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Darlac Swap Top Watering

Maintaining a beautiful garden requires carefully planned irrigation. The Indoor Darlac Swap Top Watering Mix & Match Sprinkler System offers a variety of base and head combinations to provide numerous solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Simply choose your preferred base and then add a sprinkler head. The different bases include the Two Way Spike, Adjustable Tripod and Rolling Base. Heads to select from include the Mister Head, the Mister Bar, the Water spinner, the Impulse Sprinkler and the Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler. In addition to these, there is also a Telescopic Riser - used to lift the height of the spray, when used together with the Adjustable Tripod an ultimate height of 1.7 metres can be achieved, high enough for even the tallest plants and shrubs.

Darlac Two Way Spike
As part of Darlacs Swop Top Watering System, this long, Two Way Spike has been designed to be pushed into the ground to provide a secure footing for any of Darlacs Spinners and Sprinklers.
For extra height, use this Spike with the Telescopic Riser.

Darlac Adjustable Tripod
Use this Adjustable Tripod with any of Darlacs water Spinners and Sprinklers.
This Adjustable Tripod enables you to easy elevate the spray of water so that it is above your plants or shrubs, so they are not damaged as they are watered.

Darlac Swop Top Rolling Sprinkler Base
This Rolling Sprinkler Base has been designed to be used with any of the Darlac Sprinkler Heads.
Its traditional brass connector will accept all standard hose connectors. Wheels on the base make it quick and easy to move around your garden without having to stop the flow of water.

Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler
This brass 3 arm sprinker can be connected to any of the bases - Adjustable Tripod, Two Way Spike or Rolling Base from the Darlac Swop Top Watering range.
Designed to produce a soft rain of water over your plants, with a reach of up to 26ft in diameter (dependent on water pressure) this Sprinkler is ideal for watering specific areas within your garden.

Darlac Water Spinner
This robust Water Spinner has been designed to fit onto any of the Darlac Watering Bases (Rolling Base, Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod), providing you with masses of flexibility when watering your garden. With coverage up to 30ft in diameter this Water Spinner will provide an even coverage of soft rain. It is ideal for small gardens or for watering specific areas within in larger garden.

Impulse Sprinkler Head
This Impulse Sprinkler Head from Darlac has been designed to work with any of the Swop Top Watering System bases.
Using this sprinkler water will reach up to a massive 80ft in diameter (dependent on water pressure) and it's easy to adjust both the distance and area you water, from full circle to just narrow sections.

Darlac Swop Top Telescopic Riser
This Telescopic Riser fits between any of the Swop Top Bases and Sprinkler Heads from the Darlac Swop Top watering range.
The Telescopic Riser is designed to increase the height when watering by up to 31".
So it’s ideal for watering vegetable or flower gardens, beds and borders as it will lift the water above the height of the plants ensuring the maximum coverage is achieved.

Darlac Rapid Rotor Sprinkler
Darlac have designed this Rapid Rotor Sprinkler to fit onto any of their Watering Bases (Rolling Base, Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod) enabling you to use this to water in small or large gardens as well as patio areas. This Sprinkler will produce a soft rain / mist effect over an area up 40ft in diameter.
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