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Greenhouse Watering

Watering is essential for healthy growth, but when your plants are residing in a greenhouse or polytunnel, then it becomes vital that you are able to supply them with the correct amount of water as you are the only source of water available to them - unlike plants in the garden which can benefit from rainfall. It is also important to note that plants need the correct amount of water - as many plants are killed by over watering as under watering, especially in the greenhouse in the winter months.
We stock a wide range of greenhouse watering systems for use in a greenhouse or polytunnel, all designed to provide your plants with water as and when they require it with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We stock greenhouse watering equipment for manual watering of plants (such as traditional Haws watering cans), self watering systems to ensure your plants receive the correct amount of water, simple to install drip irrigation systems and spray or mist irrigation systems to promote healthy plant growth.

Gardena Micro Drip & Spray Kits
The wide range of Gardena Micro Drip components makes it easy for you to create the ideal irrigation system for your individual garden. This way the watering is perfectly adapted to the individual needs of your plants - from continuous drops to a slight drizzle, to a gentle mist spray - so no water is wasted. Another plus for the Gardena System is that it incorporates their innovative 'Quick & Easy' connection technology making it simple for you to rearrange the system or add to it as your watering needs increase. For even more convenience - or if you're away on holiday - you can connect the Gardena Micro Drip System to a Water Timer or Water Computer for automatic garden irrigation. So your garden will be watered at the correct time of day - set by you using the timer - and for the right length of time - again set using the timer - and you don't even have to be at home when watering takes place!

Mist & Spray Kits
Misting & Spray Kits in your greenhouse are often the best choice if you have a large numbers of seeds or cuttings that require watering. A Misting System will fill the greenhouse with a fine spray of water which gradually moistens the soil without disturbing it. While seeds and seedlings do well in a misting system, leafy cuttings seem particularly suited to being propagated in this way and will generally form roots far more rapidly, in larger numbers and with more certainty than under more conventional methods. Misting & Spray Kits can be automated using a water timer, allowing you to set watering to take place at specific times of the day and for a given period - for example you could water at night, so avoiding evaporation.
Water Timers
Greenhouse Water Timers or Water Computers enable you to easily and accurately control watering systems in your greenhouse - no matter where you are - so they are a boon when you are on holiday as you can set them to automatically water during your absence, ensuring the survival of your plants until you return. No matter how simple or complicated the Water Timer you choose, all will taken the strain of watering, saving time and water and providing the optimum water to keep your plants healthy and productive. Depending on the model you choose different watering programs will be available to you, with flexible watering times, cycles or days.

Bag Drip Watering Kits
The Bag Drip Watering Kit is ideal for keeping plants watered that are growing in a greenhouse. The kit comes complete with fixings to hang the bag - the reservoir for the water - from a glazing bar within an aluminium greenhouse. The Greenhouse Bag Drip Watering Kits are equally suited to watering large plants as they are to keeping smaller subjects watered. For watering large plants fit the drip nozzles into each pot so that water drips next to the plant. For smaller subjects and seedlings it is better to drip onto matting and let the plants take up the water they need from the matting.
Self Watering Systems
Self-watering Systems solve the problem of being able to water your plants whilst you're away from home. They mean that you don't have to rely on someone else to do the watering for you - you simply set up the self watering system before you go away and when you get back your plants will survived and will look as healthy as when you left them. One of the simplest, most accurate ways of plant watering is to use a system that uses capillary matting - such as our Self-watering Trays. Capillary watering systems are not only good for when you are away from home, used all year round they will keep your plants supplied with just the amount of water they need to thrive.
Blumat Drip Irrigation
What makes the Greenhouse Blumat Drip Irrigation System Unique? Conventional watering systems release water at intervals which are automatically scheduled via a timer or computer. What they do not take into consideration is the amount of sunshine, the current moisture of the soil or the varying water requirements of individual plants. The Blumat Drip Irrigation System is different. It doesn't have to be plugged in to a power supply nor does it require a computer. Each ceramic probe responds to the moisture content of the surrounding soil, only releasing the amount of water required by the particular plant at any given moment. So the Greenhouse Blumat Drip Irrigation System is a sensor and drip feed system, both at the same time.

