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Garden Sprinkler

Garden Sprinklers are available in a wide range of styles and prices, so no matter what your garden is like, in shape and size, you're sure to find a Garden Sprinkler to suit. Most are quick and easy to install - the Garden Sprinkler is simply attached to the end of your hosepipe and the water turned on. This also means that the area the Garden Sprinkler will cover is determined by the water pressure - the lower the pressure the smaller the area. Garden Sprinklers basically fall into four different types - Static Garden Sprinklers, Rotating Garden Sprinklers, Oscillating Garden Sprinklers and Pop-up / Underground Garden Sprinklers. Simple select the type which best suits your garden watering needs.

Overhead Spray Kit for 10ft Wide Greenhouses
Automatically water your plants with ease by installing one of our Overhead Spray Kits. By generally spraying throughout the greenhouse or poly tunnel you will help to promote healthy plant growth by providing water to both the base of the plants and their foliage.

Overhead Spray Kit for 15ft Wide Greenhouses
An automatic watering system for plants in your greenhouse or polytunnel. These Overhead Spray Kits have been designed to fit within wider greenhouses or tunnels as they can water areas up to 15ft (4.5m) wide. They create a general spray of water within the area so your plants benefit from water around their base and on their foliage.

Claber Multi Function Sprinkler
This Multi Function Sprinkler from Claber is ideal for watering a wide range of areas including gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, parkways etc. It works even from low water pressures and will produce uniform sprays of water by selecting any one of the six different built in watering patterns. It’s ergonomic design makes it easy to pull around your garden and select the different watering patterns, simply by turning the top of the sprinkler. It’s even easy to turn with wet hands.

Claber Compact 160 Sprinkler
Claber’s Compact 160 Promo combines up-to-date, long lasting components in a traditional sprinkler design. The traditional design of an Oscillating Sprinkler consists of a metal arm with holes which moves slowly from side to side to create a rectangular spray pattern. This makes Oscillating sprinklers ideal for rectangular lawns or flower beds.

Claber Compact 18 Super Metal Sprinkler
This Super Oscillating Sprinkler from Claber combines all the innovative features of a Claber sprinkler with a supremely sturdy body and reliable hydraulic motor. The arm of the sprinkler is fitted with 18 brass nozzles that ensure even water distribution as the arm slowly rotates from side to side. It has a built in connector ready to accept a Snap-On hose connector, so connecting to your mains water is simple.

Claber Compact 20 Aqua Control Sprinkler
This easy to set Oscillating Sprinkler from Claber has been designed to make it simple for you to water large lawns as well as gardens and narrow spaces with equal efficiency. The sprinkler incorporates 20 holes and 8 adjustable nozzles together with 5 preset watering options making it extremely versatile. Its ABS oscillating arm, aluminium sled and non-wearing gears ensures you’ll have a product that will last for years.

Claber Professional Impact Tripod Sprinkler
This Claber Tripod Sprinkler combines a pulsating sprinkler head with an adjustable tripod to provide you with maximum versatility when watering. Designed to water over a large area up to a maximum of 27 metres in diameter (dependant on water pressure). The Tripod, on which the sprinkler is mounted, provides a secure base on any type of surface and can be height adjusted to suit what you need to water.

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 220
This Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler is ideal for watering large square and rectangular areas.
Fully adjustable you can alter the coverage to suit you.

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Classic Polo 280
This fully adjustable Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler is ideal for watering large square and rectangular areas such as lawns or pitches. Its precision nozzles have been specially designed and positioned to give accurate water distribution even at lower pressure.

Gardena  Aquazoom Sprinkler
This quality garden Aquazoom Sprinkler from Gardena lets you easily and precisely water areas in your garden.
With an adjustable range and width of spray you’re able to set the sprinkler to water areas from 25 up to 250 metres squared.

Gardena Micro Drip Starter Kit With Computer
SPECIAL OFFER - Huge Money Saving Pack ONLY £59.99 Saving £64.22 on the component prices.
Containing sufficient components to water an outside area of 108 sq.ft. or an 8' x 12' greenhouse.
This Gardena Starter Kit (Gardena code 13002-20) complete with Gardena Easy Control Water Computer (gardena Code 1882-28) is a great money saving starter kit, a must have if your installing a Gardena drip watering kit. This kit gives you all the essentials at a greatly reduced price.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE a massive £64.22 on purchasing the items separately.

Gardena Roto Sprinkler Pack of 2
These mini Gardena 360º Roto Sprinklers are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots.

Gardena Spray Nozzle 90 Deg Pack of 5
These Gardena 90º Spray Nozzles are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots. Use in conjunction with 180º & 360º Spray Nozzles to ensure complete coverage of a given area.

