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Garden Mist & Spray Kits

Misting & Spray Kits in your greenhouse are often the best choice if you have a large numbers of seeds or cuttings that require watering. A Misting System will fill the greenhouse with a fine spray of water which gradually moistens the soil without disturbing it. While seeds and seedlings do well in a misting system, leafy cuttings seem particularly suited to being propagated in this way and will generally form roots far more rapidly, in larger numbers and with more certainty than under more conventional methods. Misting & Spray Kits can be automated using a water timer, allowing you to set watering to take place at specific times of the day and for a given period - for example you could water at night, so avoiding evaporation.

Deluxe Misting Kit
By installing one of our high quality Deluxe Misting Kits in your greenhouse or polythene tunnel you will by able to easily and efficiently create a fine, even mist of water, ideal when propagating seedlings and cuttings.

Overhead Spray Kit for 10ft Wide Greenhouses
Automatically water your plants with ease by installing one of our Overhead Spray Kits. By generally spraying throughout the greenhouse or poly tunnel you will help to promote healthy plant growth by providing water to both the base of the plants and their foliage.

Overhead Spray Kit for 15ft Wide Greenhouses
An automatic watering system for plants in your greenhouse or polytunnel. These Overhead Spray Kits have been designed to fit within wider greenhouses or tunnels as they can water areas up to 15ft (4.5m) wide. They create a general spray of water within the area so your plants benefit from water around their base and on their foliage.

Gardena Micro Drip Starter Kit With Computer
SPECIAL OFFER - Huge Money Saving Pack ONLY £59.99 Saving £64.22 on the component prices.
Containing sufficient components to water an outside area of 108 sq.ft. or an 8' x 12' greenhouse.
This Gardena Starter Kit (Gardena code 13002-20) complete with Gardena Easy Control Water Computer (gardena Code 1882-28) is a great money saving starter kit, a must have if your installing a Gardena drip watering kit. This kit gives you all the essentials at a greatly reduced price.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE a massive £64.22 on purchasing the items separately.

Professional Brass Mist Jet Head
A precision-made Professional Mist Jet which produces a very fine, even mist and enables you to create your own misting system or mist propagation system for use in a greenhouse or polythene tunnel.

Mister Head
This simple Mister Head from Darlac is part of the Swop Top watering system.
The Mister Head will produce a fine mist of water - making it ideal when you want to water seedlings in your greenhouse.
Simply attach to one of the Darlac Swop Top Bases - for example the Adjustable Tripod - to create a mist at the correct height for your plants.

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