Capillary Watering Systems
Capillary Matting is used in Greenhouse Capillary Watering Systems to provide plants with water through the base of pots or seed trays. Use Capillary Matting on benching or shelving in greenhouses or polytunnels to easily water large numbers of plants. Combine the matting with a Water Reservoir filled manually or automatically to create a simple and efficient capillary watering system for your plants.
Overhead Spray Kits & Accessories
A Greenhouse Overhead Watering System is a simple and effective method for watering all your plants within your greenhouse or polytunnel at the same time, and is widely used in commercial greenhouses. An Overhead Watering System involves a system of overhead pipes with nozzles from which water is sprayed onto the plants below. This type of watering system is ideal for watering a large number of plants that are all at a similar growing stage. And is perfect for plants that like to be sprayed to stay cool - such as lettuce, salad greens, spinach or swiss chard.
Weeping Garden Hose
Weeping Hose (or soaker hose) is designed for use directly on the surface of the ground or buried beneath it - up to a maximum of 15cm below the surface. It is therefore suitable for watering crops that you are growing in your greenhouse or polytunnel direct in the ground - such as tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc. To keep Weeping Hose supplied with water it needs to be either supplied from mains water or from a pumped supply - such as using a Pump with your water butt. When laying out the weeping hose you should use standard ó" / 13mm hose and connectors to take the water from your outside tap or pump to where the weeping hose starts. Weeping hose can be laid in straight lines or snaked around beds - barbed fittings are available when you need to take the hose around a sharp bend or to divert water off in more than one direction.

Claber Watering Kits
Plants growing in your greenhouse rely on you to provide them with a consistent supply of water to ensure healthy growth. This is the same for seedlings that will eventually grow into plants which are planted outside or greenhouse crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers etc. which will crop whilst they are undercover. The best way to ensure consistent watering is to set up a watering system that will deliver water direct to your plants. You can set up a watering system that just requires you to turn it off and on at one point and all your plants will be watered. Or you can automate the watering system by adding a water timer. Claber have a number of Drip Watering Kits which are designed to make it easy for you to install a drip irrigation system in your greenhouse.

Claber Accessories
With over 40 years of innovation Claber have developed a wide range of watering Accessories to ensure that you get exactly what you need to keep your plants well watered and healthy. From the first metal hose reels from the early years to their Colibri micro-irrigation systems through to their Logica and Pratico timers Claber have produced a succession of original ideas, highly rated worldwide.
Darlac Swap Top Watering
Darlac's Swop Top Watering System is a range of 'mix and match' bases and heads that can be selected to achieve the best possible solution for each situation. No matter what size of greenhouse or garden you have to water, combining the correct head and base will ensure efficient watering resulting in healthy plant growth. Bases to select from include the Rolling Base, the Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod. To this add the type of water head required - this could be the Water spinner, Impulse Sprinkler, Mister Bar, Mister Head or Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler. For greater height add in the Telescopic Riser - when Tripod and Riser are used together they can reach an ultimate height of 1.7 metres, high enough for even the tallest plants and shrubs.
Fertilisers & Dispensers
Fertiliser Dispensers that can be fitted into an irrigation system within your greenhouse make it easy to supply your plants with nutrients at the same time as your plants are watered - regular feeding of your plants is important to keep them well nourished. Ideally the fertiliser dispenser should have a flow control dial including on/off position and have are large opening to add your fertiliser and for easy cleaning.

Gardena Fittings
Greenhouse Gardena Fittings - Tap Connectors, Hose Connectors and Water Stops - are long-lasting, reliable and watertight. They form the connections between the tap and hose or hose and watering appliance, like sprayers or sprinklers. All Gardena watering appliances are easy to use spray models with various water-jet types for different watering situations - soft spray, mist spray, bubble or hard jet - no matter whether you want to water young plants with a mist spray or clean your spade with a hard jet, you're sure to find the right model for your needs.
Hanging Basket Watering
When planting your hanging baskets, there are a number of things you can do that will make keeping your baskets well watered easier. You can mix water storage granules - such as Swell Gel - into the compost prior to planting your baskets. These granules will absorb loads of water and slowly release it over time so keeping your plants constantly supplied with water. Another method is to add Water Slices in the base of the basket prior to planting. Water Slices will absorb loads of water and release the water slowly, so again keeping your hanging baskets watered.

