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Weeping Garden Hose

Weeping Hose (or soaker hose) is designed for use directly on the surface of the ground or buried beneath it - up to a maximum of 15cm below the surface. It is therefore suitable for watering crops that you are growing in your greenhouse or polytunnel direct in the ground - such as tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc. To keep Weeping Hose supplied with water it needs to be either supplied from mains water or from a pumped supply - such as using a Pump with your water butt. When laying out the weeping hose you should use standard ó" / 13mm hose and connectors to take the water from your outside tap or pump to where the weeping hose starts. Weeping hose can be laid in straight lines or snaked around beds - barbed fittings are available when you need to take the hose around a sharp bend or to divert water off in more than one direction.

Weeping Garden Hose Kit
When there is a hospipe ban in place, this Weeping Garden Hose Kit lets you carry on watering your plants legally as it includes all those components specified by the water authorities to allow you to keep watering your plants whilst adhering to the hosepipe ban.
This drip irrigation kit includes a programable water timer, an inline pressure reducer, weeping hose, end plug and straight connector to join ordinary hosepipe to the weeping hose.

On special offer, you’ll not only be getting everything you need to set up an efficient watering system and save your plants, you’ll also be saving £££s.

Weeping Garden Hose
Use this quality Weeping Garden Hose to create an effective garden watering system, ideal for watering crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, beans etc, in fact anything grown directly in the ground.

Weeping Hose 13mm Straight Connector
Use this robust, barbed, black plastic ½" Straight Connector to join two pieces of ½" Weeping Garden Hose.

Weeping Hose 13mm Elbow Connector
Use this sturdy, black plastic Elbow Connector to create an efficient right angled joint when creating a layout with the ½" Weeping Garden Hose.

Weeping Hose 13mm Tee Connector
When creating a layout with the Weeping Garden Hose, this ½" T Connector can be used to 'branch' the Hose.

13mm End Plug For Weeping Hose
A ½" Plug designed to end a length of Weeping Garden Hose.

Weeping Hose Stakes pack of 10
Use these 6¾" long securing Stakes to hold any type of ½" tubing - hosepipe or weeping hose for example - securely in place on soft ground.

Weeping Hose 13mm In Line Tap
This ½" tap, with barbed hosetails, simply push fits into any ½" internal bore pipe, giving you the means to switch off a complete system of isolate a single leg .

This ½" vlave is ideal for use within garden watering system's such as the weeping garden hose kits.

Hozelock Water Butt Border Watering Kit
This Hozelock Water Butt Border Watering Kit is a complete gravity fed kit designed to fit to your water butt and enable you to water flower borders and vegetable patches from stored water. The kit comes with everything you need to connect to most makes of water butt and water an area approximately 20ft x 32". And because this kit is connected to your water butt you can use this system to water your plants even when there is a hosepipe ban in place.
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