need to successfully collect valuable rainwater, a Water Diverter to direct water from your downpipe, a Water Butt Stand to raise your water butt off the ground making it easy to fill a watering can or run a drip watering system from. Also included is smooth lever action tap which allows you to fit a hosepie in order to deliver water away from the water butt.
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