Hose Connectors & Fittings
A hosepipe provides a convenient way of applying a large amount of water to your garden with minimum effort. You can make-do with a simple, open-ended hose, using your thumb to regulate the flow of water. However, you can greatly improve the versatility of the hose by using these special hose fittings. We stock all the standard hose connectors, such as hose couplings, hose repairers, threaded tap connectors etc. All the connectors are designed to give fast, secure connection - and by simply pulling, the connection they can be released. So it's easy and quick to change over watering appliances and still retain a watertight connection. This becomes even more efficient if you use hose fittings that incorporate a 'water stop'. These 'water stop' fittings mean you don't have to go back to turn off the water before swapping over watering appliances - by simply removing the appliance the water if stopped by the fitting.

Hose Pipes
A strong hosepipe will last for years so always select a quality one which is reinforced, making it stronger - don't be tempted to buy a cheap hose as these will tend to crack and leak. A hosepipe is made up of several layers - a smooth inner layer for the water to run through, a reinforcing material such as a knitted mesh to help prevent the hose twisting or kinking and an outer layer, often of PVC which helps the hose be lightweight and flexible. Hosepipes are available in a wide range of colours - some manufacturers favour bright coloured hoses so there is less chance of you tripping over them or running over them with your lawnmower. However if you want a hosepipe that will blend into your landscape, choose a darker shade such as green or black.

Hose Reel
Choose a Greenhouse Hose Reel to suit your garden - small to medium sized gardens or terraces can be catered for by a compact Greenhouse Hose Reel. For larger gardens look at the more professional sized Greenhouse Hose Reels. If you're not going to be using your garden hose for irrigation daily, then you can purchase a simple reel made from hard plastic - these will still last for years but are likely to be less expensive. For larger gardens where you're more likely to be using the hosepipe on a daily basis ideally choose a Greenhouse Hose Reel with a metal frame.
Hose Trolleys
The purpose of the hose trolley is to store your garden hose in a neat and manageable way. All Greenhouse Hose Trolleys have a large hose drum and an external hand crank that wraps the hose around the drum when it is turned. Once wound around the central drum of the trolley, the hose takes up very little space and it's easy to move around your garden, or, be stored away in your garage or shed when not needed. Greenhouse Hose Trolleys have wheels so making it almost effortless to move large garden hoses around your garden. If you have a large area to water then one of the professional Greenhouse Hose Trolleys, with its' large capacity drums, will be the best choice.

Aluminium Trays
Greenhouse Aluminium Trays are used within our greenhouse staging to form the flat surfaces. Not sealed at the corners, these trays allow excess water to drain away. You can make the Greenhouse Aluminium Trays watertight by either lining the trays with our Black Polythene or sealing the corners with a waterproof sealant / adhesive. Greenhouse Aluminium Trays are also used within our Self Watering Trays. Here the trays are used as a raised insert onto which capillary matting is placed, with your trays or pots of plants placed on top.
Iriso Drip Watering
Greenhouse Iriso Drip Watering Kits can be used in a greenhouse to keep greenhouse crops, such as tomatoes, well watered. You will need to have either a water butt or tank to store the water for the drip system - so the water butt or tank acts as the reservoir for the water. You can purchase complete kits which provide you with all the components to take the water from the reservoir and deliver it to your plants. Or you can create your own watering system by purchasing the components individually. Although the Iriso Drip System is one of the simplest available, it provides you with lots of control when it comes to watering your plants. This is because the Iriso Drippers which you place close to your plants to 'drip' water can be adjusted to supply between 150ml up to 2 litres per day simply by turning the top of the dripper. In this way the Iriso Drip System lets you provide differing amounts of water to suit the different requirements of your plants.