Gardena Spray Nozzle 180 Deg Pack of 5
These Gardena 180º Spray Nozzles are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots. Use in conjunction with 90º & 360º Spray Nozzles to ensure complete coverage of a given area.

Gardena Spray Nozzle 360 Deg Pack of 5
These Gardena 360º Spray Nozzles are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots. Use in conjunction with 90º & 180º Spray Nozzles you can ensure complete coverage of a given area.

Gardena Spray Nozzle Mist Pack of 5
These Gardena 360º Micro Mist Nozzles are suitable for watering seedlings & delicate plants, making them ideal for use in greenhouses or cold frames.

Gardena Adjustable Spray Nozzle Pack of 2
These versatile Gardena 6 Pattern Adjustable Spray Nozzles are suitable for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots & enable you to select the exact area to water with ease.

Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler
This brass 3 arm sprinker can be connected to any of the bases - Adjustable Tripod, Two Way Spike or Rolling Base from the Darlac Swop Top Watering range.
Designed to produce a soft rain of water over your plants, with a reach of up to 26ft in diameter (dependent on water pressure) this Sprinkler is ideal for watering specific areas within your garden.

Impulse Sprinkler Head
This Impulse Sprinkler Head from Darlac has been designed to work with any of the Swop Top Watering System bases.
Using this sprinkler water will reach up to a massive 80ft in diameter (dependent on water pressure) and it's easy to adjust both the distance and area you water, from full circle to just narrow sections.

Mister Head
This simple Mister Head from Darlac is part of the Swop Top watering system.
The Mister Head will produce a fine mist of water - making it ideal when you want to water seedlings in your greenhouse.
Simply attach to one of the Darlac Swop Top Bases - for example the Adjustable Tripod - to create a mist at the correct height for your plants.

Darlac Water Spinner
This robust Water Spinner has been designed to fit onto any of the Darlac Watering Bases (Rolling Base, Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod), providing you with masses of flexibility when watering your garden. With coverage up to 30ft in diameter this Water Spinner will provide an even coverage of soft rain. It is ideal for small gardens or for watering specific areas within in larger garden.

Hozelock 2683 -  Flexi Spray
New for 2013 Hozelock have developed the Flexi Spray. which has been specifically designed for gardeners looking for an all-in-one watering solution. The Flexi Spray can perform a range of watering functions - it's a long reach spray gun, a garden sprinkler and a revolutionary way of watering specific areas of the garden - all possible due to its 'bendy' hose section that you can twist into any shape required.

Hozelock - (2515) Multi Sprinkler
This easy to use Hozelock Multi Sprinkler features 8 watering patterns to suit all garden watering needs. The shapes and types available to dial up are - small semi circle, large semi circle, mist, strip, large circle, small circle, square and remote jet.
The Vortex 8 sprinkler, as it's also known, is a class-leading dial sprinkler with a soft-touch, easy-grip adjuster ring for changing spray patterns, which is simple even with wet hands.

Hozelock - (2335) Aquastorm Round Sprinkler Pro
Hozelock Aquastorm gear driven 2 in 1 sprinklers are the ultimate garden and lawn sprinklers, being specifically designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure (from 1-10 bar).
The Aquastorm Round Srinkler Pro can water a full circle or a part of a circle as chosen by you, using it's 5 jets to give a maximum coverage of approximately 314m2 or 20m diameter. It also has fine spray setting which is perfect for smaller areas, watering lawn seed, seedlings and even damping down a greenhouse.
The sprinkler is mounted on a solid metal spike which gives stability when pushed into the ground.

Hozelock - (2986) Aquastorm Rectangular Sprinkler Pro 320
The Hozelock Aquastorm Rectangular Sprinkler Pro 320 has been specifically designed to water a rectangle or a part of a rectangle.
This garden sprinkler will give 100% even, water coverage regardless of the water pressure (operating between 1-10 bar) whilst length coverage can be set by simple adjustment of the red sliders and spray width can be made narrower by turning the red dial (this reduces the number of jets in operation).

Gardena 5303 Accessory O Ring
Gardena 5303-20 accessory O rings.
This pack of spare O rings fit all the Gardena System connecting nipples, E.G. click-on accessories, nozzles, sprayers and sprinklers.

Darlac Rapid Rotor Sprinkler
Darlac have designed this Rapid Rotor Sprinkler to fit onto any of their Watering Bases (Rolling Base, Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod) enabling you to use this to water in small or large gardens as well as patio areas. This Sprinkler will produce a soft rain / mist effect over an area up 40ft in diameter.
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