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Bag Drip Watering Kits

The Bag Drip Watering Kit is ideal for keeping plants watered that are growing in a greenhouse. The kit comes complete with fixings to hang the bag - the reservoir for the water - from a glazing bar within an aluminium greenhouse. The Greenhouse Bag Drip Watering Kits are equally suited to watering large plants as they are to keeping smaller subjects watered. For watering large plants fit the drip nozzles into each pot so that water drips next to the plant. For smaller subjects and seedlings it is better to drip onto matting and let the plants take up the water they need from the matting.

Tank Drip Watering Kits
These huge capacity Tank Drip Watering Kits will keep your thirsty plants well watered whilst your at work or on holiday. They give a steady dripped delivery of water which is just what your plants want to help them thrive and produce top quality crops.
Really straight forward to set up and with any layout able to be catered for (with all components available to purchase as additions to extend the kits to your exact design), these drip watering kits are very efficient allowing your plants to be automatically watered for days.
STAND - for Drip System Tank
Rubust,totally rust and rot free aluminium stand to raise your Drip System Tank off the ground to a height that will let your tank drip system work efficiently.
47 Litre Tank for Drip Systems
A large capacity water tank suitable for running drip watering systems in greenhouses, gardens and any other area required.
This 47 Litre Water Tank comes with a secure lift off lid for ease of filling and is supplied with a 1/4" tube outlet.
Using a tank fed drip system allows you to provide water to you plants in a constant controlled manner which is ideal for healthy, successful growth. Measured amounts of soluble or liquid feed can be added to the water tank which will also encourage strong growth. Using the correct drippers should give you approximately 1 week's coverage when using this tank to create a drip watering system.
Bag Drip Watering Kit
Ideal for greenhouses where there is no mains water, this Bag Drip Watering Kit is an easy way to keep plants constantly watered, useful if you're out all day.

Bag Drip Watering Kit with Two Add on Bags
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Bag Drip Watering Kit is the easy way to keep plants constantly watered, useful if you’re out all day.
Drip watering can be used to supply water directly to large plants, or for smaller subjects and seedlings it is better to drip onto matting and let the plants take up the water they need from the matting.
This special offer set with its increased capacity should allow you to keep you plants watered for up to approximately 3 days.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.56 on purchasing the items separately.

Mains Reservoir Tank
This Mains Reservoir Tank has been designed to reduce and steady the pressure of mains water to provide a suitable and continuous supply for running a ¼" drip system.

1/4" (6mm) Tube per Metre
Use this black, flexible ¼" Tubing when establishing a ¼" Drip Watering System.
This tubing is the main artery of the sydtem and is used to carry the water supply around the area to be watered.

Drip Watering Nozzle for 1/4" (6mm) Tube
A robust Drip Nozzle designed for use with ¼" tubing when designing a ¼" Drip Watering System.

Elbow Connector for 1/4" Tube
Use this sturdy, black plastic ¼" Elbow Connector to create an efficient right angled bend when installing a watering system using the ¼" tubing.

1/4" Tube T Connector
When designing a ¼" Drip Watering System use this ¼" T Connector to 'branch' the tube.
Ideal for creating a new leg to your bag drip watering system.

1/4" Tube Straight Connector
Use this robust, barbed black plastic ¼" Straight Connector to join two pieces of ¼" tubing together.
Ideal for extending your system or making a repair.

1/4" (6mm) Plug
A sturdy ¼" Plug, designed to push into the end of ¼" tubing - to end a run.

1/4" Tube Tap
To easily isolate legs within an automatic ¼" drip watering system insert a ¼" Tap.

1/4" Tube Tank Connector
When using your own overhead tank to supply water in a ¼" Drip Watering System use this Tank Connector to allow you to attach ¼" tubing directly to the tank.

Stakes for 1/4" Tube Pack of 5
These ¼" Stakes will hold ¼" tubing securely in place - ideal for using in hanging baskets, pots & containers.

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