Mattings & Polythenes
The types of horticultural matting used within a greenhouse include Water Matting and capillary matting. Both have been developed to make watering your plants quick, easy and efficient - so you don't waste any time and you don't waste water. Both types of matting work in different ways to ensure your plants receive water. Water Matting is a thick material with an exceptionally high water holding capacity. When using Water Matting to help water your plants, the matting should be placed below the trays or pots, ideally within a watertight tray. It is then possible for you to water the matting rather than the plants - so one point of watering - and the water spreads throughout the matting providing water to all your plants. Where Water Matting holds water, Capillary Matting carries water, so is the right type of matting if you are setting up a watering system within your greenhouse. Capillary Matting doesn't need to be as thick as Water Matting as you supply water via a 'tank' or 'reservoir' of water and your plants draw the water to them when they need it - in this way your plants only get the water they need and are never over or under watered. When using either water or capillary matting on top of benches or shelves within your greenhouse, ideally line the area with black polythene - this helps the surface of your benches remain in good condition. Perforated polythene can be placed on top of Water Matting or Capillary Matting to help prevent algae growth - and if algae does grow it's easy to wipe if off the surface of the polythene.

Plastic Trays
Many house plants can be successfully watered from below - thus watertight Greenhouse Plastic Trays in which to stand the pots makes this type of greenhouse watering easy and is especially suitable for watering your plants over long periods of time - for example if you go away on holiday. Many plants will survive for at least a couple of weeks if you carry out some pre-preparation before you leave. Ideally ensure your plants are well watered - so placing the plant pots into a few centimetres of water for half an hour or so will enable the plants to soak up the water they require - you can then move them out of the water and stand them where any excess water can drain away. You can then quite happily use our self-watering trays or a plastic tray with water mating in the base, to maintain the moistness of the compost that your plants require for healthy growth.
Greenhouse Pumps can be used to move large quantities of water from one place to another - for example you could fill your water butt with water taken from a well, river or stream. Where water pressure is poor or mains water is not available, a pump can be used to take stored water, increase the pressure, and deliver the water to your plants via a hosepipe. Greenhouse Pumps can also be used to take water from a tank or water butt to increase the water pressure to run an Overhead Spray Kit or a Deluxe Misting Kit.
Greenhouse Sprayers are a vital tool when raising your own plants from seeds or cuttings. By misting leaf and stem cuttings they will develop roots faster, so you will be increasing your chances of producing healthy new plants. With seeds sown on the surface of compost, a gentle mist or spray will keep the surface moist helping the seeds to germinate. When supplying new, fragile seedlings with water the best way is to lightly spray them from above - watering them from the side could cause young seedlings to be knocked over. For plants in your greenhouse, spraying or misting them with water will have a positive cooling effect - important during the hotter months of the year when you want your plants to remain healthy and lush rather than quickly drying out. Spraying or misting your plants is also a way of increasing humidity within your greenhouse, increased humidity will result in healthier looking foliage and helps prevent infestations, such as red spider mite.

Garden Greenhouse Sprinklers are really easy to operate - they just need attaching to your hosepipe and the tap turning on. They can cover large areas with droplets of water, making them especially useful when looking after your lawn, a newly planted flower bed or establishing young vegetables during a dry spell. Greenhouse Sprinklers come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Some Greenhouse Sprinklers are low to the ground and some are mounted on stands. Some are designed to water in a circular pattern whilst others are better suited to watering rectangular areas. All are more effective and efficient way of watering your garden than using a hosepipe or watering can.

Tap Connectors & Adaptors
Tap Connectors and Adaptors are designed to create a reliable, watertight connection between your outside tap and your hosepipe or water timer. A twin-tap connector attaches to an outside tap and allows you to use two different hoses at the same time, whilst a four way connector lets you run four different watering lines. The twin and four way connectors are often available with or without flow control. Regardless of the manufacturer of connector - Gardena, Claber etc. - all are compatible with other brands of watering systems.

Water Butt Drip Kits
Water your greenhouse plants automatically from a water butt with our Water Butt Drip System. This Drip System incorporates a unique pipe that has drippers already fitted - which means all you need to do it lay it directly on the ground or below mulch - making it one of the simplest systems to install. You can fit the system to run directly from your water butt - using a tank connector - or run ordinary hosepipe attached to your water butt tap to the point at which you want the Drip System to start and fit a Reducer to allow you to join on the Water Butt Drip pipe.

Water Butts & Accessories
A Water Butt will collect and store rainwater from the gutters and downpipe of a house, outbuilding or greenhouse. A rain diverter - also called a 'Rain Sava' - is a simple device that can be inserted into a round or square downpipe to divert water into a Water Butt. If you haven't got space to have a Water Butt next to a downpipe, use a long length of standard garden hose with the rain diverter so that you can position the Water butt a distance away. Keep your Water Butt covered with a lid to prevent debris falling in or algae, slime or scum from forming. One of the reasons for collecting rainwater is that plants prefer rainwater than tap water - rainwater is better for your garden as it has a balanced Ph level and is free of chemicals that your plants dislike, such as chlorine. Acid loving plants prefer rain water over hard tap water. And rainwater is better for topping up ponds than chemically treated tap water. Saving rainwater in a water butt will also help you beat the hosepipe bans and drought orders that have become common during the summer months.

Water Guns, Nozzles & Lances
Designed for use in garden or greenhouse, these high quality spray guns, nozzles and lances connect onto a garden hosepipe via a standard connector. All allow variable coverage when spraying water and many have adjustable spray patterns including jet, mist, soft spray etc. For watering plants outdoors select a spray gun that will produce a soft spray, for watering plants in your greenhouse you'll need a mist spray and for cleaning off garden paths and driveways use a spray nozzle, gun or lance, which will produce a hard jet of water. Often the same spray gun will produce all these different patterns so check the product details before making a purchase.

Water Transfer Equipment
Transporting water into your greenhouse is simple if you use the right Greenhouse Water Transfer Equipment. If you have access to mains water with an outside tap, then simply connecting a hosepipe will provide a quick and efficient way of taking water into your greenhouse. If you haven't got access to mains water and are collecting water in a water butt close to your greenhouse, then you'll need a water butt pump to increase the water pressure so that you can transfer water into your greenhouse - adding a hose to the pump.

Water Treatment
Plants growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel rely on you to supply their water in sufficient quantities to remain healthy. Many plants will appreciate being watered using rainwater – so this means you will need to collect and store water until it is needed. It therefore becomes important that you have the correct equipment for collecting the rainwater and the correct tools to take the watering from where it has been collected to your plants. Most people will use a Water Butt in which to store rainwater – you will need to ensure the water butt remains clean and that the stored water remains fresh – a simple water treatment can be used to wipe down the water butt and / or treat the water within it.
Watering Cans
Greenhouse Watering Cans are invaluable when it comes to carrying and applying water, so all gardeners need at least one. The best type of watering can to buy is one that has a detachable rose on the spout. The 'rose' of the watering can can be either plastic or brass and has a series of holes in it. When watering, turn the rose upwards and you will create a fine spray of water suitable for seedlings. Turn the rose to face down on the spout and it will create a 'shower' of water more suitable for robust plants. For quick, accurate watering, remove the rose and water directly from the spout. As well as Greenhouse Watering Cans being used to deliver water, they are also ideal when it comes to mixing and delivering liquid feeds and other chemicals - just be cautious when it comes to using a watering can to apply weedkiller - ideally buy a watering can for just that purpose.

Watering Spares
Greenhouse Watering systems range from a simple Misting Bar through to a sophisticated Drip and Spray System controlled by a timer. We stock a massive range of watering products to ensure that you can purchase exactly the type of system you need to water your plants easily and efficiently – whether in a greenhouse or polythene tunnel. We not only stock complete kits, we also stock all the Watering Spares you’ll need to create a watering system unique to you – making it possible for you to extend full kits, to alter the layout of existing watering systems or simply to replace parts that get damaged or worn out.
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